Hard Drive Space vs. Paper

This post was written by marc on July 29, 2003
Posted Under: Technology

I was just thinking today about how cheap hard drive space is compared to what it used to be. In 1981 a 5 megabyte Pertec drive cost about $9500 or almost $2000 per megabyte. I just bought a 200 gigabye (200,000 megabytes) yesterday for $129 (after rebate) at Fry’s. That’s .0645 cents per meg. A little over 6/100 of a cent!

Now – a good piece of HP Bright white inkjet paper costs 2 cents a sheet which is the same cost as 31 megabytes of data. Who would have ever thought that a sheet of paper was worth as much as the storage of six of those old 5 meg drives.

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