Now we can’t afford Marshals on Planes

This post was written by marc on July 30, 2003
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Letter to the Editor

Despite renewed warnings about possible airline hijackings, the Transportation Security Administration has told federal air marshals that starting August 1st they will no longer be protecting any cross-country or international flights, The decision to drop coverage on flights that many are the highest risk of attack is to save the expense of staying overnight in hotels. Update training for marshals was also suspended. The reason – no money.

I sure hope that the rich are enjoying their tax cut because now we don’t have any money to fly the rich around safely. They got their big tax cut – but at the price of putting our nation at risk. And Bush better pray no planes without marshals are hijacked because if they are it’s going to look like he deliberately allowed it to happen.


Bush says the he sees a “real threat” of another plane attack according to This Yahoo Story. The info for the letter came from This MSNBC Story. So – if Bush blows up another plane – you heard it hear first.

Bush is slipping in the polls. He needs some terrorism to boost his numbers. Too bad he shut down plans for his terrorism futures market – a pentagon project where people bet on future terrorism and assassinations. I think I could have made some $$$ on this one. And if it does happen – you heard it here first.

Seriously though – I send these letter to about 1200 newspapers and it makes me wonder if Bush is planning a terrorist attack and at the last minute they see one of my letters printed and decide – oh shit – we can’t do it now – Perkel has already published it. I have this fantasy that by seeing what appears to be a setup and calling it before it happens that I am actually preventing it from happening.

Like in this case for example. We have a ruthless dictator for a president who stole the election and will stop at nothing to maintain power. He is falling in the polls because the country is going to hell and people are beginning to wake up a little from their denial and are saying “Oh FUCK!” So bush needs a distraction and terrorism is his theme.

Think abou this – which is worse? Here are the facts: We have a terrorism aleart that planes are about to be attacked. Bush is talking like it’s a very credible threat. And at the same time they pull the sky marshals off the very planes that are the most prime targets for the attack. What does that tell you?

A) The entire administration is incredibly stupid.
B) This is a deliberate government sponsored terrorist event being set up.

Whichever one it is – it is bad new for America. But what scares me even more – where is the news media? Am I the only person that’s figured this out? Is this a country of fucking morons? This is a country in really deep denial and we are in a lot of trouble.

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I don’t know what scares me worse; the fact that no one else is discussing this, or the fact you may actually be right… *shiver*

Written By Holz on July 31st, 2003 @ 10:33 am

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