Episcopalians Elect Gay Bishop

This post was written by marc on August 6, 2003
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This shouldn’t be a big deal – but it is. What difference does someone’s sexual preference matter in the worship of mythical beings? If God really objected to homosexuals then he should come out of hiding and say so. Of course – there is a certian hypocracy in that if you say you believe in the Bible then any sex outside of marriage is sin – and – the Bible doesn’t allow marriage between people of the same sex even if the state did.

But – Christians can justify anything. The Bible is so poorly written that it can easilly be twisted into meaning anything you want it to mean. So – I don’t really fault Christians for not following the Bible because it’s impossible to follow. And – the world would be a scary place if people actually took it more seriously than they already do.

The most amazing hypocracy though is the Catholic church coming out so storngly against homosexuals while at the same time being soft on priests who have sex with children. Preists are supposed to be celebate so if thet are celebate then they aren’t having sex with anyone. So what difference does it mattter who they aren’t having sex with?

I believe in freedom and that includes sexual preferences. I don’t care what gay people do as long as they leave me alone about it. Hell – I think Black people should be allowed to join the KKK if they want to. That isn’t much different than being a gay Republican. Join a group that hates you or a group that defines who you are as a sinner? I fail to see why gays would want to be Christians in the first place?

As to religions who accept gays, there is only one religion that truly accepts gays 100% without any regard whatsoever as to sexual orientation. And that is the Church of Reality. The Church of Reality is a church based on believing in everything that’s real. The Church of Reality has it’s Sacred Principles which includes the Principle of Inclusiveness which states:

“The pursuit of the reality as it really is and the understanding of understanding is available to everyone. We are not an exclusive club and we do not discriminate based on minor genetic differences, cultural background, political affiliation, religious history, the geography of your birth location, sexual preferences, lines on a map. your gender, the shape of your body, or what frequencies of light are reflected off the surface of your skin. Although some people are smarter than others, everyone can improve themselves. So if you have two brain cells and are tired of living the lie, the Church of Reality is available to you.”

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