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This post was written by marc on August 14, 2003
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To: Steve Balmer

Here’s an interesting solution to the blaster worm problem. An anti-virus virus.

Every computer that is infected has the virus – and it still has the secutiry hole. You could write a virus of your own that took advavtage of this security hole to remove the virus and to patch the security hole. You could make it part of the windows update upgrade.

What would happen is when the attaking virus tries to infect a machine with the anti-virus the attacked computer detects this and identifies the IP address of the attacking computer. It then would use the same security hole to upload a program to the attacking computer that would remove the virus and patch the hole. It would also turn the attacking computer into an anti-virus computer and the patch would spread as fast as the virus did – fixing all the systems.

Something to think about …..

Marc Perkel

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Well – he did reply to me. Steve Balmer replies to most of mt email.

Written By Marc Perkel on August 15th, 2003 @ 4:14 pm

Excellent blog! In regards to MS, people from all over the world have been pointing out problems with Windows for many years. My personal opinion is that Linux is, and has been far more stable and secure than any version of Windows. The only problems have been that for the average user it has been difficult to learn or adapt to, and being open source it does not always pick up peripherals simply because the software vendors don’t write Linux versions. This is starting to change, and the closest it has come is in a version called Lindows, which I’m using right now. One other glaring problem with Microsoft; it wants to sell you a license for every machine, and from what I understand, they are planning time-limited licensing of their products. This has not happened with Linux-based OS’s of course. So to the previous poster, Marc is not acting out of “ego”, he is pointing out obvious design flaws that many other people all over the world have been doing for at least the last decade; AND he is offering possible solutions. It would be nice if Microsoft would start listening to it’s customers once in awhile.

Written By migs on August 16th, 2003 @ 11:20 am

Lol dude, you got your wish
your worm exists now 😉

‘In addition upon successful infection this worm also patches systems with the patch for Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026. It does this by first determining the operating system and then downloading the associated patch for that operating system.’


Written By xtturbo on August 19th, 2003 @ 6:50 am

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