It’s about the Future – not the past!

This post was written by marc on October 5, 2003
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Letter to the Editor

I think voters are focusing on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s past when they should be focused on the future. It would be a mistake if this election were decided on the basis of whether or not the voters believe that Arnold groped women or praised Hitler or met with Enron executives during the blackouts. This election is about the future of California – not about Arnold’s past.

What the voters of California need to decide is – what will the future be like. Who will be the best for the people of California? Our future is at stake and I would urge all voters to think about the future and vote responsibly.


This is not a pro Arnold letter. This letter was carefully crafted to get published. It mentions 3 Arnold scandals but urges voters to consider the future. And I think considering the future is a good thing. But – the nutral tone is more likely to get published the day of the election.

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You haven’t suddenly changed your mind on Arnold… have you?

Written By peter on October 7th, 2003 @ 1:32 pm

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