Another IBM Hard Drive Bites the Dust

IBM Deathstar Drive My roommate Rojean lost her hard drive yesterday. Every time I oull a dead hard drive out of a system it’s usually an IBM. The call it a “Deskstar” but I call the “Deathstar”. I had about 6 of them fail at EFF and I get replacements and they fail too. I […]

Blacked out pages in 9-11 report

Letter to the Editor I’m not sure which is more disturbing – the fact that Saudi Arabia bankrolled the 9-11 attack – or that the Bush administration wants to conceal that Saudi Arabia was behind the attack by blacking out pages in the 9-11 report. 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, None […]

Hard Drive Space vs. Paper

I was just thinking today about how cheap hard drive space is compared to what it used to be. In 1981 a 5 megabyte Pertec drive cost about $9500 or almost $2000 per megabyte. I just bought a 200 gigabye (200,000 megabytes) yesterday for $129 (after rebate) at Fry’s. That’s .0645 cents per meg. A […]

My first Blog Entry

I started this blog after I started hosting Larry Lessig’s Web Site. Larry has a blog and it finally occurred to me that I need to blog myself. I’ve been rather slow about writing new content. Most of the new stuff I’m working on is on my Church of Reality web site. I’m hoping that […]