Supreme Court helps Republicans Cheat

Letter to the Editor

The Supreme Court has again intervened in behalf of Republicans in Texas to use voter ID laws to prevent 600,000 blacks, latinos, students, and the elderly from voting. This is the last move in a string of decisions the court has made to fix elections for Republicans that started in 2000 when they appointed Bush president and continued on through declaring corporations are people. I don’t know how we can call America a democracy when the courts are helping Republicans cheat.

California Plastic Bag Ban is Wrong

Letter to the Editor

As a citizen of California I want to apologize to the rest of the nation for California’s misguided ban on single use plastic bags. Although passed with good intentions this ban is actually more harmful than good. If anything should have been banned – it’s paper – not plastic.

The paper process is actually many times as polluting as plastic. Plastic gets a bad rap because it is usually manufactured out of oil industry by products. But plastic can be made out of anything including extracting carbon dioxide out of the air. Plastic waste can either be recycled, used as fuel, or stored underground to permanently sequester carbon from the environment.

Also, the amount of plastic in the bag is orders of magnitude less plastic that any plastic in the product in the bag, A plastic bottle has 100 times as much plastic as the bag. A ban on bottled water, for example, would be 100 times as effective as a plastic bag ban if plastic were actually a problem.

I am for saving the environment. Earth is our space ship and we have to protect it so we can continue to live here long term. But we have to put science first and our plastic bag ban is not based on science. So I’m concerned that California’s bad judgement not be replicated in other states.

Tired of Lame Congress

Letter to the Editor

Here we are at the start of yet another Iraq war which will include Syria and Congress, who is supposed to authorize wars, isn’t even going to vote on it. So we are going to just blindly blunder into yet another war. However the Republican House is already planning yet another vote to shut down the government. So we do have time and money for political stunts. Really?

I suppose it’s our fault. After all, we are the ones who elected them. And isn’t that just a little bit pathetic?

How are we going to pay for war?

Letter to the Editor

I find it interesting that when it comes to going to war no one asks the question, “How are we going to pay for it?” or even mentions the national debt. Seems to me that we should at least discuss it.

Arming ISIS Rebels is the wrong solution

Letter to the Editor

Although I agree with President Obama that something needs to be done about ISIS terrorists cutting peoples heads off, I don’t agree that arming the “good rebels” is the solution. Quite frankly, there are no good rebels. Today’s good rebels are tomorrow’s bad rebels.

Today the Sunni Muslims are chopping off the heads of Shia Muslims. Tomorrow the Shia will be chopping off the heads of the Sunnis. When Reagan was president Osama bin Laden was his best buddy and we supported the Mujahideen freedom fighters who turned into the Taliban and Al Qaeda. All these people seem to want to do when they are free is kill each other, rape each other’s women, put women in black bags, and throw acid in the faces of little girls trying to go to school.

So I’m wondering if we are wrong spreading democracy to those who aren’t ready for it. It seems to me that the brutal dictator form of government is the best solution for them. They actually are far more civilized under a dictator than a democracy. I find myself longing for the days when Saddam Hussein was in charge. Iraq was far better off then than it is now. I think we should support Assad if we are going to take a side

Overthrowing Saddam was a mistake

Letter to the Editor

No one is a fan of Saddam Hussein by it seems that America’s policy of overthrowing brutal dictators in the middle east in favor of democracy is a mistake. Muslims in the middle east, it turns out, are actually better off under brutal dictators because when they are given freedom the violence and slaughtering actually increases. Although it was noble of us perhaps to try to spread freedom we should also have taken into account if the people we are freeing are ready for freedom. If freedom means you can chop off the head of someone because they are a different religion then they aren’t ready to join the free world. Violence in Iraq was far lower under Saddam.

God is making things worse for Middle East

Letter to the Editor

If something isn’t working then try something else. Believing in God is not working in the Middle East. I’m 58 years old and my entire life all I see is Muslins slaughtering Jews, Jews slaughtering Muslims, Muslims slaughtering Christians, Christians slaughtering Muslims, and Muslims slaughtering Muslims. In spite of the “Thou shall not kill” commandment the slaughtering goes on and on and on.

The way I see it none of these religions actually believe in the God they identify with anyway because if they did they would at least respect “Thou shall not kill”. Their behaviour is fueling Atheism because if they don’t really believe it – why should anyone else?

I think it’s time to admit that the whole God thing doesn’t work and that it’s time to turn to Reality. Those of us in the Reality Based Community understand that killing is wrong. Scientists don’t kill other scientists because they disagree if Quantum Loop Gravity better explains black hole entropy than String Theory. Realists work to make the world a better place for all people and war interferes with our ability to discover the nature of the universe. God isn’t working. It’s time to embrace Reality. Reality changed my life, it can change your life too!

Ferguson Cops too dumb to serve

Letter to the Editor

I’m watching the Ferguson Missouri police on TV with my mouth open as they are arresting journalists. What are these people thinking? I have never seen a police department so disconnected with their community and with common sense. Can’t think of a way to get worse press coverage than to arrest and assault reporters. They should at least be fired for being stupid.

Israel does NOT have the right to exist

Letter to the Editor

Israel keeps stating over and over again that it has a “right to exist as a Jewish state”. Israel certainly does not. Any country that has a system where one religion has more rights that another religion is fundamentally wrong. There is absolutely nothing about being Jewish that gives a person a superior right over those who are not Jewish.

In any modern system of government all people have the same rights regardless of what they believe or don’t believe in. By accepting Jews have a right to a Jewish state is no different that any other religion claiming a right to a state. We can’t start dividing up the world based on crazy religions who think God gave them land. As we can see from the way they behave that this doesn’t work and that war and oppression is the result. And America should stop supporting Israel until they start treating everyone fairly and equally. Until then the oppressed will always rise up against the oppressor. The war will never end.

Solar Electric with NO MONEY DOWN!

This is going to be interesting, and I’m going to post updates on the progress. Just ordered a new solar system for my house from Solar City. And it’s not going to cost me anything out of pocket. They come out and put it in and then they become my electricity provider. I still get a small PG&E bill for the meter and gas I use, but the rest is billed from Solar City.

Yes – technically I could have saved even more if I built my own or bought one outright. And probably could have done that. But Solar City is one of Elon Musk’s companies (as in Tesla motors and SpaceX) and I like what he’s doing to improve the world so I decided not just to do what’s easy but I feel good about giving them my business.

Plan is to get 15 panels. I really only need 12 but I just wanted to generate a little extra power just for the hell of it. What’s amazing is that with an electric bill that’s only $75/month they still could actually save me a few bucks. But I’m doing it mostly because I like the idea of not burning carbon to make my power. And I get to save money doing it.

Technically because I had them add 3 extra panels my saving is less. I would have saved $12/month but not I’m saving only $1. That’s OK because that’s what I want. Money isn’t the biggest factor. But in the future my savings will increase because PG&E rates will go up faster than Solar City. The contract says they can only go up 3%/year max.

But – I want to get some personal experience with solar. That way I can talk about it from experience. There isn’t anything cleaner than solar power. Although I think the immediate threat from global warming is exaggerated, one can not deny that it has some effect. And I know that it will be bad in the long run to pump all the carbon into the environment. So reducing one’s carbon footprint and saving money doing it is a good thing. Most of the time being green costs more. This costs less.

Realistically I’ve been thinking about the big picture. In some ways PG&E is getting screwed because 1/2 of their costs is maintaining the power lines, not making the power. So since the solar power is effectively “stored” in the PG&E grid they are getting short changed from that aspect.

However, solar makes electricity on those hot summer days when PG&E needs it the most. PG&E has to have the ability to generate enough power in real time to meet peak demand. So if they can’t do that they have to ask some of their big power users to shut down so they can power our home air conditioners. But since I will be generating excess power not only will I not be a drag on the system, but I’ll be powering my neighbor’s air conditioner as well. The PG&E can sell their power to other customers and not have to shut them down. It also reduces their line posses on high demand days, and it makes it so they need to build fewer power plants to have the capacity to cover hot days. So PG&E gets some benefits too.

Also, as Solar City expands to more and more sites eventually they might become the nation’s biggest power provider. And that will get them some political clout to go up against big coal and oil. So I’m also stopping some strip mining and fracking, and I’m not funding Muslim terrorists as much. Although an electric car would make a bigger difference there.

There’s another interesting aspect to this as well. I might actually make some money at this. They have a referral program that pays me $250 if I get someone else signed up. And I get an extra $100 on a second level signup. And I’ve made a lot of money in the past with affiliate programs. So it’s going to be interesting to see how that works out as well.


God’s chosen people should be better behaved

Letter to the Editor

The Jews are supposed to be “God’s chosen people” and Israel is supposed to be the Jewish homeland. But when I see Israelis burning innocent children alive I have to ask the question, really? That’s what God wants? The way I see it God’s chosen people wouldn’t set children on fire. It makes Atheists laugh at you.

I was raised Jewish and I have higher expectations of behavior of Jews than I do Muslims. Israel should be setting a better example. Burning children alive is always wrong.

Have we no compassion for children?

Letter to the Editor

We have a flood of children who are running for their lives from Central America traveling thousands of miles in hope that Americans will take them in and save their lives. So what are we going to do? We’re going to send them back to die. Really?!? What kind of nation have we become? We’re just a country of fat stupid people. Makes me want to vomit on the flag.

Corporations now have Religion?

Letter to the Editor

First the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people. Now they are ruling that corporations have religion. And that the religious values  of corporations trumps the religious values of employees. That’s what they ruled in giving Hobby Lobby the religious right to deny birth control coverage to its 13,000 employees. It used to be that people owned corporations. But ow it looks like corporations own people because the religious rights of corporations come first.


We need Islam free energy source

Letter to the Editor

Although the debate rages on between the right wing and reality about reducing carbon emissions, maybe we can find agreement on a different reason why we should work to give up oil. We need an Islam free source of energy. Every time I fill up my gas tank I’m funding the expansion of Muslim control of the world. We are now about to get involved in yet another middle east war where we don’t even know who the enemy is. Why don’t we take the trillion dollars we would have spent helping Muslims slaughter each other and put it into solar and battery research? I just think it’s time we stop having to do business with violent crazy people


No War till we figure out what side we’re on

Letter to the Editor

A few months ago we were against the Syrian government supported in part by our other enemy Iran. Senators like John McCain called for us to arm the rebels to overthrow the evil dictator. Luckily Obama didn’t arm the rebels because those same rebels have now invaded Iraq and are now our enemy. Now Syria and Iran are fighting the rebels and they are our friends. But our other friends in Saudi Arabia are the ones funding the rebels the way they funded Osama bin Laden.

Now people are talking about getting back into Iraq to fight for what? Our position is, “Why can’t everyone just get along so we can buy your oil?” Muslims have been killing Muslims for the last 1400 years and we are feeding it buy buying their oil. Every time we fill our gas tank we’re funding Islam. Isn’t it time we quit doing that?

Why don’t we take the trillion dollars the next war would have cost us and invest it in new technologies. If we develop solar power, create better batteries for energy storage, and invest in NASA for space based energy solutions then we won’t have to get involved in Muslim wars so we can drive our cars. And we can solve the man made part of global warming. Then we won’t need the oil and they can go about killing each other without Americans having to get in the middle.

Iraq Again?

Letter to the Editor

There are a lot of people wanting us to go back into Iraq yet a 3rd time. “We need to take control or the price of oil and gasoline will go up.” So I’m thinking that after spending trillions of dollars on war why don’t we spend that money on solar power and battery technology instead. Why don’t we use that money to invent a battery that can go 1000 mile on a charge instead of just 250 miles. If we did that we could even power our car with coal and be cleaner. than gasoline.

But the best part about solar is that we don’t have to go to war in the middle east and give all than money to Muslims. We could just sit back and watch them kill each other like we do in Syria. Solar not only is cleaner – but it reduces war and terrorism.

Troops need free medical insurance too

Letter to the Editor

It’s pretty clear that there are serious problem with the Veterans Administration who are supposed to be taking care of our troops who sacrificed for our freedom. So when I hear that these brave people aren’t getting medical treatment – I think we can all agree that is just plain wrong.

So – I think that in addition or possibly instead of the VA I think that our troops should get free private health care insurance to go to any hospital they want, and the insurance should be at least as good as the policy that members of Congress get. If there are issues of waiting times at VA hospitals then they should be able to go to regular hospitals and get treatment the same way that civilians do. And I don’t want to hear anything about affording it because when you vote to go to war you are already committing to cover the troops. If we send people to fight and die then the least we can do is to take care of them when they come home.

Supreme Court gives God Welfare

Letter to the Editor

The United States Supreme Court today decided to ignore the Constitution and give God some religious welfare allowing Christian prayers at public meetings. The way I see it God needs all the political welfare he can get right now because more and more people are realizing the the invisible cloud being simply doesn’t exist. Science is now the new Bible and Reality is the new God. The time has come for the religious would to upgrade.

Thousands of years ago religion 1.0 relied on the authority of elders. When written language was invented religion 2.0 became the authority of scripture. Now we have religion 3.0 which is the authority of evidence. Back before the word Reality was invented the word God was understood to mean everything that exists in the universe. But now our understanding of the universe has greatly expanded and Reality is the new name for what the ancients called God. Now it’s science that reveals the Truth and like all religions we are still trying to understand our creator just as we always have.

So the Supreme Court is trying to hold onto the old version of God and keep him alive through belief. What they don’t understand is that Reality doesn’t change just because you want to believe something different. So even if everyone in the world believed in some guy with white hair living in the clouds created the universe in 6 days, it doesn’t make it real. So my message to the Supreme Court is – keep your day job and stick with law and get out of promoting your religion.

Don’t blame Snowden for Obama’s bad choices

Letter to the Editor

Today in his news conference with German Chancellor Merkel President Obama said it has “pained” him to see how Edward Snowden’s leaking of NSA documents has hurt the United States’ relationship with Germany. Are you kidding me? Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that is was Obama’s illegal NSA spying on Merkel that has hurt the United States’ relationship with Germany. Snowden is a law abiding patriot who upheld the Constitution by heroically exposing Obama’s illegal behavior. German isn’t upset with Snowden. Germany is upset with Obama’s spying, as they should be. Just imagine how we would feel if German spies tapped our president’s phone. Obama needs to take responsibility for his own behavior and stop blaming Snowden for exposing something he shouldn’t have been doing in the first place.

I’m tired of Racism

Letter to the Editor

I’m getting tired of this whole racist thing. It all just plain stupid. The Reality is that every person on the planet, whether you are white, black, brown, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American, we are the descendents of Africans. We all come from black people. We are all blood relatives. It’s a fact, so get used to it.

The idea of classifying people by the frequencies of light reflected but the surface of their skin is juvenile. It’s time to grow up. We are one race, the human race. It’s time to give up the whole racial identity thing because we really aren’t that different. So the idea that white people are superior, or that black people are inferior, both are just plain stupid. This Tea Party culture that overt racism and sexism is now socially acceptable is just plain dead wrong. It’s been 150 years since the Civil War. It’s time to get over racism.

Movies like Noah make people talk about Reality

Letter to the Editor

I personally like the fact that movies like Noah are in theaters because it raises the question, was the story of Noah real? If we went back in a time machine would we see the great flood? Would we see an Ark filled with two of every animal? Is this really True or are these just stories?

For us in the Reality based community we welcome these discussions because what is and isn’t real is important to us. We believe Reality should be part of the religious discussion. So any time Reality is being discussed we think it’s a good thing. We want people talking about the Bible in the context of Reality. What is real? Did the stuff in the Bible really happen? We Realists believe that the word Reality is a sacred word and every time anyone says the word Reality the world gets a little smarter.

NSA chose to leave computers vulnerable

Letter to the Editor

The National Security Agency (NSA) who Snowden has revealed has been spying on us, knowingly choose you leave an important Internet security flaw in place and exploit it rather than to protect the public and expose it. The recent “HeartBleed” security flaw that is currently being reported in the news was known to the NSA for the last 2 years. Rather than reporting it and fixing it they chose to exploit it in order to get access to all our passwords.

The big question is, was the NSA the only ones that knew about this security bug? We may never know until it’s too late. By choosing to leave the security flaw in place they created a 2 year window of opportunity for America’s enemies to also exploit this bug and break into top secret sites crutial to national defense and nuclear weapons systems. It also left everyone in the world exposed to criminal activity. The NSA doesn’t make America more safe. It makes us less safe. The NSA is a threat to America, a threat to the world, and a threat to civilization itself.

The Rich get their own roads to drive on

Letter to the Editor

There is a new disturbing trend in America, turning more and more roads into toll roads and converting lanes to toll lanes. Many states see it as an easy way to bring in more money often bypassing normal requirements to raise taxes. But what this ends up doing is creating fast lanes for the rich and slow lanes for the poor. And I think this is fundamentally wrong.

Here in America the Rich already pay a far lower tax rate than the people who work by the sweat of their brow for a living. Most recently in Northern California they want to convert a lot of Hwy 101 to make rich people lanes. Poor people pay more gas taxes that fund roads than the Rich do because they usually have to drive farther to work every day. I can understand them having lanes for car pools because they take cars off the road and reduce pollution. But I think giving the Rich their own lanes reminds of George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. “All animals are equal. but some animals are more equal than others.”

One Dollar One Vote

Letter to the Editor

America used to be a Democracy based on the idea of One Person One Vote. now we are al Oligarchy based on the idea of One Dollar One Vote. Now it’s all about what the billionaires want – people no longer matter.

Can I use contraception boss?

Letter to the Editor

Wow! According to some members of the Supreme Court the religious values of your boss should have more weight in your life that your own values and your own religious beliefs when it come to access to birth control. It seems in America that fetuses are people, corporations are people, but women are not people. And isn’t that just a little bit weird?

Now Feinstein knows what it’s like to be spied on

Letter to the Editor

Today Senator Diane Feinstein is upset that that the CIA spied on her. And that’s funny because when the NSA spies on the rest of us Senator Feinstein doesn’t give a damn. Maybe Feinstein will have a little more sympathy about the constitutional rights of citizens, but knowing her record I rather doubt she’ll make that connection. Tonight however – I’m laughing at her.

Bartcop has died

Terry Coppage AKA Bartcop has died. I have hosted his work on this same server as Dvorak since 1996. People who were born the year he started are now old enough to vote. Rest in peace my friend.

My Presentation Notes on NSA for Humanists in Palo Alto

Next Sunday I’m doing a presentation at the Humanists Community in Palo Alto on the NSA spying issue. BTW – NSA spies are welcome to attend.

Humanists want what is best for humanity. That’s sort of obvious. So therefore Humanists are concerned that they come out on the right side when it comes to something as big as NSA spying. Humanists therefore have a moral obligation to determine what the word “best” means and a method for determining it.

The issues is so huge that I need to narrow the focus to one single aspect in order to make it into a one hour time slot. So the focus will be – who’s telling the truth and how can you tell objectively which side is right? Do we believe them? Or is this George Orwell’s Animal Farm?

What is it that defines America? It’s the Constitution. And when we undermine the Constitution then we are no longer America. America is already defeated before we begin the fight.

I’m also going to talk about the Constitution as a moral contract that binds us together as a nation. How the checks and balance system works. Why the Constitution requires us to distrust government. (hint – the political equivalent of the scientific principle – Truth is purified through scrutiny.)  We should be watching them – not them watching us. That’s the difference between a king and a democracy. Since we don’t have a king we need rule of law.

I will talk about another caste system of the watchers and the watched. Should government be watching us – or should we be watching the government. What does “We the People” really mean.

I’m going to talk about how the constitutional safeguards we hacked by using secret courts and secret law through the FISA court. Conspiracy between President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel, Speaker of the House John Boehner, House minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Chief Justice John Roberts who runs the FISA court.

They claim we have congressional oversight of NSA but the NSA have admitted they lied to Congress. So if you are a member of Congress who was briefed by the NSA then you know less that those of us who were not briefed. We are expected to believe them even though they are telling us we are being lied to.

I’m going to talk about NSA effectiveness – or lack of. 70 million people get their information stolen through Target and the NSA didn’t catch that. How can you find a needle in a haystack when you can’t find an elephant in a haystack? Does it reduce terrorism when we reject the principles of our own Constitution? It makes us a dishonest society. A bad example for the world. Like the torture prison at Abu Ghraib it gives the terrorists a reality based reason to justify what they are doing. And that’s the last thing we want to do.

I’m going to talk about how we are required by law to lie and prohibited by law from telling the truth. How being dishonest by law reflects upon us as a country. How we have sacrificed the moral high ground and have become a threat to the world.

I will talk about cast systems where America’s position is that there are 2 kinds of people, American’s and foreigners. And that foreigners have no rights, nor do Americans who associate with them by email. So if you even got a spam from Nigeria then you are a terrorist collaborator suspect.

I’m going to talk about how the NSA has broken security for the good guys creating new opportunities for the bad guys to hurt us. If you hack the NSA you hack the world. How someone could push code like the Stuxnet virus into the operating systems of Apple, Microsoft, and Google and take out the Internet. What does it take to hack the NSA? Will it be some 14 year old kid bullied at school who takes out the power grid to get even? or will it be any one of the thousands of NSA workers who could be bribed or blackmailed into working for foreign spy agencies from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, or Israel.

I’m going to talk about how politicians or political dissidents or the press can be blackmailed. That Obama was spied upon by the NSA before he was elected and it raises the question about why he might have changed his mind. He is a constitutional lawyer so he does know how wrong it is. Yet he does it anyway.

I’m going to talk about RSA security. How weakening it to create a back door for NSA also created a back door for terrorists and foreign spies. Who knows who or how much was stolen because secure communication wasn’t secure.

RSA and other Prism companies are required by law to lie to you making all companies automatically dishonest even if they don’t lie.

I’m going to talk about the fact that the NSA has created the infrastructure for an Orwellian society and imagine if Hitler had the technology of the NSA there would be no Jews hiding in the attic.

Another point is that when the government you trust creates false information it causes brain damage in society to where people can’t discern reality anymore. Then it’s like Orwell’s Animal Farm. It undermines the ability of society to collectively think clearly. It undermines reality based foundations of right and wrong.

In order to create an Orwellian society you have to create the infrastructure where a society like that can exist. The NSA is that infrastructure. What if Hitler has the NSA?

Also how can you have a free press if the NSA is taping the phone lines and email accounts of the press? It has a chilling effect. People won’t contact the press wondering if the government is listening in. The press won’t publish what they know if they are under threat of being jailed, or blackmailed. The NSA undermines the First Amendment freedom of the press. It undermines the press because the press can not be trusted if the Government is spying on them,

Tapping the phones of 35 world leaders pisses off the world. Obama claiming he didn’t know it makes us look stupid and dishonest. Although Obama say we are no longer tapping Merkel’s phones, we are now tapping the phones of everyone Merkel talks to. We also skyjacked the plane of the president of Bolivia trying to get Snowden. This conduct dominishes America’s standing in the world community and as a world leader.

The NSA also ruined phone sex. Do you really want NSA workers masturbating while you’re having an intimate conversation with your wife or girlfriend? Passing the file around among their coworkers?

Hack the NSA you hack the world. Can the NSA be trusted to control all this data? Imagine a version of Snowden who was bribed to steal information from the NSA. Can the NSA secure itself against its own workers? Hasn’t Snowden proved they can’t? After all, the job of NSA workers, the reason they are hired, is because they have the ability to get into things that aren’t supposed to be into.

The conclusion will be that if the NSA is defending something, that something isn’t America. It’s like treating smoking addiction with arsenic. It cures you be killing you. Therefore the NSA spy program is not what is best for humanity and Humanists should be opposed to it.

When the Constitution is undermined it is wrong. The First and Forth Amendment gone. “We the People” gone. Checks and balances – gone. Secret Courts making Secret Law – wrong. Citizens are required to lie and hunted down for telling the truth – wrong. American superior to the rest of the world – wrong. The watcher and the watched – wrong. Creating a society that looks like George Orwell’s Animal Farm – wrong. Exposing computer security by secretly weakening encryption – wrong. Knowing that Congressional oversight is being lied to – and the lies are allowed – is wrong. Disrespecting the world community – wrong.

The NSA isn’t defending America when what they are defending is no longer America. What the NSA is doing is the exactly opposite of what is best for humanity.

Quite frankly – I don’t know how I can do this in an hour when I need to leave 20 minutes for questions. But I hope to have a state of the art Youtube presentation that will become a major reference point in the war to take back the Constitution.


No news is good news – for Obamacare

Letter to the Editor

Remember when everyone in the news media was railing against the failures of the Obamacare web sites as if it were the end of Obama’s presidency? It was as if the whole thing was collapsing, as if the end of the world was near. And now you don’t hear a think anymore. They fixed the web site, everything works, and people are happy. Now the news media is strangely silent when Obamacare succeeds. How pathetic is that?

The Truth makes Republicans’ heads explode

Letter to the Editor

Senator Ted Cruz told conservative radio host Mark Levin, “In the 13 months that I’ve been in the Senate, it has become apparent to me that the single thing that Republicans fear the most — and that is when they’re forced to tell the truth. It makes their heads explode,” WOW! Finally Ted Cruz and I are in agreement! Who wudda thunk it?