Berlin Wall now in Israel

This post was written by marc on August 5, 2003
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Are the Jews becoming what they hate?

The Berlin wall represented terror and oppression. It was a relic of World War II and the world cheered when it came down. Now Israel is building one and it is an abomination to peace and a shame to the Jewish Religion. This wall represents the failure of peace and is a monument to everything that is wrong with religion.

It is called a “security fence” which is a lie. The fact that the news media won’t call it what it is reflects the amount of control that Israel has over the Bush administration and the amount of control Republicans have over the American press. What do you see here? Is this a fence or a wall?

This is disturbing on a number of levels. First – you would have thought that the Jews would have learned something from the Holocaust, but apparently they did not. Those who have been preaching “never forget” have already forgotten. And if they have forgotten – then why should anyone else remember? Well – we should remember – because the Holocaust was wrong – but this is wrong too in much the same way because it’s roots come from the same place.

The Jews think that they are God’s chosen people. but they aren’t. Jews are just people just like everyone else. What they haven’t grasped is that it’s not OK for them to persecute others and that they have to show respect for other people’s rights and beliefs if they expect to have their bizzare rights and beliefs respected.

Sure – the Palistinians are as bad or worse than the Israelies. But that doesn’t justify Israel building a Berlin wall. I personally consider this wall to be a crime against humanity and I call for its removal. Furthermore, Israel has far too much influence in the United States and not in a positive way. It used to be positive intil the extremists siezed control of Israel by fanatical right wing Jews who want war because they are better than everyone else.

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People in groups or individuals that feel threatened tend to like to build walls. The word “security fence” is simply the word that cast the object in the most positive terms—in the political world this normally conflicts with the most accurate words. Of course you know that.

The real issue is that the U.S. provides money to the state of Israel. The total taken by Israel is near 80E9. I believe the way to fix many problems is simply to address this economic issue. If the people of Israel are morel, they will and should formulate a plan to cease taking our money, and establish method to pay back all they have taken. Perhaps they will need to sell some of their land.

Written By Thomas on August 6th, 2003 @ 9:05 am

The oppressed have become the oppressor, and Sharon is a murderous lunatic. A very large number of Jewish people in the states and in Israel do not agree with the “policies” of the government there. Perhaps they are anti-semitic? Or perhaps they are just flat out tired of the fighting and violence, and are enlightened enough to realize that violence begets violence. Defense is great; oppression is not. Terrorism wears many faces, and playing semantics games does not alter the truth.

Written By migs on August 16th, 2003 @ 11:39 am

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