Bush Grovels before United Nations

This post was written by marc on September 4, 2003
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Letter to the Editor

Now that the Bush administration is groveling before the United Nations begging them to take over in Iraq for his messed up war, (Still no weapons of mass distruction – Still no Saddam Hussein) makes we wonder if we are going to rename “Freedom Fries” back to “French Fries”. As it turns out – they were right and we were wrong. Maybe Bush’s rich friends should give back that upper class tax break to pay for this war.


It’s going to be interesting to watch Bush crawl back on his hands and knees begging the UN to forgive him. This is the price America will have to pay for allowing the Supreme Court to appoint a president other than the one elected by the people. Bush is a miserable failure.

Reader Comments

Give back the tax Break? Not when there’s money to be had by simply nuking the salaries of Federal Employees.

Written By Samual Jack on September 5th, 2003 @ 1:44 pm

We will be the only country with our soldiers still in Iraq by next year. Blair will fall and the next PM will withdraw British occupation troops.

Japan will not send it’s troops.

Turkey will try to send troops in and ignite a war with the ethnic Kurds.

Written By ken on September 6th, 2003 @ 10:36 pm

Anyone want to take bets on when we’re going to invade Iran?

Wag the dog, baby!!!!

Written By Bellamorte on September 13th, 2003 @ 3:26 pm

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