America doesn’t care about gun violence

Letter to the Editor

I wish that they would stop reporting school shooting as if people care about children being slaughtered at school. We don’t. And it’s an insult to pretend we do. When we allow a 17 year old to buy a rifle then we don’t care more about gun manufacturer’s profits that we care about the live of our children. And since we’re clearly not going to do anything about it why not just tell our children, we don’t give a f___ about you!

Congress shouldn’t be paid during a shutdown

Letter to the Editor

I’d like to see a change made so that Congress wouldn’t be paid during a government shutdown. Here in California we have that law and if they don’t pass the budget on time they don’t get paid. Congress has a duty to do their job and if they don’t do it they should suffer along with the rest of us.

Republicans in collusion with Russians

Letter to the Editor

Donald Trump would not be president if not for the help he received from the Communists, America’s enemies. Now the Republican party is colluding with the Russians to shut down the investigation into how Russia installed a moron as president. Republicans hate Trump but are going to cover for him because they themselves are counting on Russia’s support to win the mid term elections this year.

Colluding with the Communist Party is treason as is covering up collusion with America’s enemies. At this point I see little difference between the Communists and the Republicans in that the Republicans sold us out to the Communists. It appears to me like Russia is about to win the cold war without firing a shot. They are just walking in and taking over because we are too lazy, greedy, weak, and stupid to stop them. Are we going to sit back and just let it happen. This isn’t the America I was raised to believe in. What ever happened to The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Does Truth even have meaning anymore?

Jerusalem is just another piece of dirt

Letter to the Editor

The Jerusalem controversy is just another example of how religion ruins everything. Trump, sucking up to his religious base, wants to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem to side with Jews and Christians against Muslims as to who God gave this land to. In the Reality based world however, there is no God and Jerusalem is just another piece of dirt like anywhere else in the middle east.

How much are we going to spend on wars and crazy stuff because one group’s invisible friend doesn’t get along with another group’s invisible friend? What are the consequences of turning our backs on Reality in favor of old stories that just are not true? I think more people should be focused on this world, this Reality, and what we can do to make this planet a better place to live. Reality matters, old stories don’t. Why don’t we focus on exploring the universe, electric cars, and curing cancer instead? Let’s do something useful with our limited existence.

Please stop praying for mass shooting victims

Letter to the Editor

Every time there’s a mass shooting they always say that this is not the time to talk about gun control, and that we should pray for the people who were killed and wounded. No! No! No! Stop the praying! It’s not working! Praying is like giving a sick person placebo. It’s a fake remedy.

For those who believe in God, do you really think he’s not very bright? Do you think he doesn’t get that praying is a distraction from actually doing something to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people? Do religious people not see that you are being exploited by politicians and gun manufacturers for profit? How many church shootings will it take before you figure out that you are being scammed? Having a gun in your hand doesn’t make you safe. Taking the gun out of the hands of crazy people makes you safe. If you’re going to pray then pray for wisdom and realize that surely we can do better than this.

Republicans no longer care about the deficit

Letter to the Editor

Back when Obama was president Republicans complained about the deficit. The question was always, “How are we going to pay for it?” But now we have a Republican president who wants a huge tax cut for the rich that will raise the deficit trillions of dollars and no one is talking about the deficit anymore. When it comes to the super rich getting what they want the rules are different.

Hillary’s loss not Comey’s Fault

Letter to the Editor

Hillary Clinton is blaming FBI director James Comey for her loss to Trump. While I agree that Comey could have chosen not to reveal a new investigation just before an election, and that the revelation was one of many decisive events, her loss was not Comey’s fault.

Hillary’s classified emails were found on a laptop that these emails shouldn’t have been on. The laptop belonged to her aide, and her aide’s husband was caught sexting a 15 year old girl from that laptop. Had Hillary used the secure email system provided to her by the government, like she was supposed to have done, those emails would not have been there in the first place.

I think it’s time Hillary quit blaming everyone else for her loss and take responsibility for her own actions rather than being out there trying to make a buck off of an election that was nothing short of disgusting on all sides. How pathetic do you have to be to lose to Donald Trump, and how clueless can you be to think the voters are going to believe your loss wasn’t your own fault?

Ted Cruz – You ROCK!

Letter to the Editor

It’s amazing how people misjudge Republicans based on stereotypes and that Republicans are somehow all uncool. Senator @TedCruz proved them wrong this week when he clicked on the “Like” button for a porno movie on Twitter. Who knew that @TedCruz was kool! People think it’s the Dems who are porn friendly, but when you really compare Democrat and Republican sex scandals, the Republicans win. So I’m going to follow @TedCruz on Twitter!

Congress should vote against Texas aid

Letter to the Editor

With Hurricane Harvey bearing down in Houston, Texas Senator Ted Cruz wants Congress to pass an aid bill to support the people of Texas. But when Hurricane Sandy destroyed the northeast the senators from Texas voted NO on aid for them.

The way I see it, it is wrong that Texas comes hat in hand asking for aid after voting to deny aid to others who are suffering for a hurricane disaster. And if I were a Senator from the northeast I would tell Texas that they should get down on there hand and knees and beg forgiveness before I’d give them a dime of aid. Yes – it is wrong to deny Americans in Texas aid during a disaster. But it is also wrong for Texas to vote against aid for Americans in New Your and New Jersey and Texas should have to at least confess their sins and ask the rest of America for absolution.

Did brain tumor cause McCain to vote NO on Trumpcare

Letter to the Editor

Senator Ron Johnson said that he thinks McCain’s brain tumor might have “factored in” as to why McCain might have voted NO on the “skinny Obamacare repeal”, and oddly enough – I agree with him.

McCain has a very serious brain cancer and this vote might have been McCain’s last significant vote in the Senate and this will be the vote he’s remembered for. So maybe he wanted his last vote to be something good rather than something evil. Sometimes when a person is facing their mortality and wanting to give their life meaning they decide to do the right thing rather than waste their remaining existence on petty political points.

Congress passes Russia Sanctions

Letter to the Editor

After 6 months where the Republicans have had control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, the finally passed their first major piece of legislation. They passed a bill to sanction Russia for helping get Trump elected. It will be interesting to see if Trump signs it. What a bizarre world we live in.

McCain should get the health care he votes for

Letter to the Editor

As a member of the Senate John McCain gets special treatment when it comes to health care. I wonder how McCain would vote, now that he has brain cancer, if he had no special treatment and had to get the health care package that he votes for. You would think someone facing death would have a little compassion for the American People.

McCain recovering in hospital with health care vote looming

Letter to the Editor

The US Senate has delayed a vote on passing Trumpcare because Senator John McCain is in the hospital. They need to wait for McCain to recover so that he can vote to take away health care protections for the rest of us. How pathetic is that?

McCain’s procedure is something that Obamacare protects, but under Trumpcare if McCain were just a citizen the procedure he is getting to remove a blood clot might be denied. I’m hoping that McCain’s medical experience will help him feel compassion before he votes to take health care protections away from the rest of us.

Did I just find the Cure for Cancer?

Dear Friends and Family,

As you all know from my previous announcements that I have been working on designing a custom immunotherapy treatment that has never been tried before, and the hard part as usual, getting the doctors to do it. Well – I finally got the treatment and – it appears as if it worked. And I stress the word “appears” because it’s looks like it’s going to take about 2 months before imaging is going to show what’s happening. But my cancer symptoms are gone.

I am in a state of stunned disbelief. Too early to believe it – too late not to believe it.

On Monday June 19 I got an infusion of ipilimumab which is an immunotherapy drug. 2 days later I got a series of 3 radiation treatments (21st thru 23rd). Dosage, 3 fractions of 9gy xrays from Varian Trilogy set at 9MV. These treatment we unusual in that instead of irradiating the whole tumor, I asked that they just burn a disk in the center of the main tumor leaving the rest of the tumor undamaged. This request was very counter intuitive in radiology because they are trained to kill every cancer cell they can possibly hit and it took a lot of work to get them to deliberately leave tumor undamaged.

But that was important because I was turning the tumor into a school, not a battlefield, where I was teaching my immune system what the cancer looked like (antigens) and classify it as an enemy. By using partial radiation I created an environment where white blood cells in my immune system could interact with dead cancer and learn it.

4 days after treatment I started getting a reaction. I was queasy, low energy, aches and pains, chills. Wgen I got home I had a fever of 101, and it occurred to me, is this the fever I was hoping for?

Fever indicates that I’m having an immune response. My immune system is fighting something. Was it attacking the cancer?

So I took a hot bath and used a heating pad to increase the fever and got it up to 103. I wanted to create heat shock proteins and signal the battle was on. Wednesday still had fever and was rather out of it. Thursday morning fever broke and all my cancer symptoms were gone.

I have aednocarsonoma and the aedno part of the name means “mucus secreting”. On Thursday the mucus went to almost none. I had been coughing up a lot even before I was diagnosed last August. I went out and sawed limbs off a tree, hard work, and didn’t cough up anything. At night when I lay down and in the morning when I get up, almost nothing. Energy is good. On Saturday I did a 4 mile hike. 2 miles up hill and 2 down. It was like walking up the stairs of a 60 story building, but without the stairs. Yes I was out of breath and I coughed, but didn’t cough anything up.

If I have a mucus secreting cancer and have no mucus, is the cancer dead? Why do I no longer have symptoms?

However …

I have no hard information and I don’t actually know what happened but something extraordinary occurred and it is so easy to want to declare victory, but the easiest person to fool is myself and I would like to see a doctor with a before and after image showing the cancer gone. I don’t have that and I’m not going to get it soon. So – stunned disbelief is as good as it gets, for now.

I have to say that although I knew this should work, I didn’t expect it to actually work. I thought the most likely outcome was failure. And I definitely didn’t expect that I might have gone from having cancer to possibly cancer free in just 10 days. I had planned to repeat this process at least 2 more times changing the radiation and drugs around. But now I don’t know if I have any live tumor to attack anymore and no point in hitting dead tumor with xrays. At this point there are no plans for any future treatment.

Often when the abscopal effect occurs it is a “complete response” which means cured. My immune system might kill every last cancer cell. And I may have created a vaccine against my own cancer which will prevent recurrence. Note the word “may”.

The implications are stunning. If this did work it could work for any cancer for anyone. It’s all low tech off the shelf stuff where the secret sauce is timing and partial radiation of the tumor. Did I find the cure for cancer? Might be a Nobel Prize in it for me and a movie about my life. I’m thinking Hugh Jackman can play my part, but this is the optimistic thinking I’m trying to avoid.

Anyhow, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I might not die soon. And also wondering if I missed something and I just kicked the can down the road. But I’m 11 months into a cancer where median survival is 8 months and I’m still climbing mountains 3 months past my sell by date. So that in itself is victory.

I will write more when I find out more.

Marc Perkel
Random Genius

America – A celebration of Stupidity and Corruption

Letter to the Editor

As we untangle the mess that’s called the 2016 election we see that both parties are a celebration of stupidity and corruption. While we investigate Russian “meddling” in our election we are ignoring that we know from Wikileaks that Hillary cheated in her election with Bernie Sanders and that the core players who cheated are still in power in the Democrat Party. And saying vote for us because we are a little less corrupt than the Republicans is no longer good enough.

Meanwhile the Republicans are too incompetent to govern and the justice department has to wonder if they can prosecute a president who is too stupid to even understand the laws that he breaks with impunity. And as stupid as Trump is, the 16 other Republicans he ran against were actually even worse. We now have the Republicans, who are in the pockets of big money, fighting the Democrats, who are also in the pockets of big money, and they only thing that always seems to happen is that the top 1% always gets the tax break while the rest of us get stripped of medical protections.

I’m so disgusted that it makes me want to burn a flag. But I no longer think the flag is worthy of burning because America no longer has an meaning. So this 4th of July I’m going to hang the flag upside down because I think we can all agree, America is in distress.

Democrats should offer Paul Ryan the Presidency

Letter to the Editor

As we all know, if we impeach President Trump then Vice President Mike Pence becomes president, and a lot of people (including me) think that he is even worse than Trump. But – Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is third in line for the presidency. And Ryan is the lesser of 3 evils.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should go to Paul Ryan and say, “Tell you what we’ll do. If you impeach Trump and Pence at the same time then you become president and we Democrats will support that.” Since they are offering Ryan to become president I would think Ryan would be interested. But would the Democrats be smart enough to do this? Not a chance!

Russian Hackers breached voting systems in 39 states

Letter to the Editor

Apparently in the 2016 election Bloomberg News reports that “Russian hackers managed to breach voter databases and software systems in 39 states”. 39 STATES!!! None of these reports talk about what the Russians did when they broke in other than to use the words “efforts to meddle or tamper” with our election.

If the Russians got into these systems one has to assume that they did something even if we don’t know what they did. Many of these news reports seem do downplay the impact as if they didn’t actually change any results. I have a hard time believing that they didn’t flip the election and that in reality America didn’t choose our leaders, the Communists did. Whatever happened in 2016 can hardly be called an election.

Republicans – watch your backs

Letter to the Editor

If Trump and the Republicans manage to repeal Obamacare and ruin health coverage by remove caps and preexisting conditions, a lot of people are going to end up dead. And the friends and families of those dead people are going to come looking for the members of Congress who caused their death and they are not going to be happy.

Trump – put your science money where your mouth is

Letter to the Editor

On Earth Day, in response to the March for Science, Trump said, “My administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks, As we do so, we should remember that rigorous science depends not on ideology, but on a spirit of honest inquiry and robust debate.”

That’s is a welcome response, but the real test is if you actually fund science or not. I say, put your money where your mouth is. Funding science can indeed help America become great and create jobs and a better life for everyone. Science can settle the climate change debate and prove if it’s real or just some liberal fraud. Many of our greatest scientific advancements that cure cancer come from funding research.

So I’m hoping this isn’t just an attempt to just say the right thing and that you actually realize funding science is objectively a good idea. Science is the study of Reality and we want to make Reality our friend.

Science and Faith are not compatible

Letter to the Editor

This Saturday is the March for Science and there is a good reason to put science first. Science is the study of Reality the way it really is. Faith is a decision to believe whatever you want regardless of if it’s real.

Although it is true that people of faith also believe in a lot of things that are real, faith allows one to ignore Reality and choose to believe regardless of the evidence. In the world of science when what you believe is determined to be wrong then you are expected to change your mind and go with what the evidence supports.

In the world of science it is assumed that Reality is something that exists and we learn from the universe through discovery. In the faith based world they choose to believe something with the expectation that Reality will magically transform to match what they believe. But, as they say, you can’t serve two masters, and if you choose to put your personal beliefs ahead of Reality then your understanding of the universe stops. It also causes brain damage because you lose the ability to distinguish what is real from what isn’t. The concept of Truth goes away because proof relies on evidence which are concepts from the science based world.

Ultimately we have to learn how to live in harmony with Reality or else Reality will kick us out of existence. People who have turned their backs to Reality put all of humanity at risk. Although believing in invisible friends is protected by the Constitution, it’s a sin against the universe. And we could all be punished with extinction.

Democrats right to oppose Goresuch

Letter to the Editor

Democrats are right to filibuster Goresuch for the Supreme Court because Merrick Garland, appointed by President Obama is the next nominee. Goresuch is only up if Garland is voted down. If Garland doesn’t get a vote, neither should Goresuch.

There is also a bigger issue. Goresuch is being appointed by Trump who lost the popular vote and only became president because he and his staff colluded with the Communists in Russia to rig the election. It’s bad enough that we have a Communist appointed president, but do we want Russian influence on the Supreme Court as well when Trump could soon be impeached for treason? I don’t think so. Obama appointed Garland and Garland is next in line for a vote. Democrats need to say NO to Republican cheating and force a vote on Garland first.

Dems lost because they opposed sex with miners

Letter to the Editor

The Democratic party has been losing ground in rural white America because of the their opposition to having sex with miners. “Just because I work in a coal mine doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to have sex!”, a coal miner might have said if he were asked. “These liberals want to control what I do in bed!”

I reporter might have said in response, “It’s not sex with miners, it’s sex with minors. That means you can’t have sex with your daughters.” “Oh – I get it now,”, the miner might have responded. “But that’s even worse!”

Looks like getting the rural white vote is going to be a challenge for Dems as Hillary plans her next run for president in 2020.

Do Republicans like dirty air and polluted water?

Letter to the Editor

I’m trying to understand of there’s some physiological difference between Republicans and Democrats where Republicans like breathing dirty air and and drinking polluted water. Trump is now trying to undo everything Obama do to protect the environment as if clean air and clean water are a bad thing. It just seems to me that Republicans would want to drink clean water and breathe clean air too. I suppose that making Obama look bad is more important than the health of The People?

Trump threatens House to pass Trumpcare

Letter to the Editor

Trump is so obsessed with repealing Obamacare that he’s threatening members of the House that they will lose their seats. Trump is destroying America and when people no longer can afford health care they are not going to be happy. Makes me wonder what will happen when America loses health coverage and they kick grandma to the curb and let people die on the streets. When their friend and family start dying there’s going to be a backlash against those who took health care away.

Republicans better take into consideration what they are doing to Americans and make it about what is good for us and not about what Trump wants.

Donna Brazile confesses to cheating for Hillary

Letter to the Editor

DNC chief Donna Brazile’s confession that she fed Hillary debate information is troubling on so many levels. First she lied about it saying “As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted,” Ms. Brazile told Fox News. “Your information is false.” It’s not just that she lied, but that she invoked Christ as part of the lie, which makes her claim to be a “Christian woman” a lie too. Even as an Atheist I know that if you’re willing to lie in the name of Christ – you’re not really a believer. Thankfully CNN fired her for her ethical malfunction.

Then she goes on to justify the cheating by saying that she was an advocate for women and minorities. But what this really means is that she thinks women and blacks are inferior and that cheating is justified to make up the difference. That’s just so racist!

Now she’s blaming it all on the Russians hacking the DNC email server. But when the FBI showed up to investigate she denied them access to the evidence, concealing the possibility that the supposed hack might be an inside job. Ultimately Brazile, through helping Hillary cheat helped Trump win the presidency. So we are all stuck with the consequences of her dishonesty.

Trump to cancel insurance coverage for fetuses

Letter to the Editor

Under the newly proposed Trumpcare the Republicans are dropping the mandate that health insurers cover pregnancy. This leaves millions of fetuses without medical insurance.

Republicans have argued that life begins at conception and therefore fetuses are people. So under Republican rules fetuses should be counted as people who will lose insurance coverage under Trumpcare. I suppose under Republican philosophy, “If these fetuses want health coverage, maybe they should get a job!” Under Trumpcare Republicans will kill more unborn babies than from abortion. Republicans don’t care about the unborn. It’s just a political scam to con weak minded people into voting for them.

Who is spying on whom?

Letter to the Editor

Trump has accused Obama of spying on him. Although the accusation is personal, technically when Obama was president he was spying on everyone. So there is a little bit of truth there if you really stretch it.

But now – using the same reasoning – Trump is president and Obama is a private citizen. So now it’s Trump who is spying on Obama! Trump – bad (or Sick) guy! Terrible!

Lowering the bar for Trump

Letter to the Editor

When Trump was running for president he said a lot of really stupid things, and the news media let him get away with it because Trump is a clown, and no one seriously thought he was going to become president. But not he has.

What I see is the news media giving him a pass instead of expecting him to actually be the leader of the free world. Are we going to lower the bar for Trump? Is incompetence the new competence? Is stupid the new smart? Is failure the new success?

The future of America is on the line and watching Trump play president is like watching a 5 year old drive a car off a cliff, And we’re supposed to just sit here and pretend everything’s gonna be all right. Really?! Very sad!

Obama actually did wiretap Trump

Letter to the Editor

There is some truth to Trump’s story that Obama wiretapped him in that Obama wiretapped everyone, as Edward Snowden revealed. He also wiretapped Hillary, and you and me. He wiretapped our friends and he wiretapped our enemies. So even though Trump is making this story up, it happens to also be true.

Although now that Trump is president Trump wiretapping himself. Maybe Trump should put a stop to illegal warrantless wiretapping? That would be a big step to making America great again.

Time for a special prosecutor to investigate Russian connections

Letter to the Editor

There seems to be at going on between the Trump administration and the Russians. Today it was revealed the Attorney General Sessions lied to Congress under oath claiming he had no contact with the Russians during the campaign when he had. Back in 1998 the Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton for lying under oath about sex. Lying about meeting with Russian spies is a far more serious situation.

During the campaign Trump made public statements encouraging the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails to affect the outcome of the elections. Although many people ignored it at the time thinking Trump was too stupid to realize what he was saying, that doesn’t absolve him from encouraging people to break the law and collude with Communist spies. Now that he’s President we can no longer write off these statement as the rantings of a mad man. Trump has to take responsibility for his actions. It’s time that we appointed a special prosecutor who is independent to investigate White House officials who are lying under oath about their contacts and involvement with the Russians.