He Kills Reporters – Yet they still suck up to him

What amazes me is that the press is still sucking up to Bush even after having so many of their own murdered in Iraq by the US military. They deliberately kill reporters as a way of using terrorism to intimidate them – and yey they keep silent and say “Bush is a good ol’ boy!” […]

Computer Viruses Can be Stopped

Article I sent to my Newspaper List Computer Viruses can be stopped and it isn’t be very hard to do it. Most all computer viruses are spread as executable email attachments that the victim is tricked into opening and running. Often users of Microsoft Outlook don’t even have to run the attachment if they have […]

Bush strikes deal to let Bin Laden get away

Letter to the Editor Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf struck a deal in December of 2001 with the US not to capture Osama Bin Laden, fearing this could lead to unrest in Pakistan. So – it turns out that the hunt for Bin Laden was all a sham and Bush has again sold out America by […]

The Next Computer Virus could Kill the Internet

Letter to the Editor As bad as the current crop of this weeks computer viruses are – they are nothing compared to what might follow. The next generation of computer viruses that are likely to come soon as three weeks from now might actually take the Internet down and cause massive data losses on a […]

Fighting federal Parking Tickets

I’m already tired of San Francisco parking tickets but this one is clearly a parking trap. I went in to appear to protest this and handed them this picture. Do you see a no parking sign? Of course you don’t That’s because the sign is turned more than 90 degrees away from you. And – […]

Arnold was involved in causing California Blackouts

It turns out that Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Enron’s Kenny Boy Lay and other Republican superstars to help plan the fake energy crisis and drive up utility costs. Now he wants to be governor. Arnold should be in jail. From Salon Magazine: Exerpt: Joe Conason’s Journal When Arnold Schwarzenegger gets around to attacking Gov. Gray […]

I write to the president of Microsoft

To: Steve Balmer Here’s an interesting solution to the blaster worm problem. An anti-virus virus. Every computer that is infected has the virus – and it still has the secutiry hole. You could write a virus of your own that took advavtage of this security hole to remove the virus and to patch the security […]

Good time to Sell your Stock?

Should you sell your stock or hang on to it? Well – that depends on if you think the economy is going up or down. Are we really in a “recovery”? Is the economy on the rebound? I think not. America is living a lie and it’s just a matter of time before we can […]

What would Arnold Do?

Letter to the Editor In 2000 and 2001 California had a major energy crisis because several big energy companies like Enron gamed the system and created artificial energy shortages. The high energy prices were devastating to the California economy – but Davis managed to see us through it and get new power plants online. But […]

I’m tired of San Francisco Parking Tickets

I’m starting a Web Site and Discussion Forum for people who are wanting to organize to fight San Frsncisco Parking Tickets. San Francisco is the most inefficient city government on the planet. Kind of a welfare state for the politically correct who seem to think that the evil people who drive cars should be taxed […]

Next California Governor?

Will this be California’s new governor? The kind of guy the Christian religious right can get behind. Arnold is a briliant man with briliant ideas. But just exactly what they are is somewhat illusive. As with all Republicans it’s all about power and money. Arnold doesn’t have to have any ideas because the moonies are […]

Episcopalians Elect Gay Bishop

This shouldn’t be a big deal – but it is. What difference does someone’s sexual preference matter in the worship of mythical beings? If God really objected to homosexuals then he should come out of hiding and say so. Of course – there is a certian hypocracy in that if you say you believe in […]

Comparing the Presidents on Job Creation

What a difference a president makes. This chary outlines the number of jobs created (or lost) under the last three presidents. Each president is started at sero at the beginning of their term. For those who say that it doesn’t matter who is president and that the president doesn’t make a difference – here’s the […]

Berlin Wall now in Israel

Are the Jews becoming what they hate? The Berlin wall represented terror and oppression. It was a relic of World War II and the world cheered when it came down. Now Israel is building one and it is an abomination to peace and a shame to the Jewish Religion. This wall represents the failure of […]

I don’t support Gay Marriage

But I do support civil unions – somewhat There are several reasons for this and I’m not going to go into them all here. I do believe in civil unions for gay couples who want to bring the state and lawyers into their relationship (be careful what you ask for as they say – you […]

We want Full Disclosue on 9-11

Letter to the Editor It now appears the government of Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, was behind the 9-11 attack. According to an article in the LA Times, people who have read the 28 pages that were blacked out are saying that “the Saudi government that not only provided significant money and aid to the suicide […]

Saddam’s Daughter is a Babe!

Sure wasn’t expecting a blonde – and a good looking one to! Maybe I should get my vasectomy reversed and fix Saddam up with some grandchildren. Seriously though – I’m glad she’s safe so that Bush doesn’t murder her. Bush is obcessed with killing Saddam’s family.