The Principle of Bullshit

This post was written by marc on September 9, 2003
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New Sacred Principle of the Church of Reality

The Principle of Bullshit recognizes that things that aren’t true just aren’t true. It doesn’t matter how many people believe it – it doesn’t matter that people have believed it for thousands of years – it doesn’t matter if you want to believe it – bullshit is bullshit – and if it isn’t true – it isn’t true.

The Principle of Bullshit is all about refusing to live the lie. To be able to call something the way it really is. To be able to face the reality of being wrong so as to create a starting point to make a better choice. That you can truly pursue reality if you continue to believe in things that aren’t real. You may have made a mistake – or millions of people might have made the same mistake for thousands of years. But when you know it’s all bullshit then you have to call it – accept it – and move forward, If you’re a realist then by definition you are supposed to give up what’s not real – or at least admit your denial if you aren’t ready to face reality.

The Tree of Knowledge is built on what is real and what is true. Bullshit that is passed off as reality pollutes the Tree of Knowledge and creates a weakness in knowledge itself. It inhibits growth and holds back our development. It keeps us from developing in a positive direction. Part of the dharma of the Church of Reality is the purification of knowledge. To expunge the bullshit and replace it with what’s real. The Principle of Bullshit asserts a duty to resist the powers of bullshit and move towards reality the way it really is. It requires courage and strength of character to go against the herd mind and refuse to live the lie.

The Sacred Principles

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Hey Mark,
I think you meant to say:
That you CAN’T truly pursue reality if you continue to believe in things that aren’t real.

Written By Chris on September 10th, 2003 @ 9:23 am

I must say that i saw some beautyful ideeas on your site and i embrace most of them. however some of them are iffy, that is to say well intended but incomplete:
*Church of reality? What is reality? Who’s to say what’s real or not? The reality isn’t limited only to our senses or confined within the reach of science. You are sliding into a very dangerous ideology: The historical and dialectic materialism (the translation is kinda clumsy). Basically it states the opposite of what I just sayed above and it was invented and used by the comunists to counter religion, to burn churches and imprison and kill thousands of intelectuals.
* The tree of knowledge is a beatiful theory and it makes a strong point, but it only separates humans from animals in a cantitative manner, not qualitative. The human tree is just much larger than that of the other species. That doesn’t explain some differences between humans and animals such as free will or consciousness.
* The fact that billions of people belive in one thing doesn’t make it true is perfectly…. true and I totally agree with that.
But the test of time, if it doesn’t validate a belief/religion (and it doesn’t) at least it gives it a chace to evolve and it clears it of impurities leaving it’s essence bare. These few ideeas that survive usually represent something true/real. One can use this on every major religion and might find something amazing.
nice talking to you, best wishes,
Mr moJo

Written By Mr moJo on August 19th, 2006 @ 8:50 am

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