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The hypocracy of the religious right is amazing.

Jerry Brooks writes for the Washington Dispatch Link

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently revealed his addiction to prescription painkillers on his nationally syndicated radio program and also announced that he was seeking immediate treatment to deal with his problem. Limbaugh told his national audience that he’s been dealing with this addiction for several years after failed back surgery in the ‘90s. This startling confession came days after Limbaugh resigned from ESPN’s Sunday morning football pre-game show after comments he made about the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Maybe Rush and his dittoheads will now support treating drug addiction rather than jailing them.

I always find it sad to hear of stories like this because addictions are terrible, devastating things and I’ve seen their effects up close and personal. Broken relationships, financial hardships, and even permanent physical damage and psychological damage are just some of the effects I’ve seen in people’s lives because of addiction to various things.

Sound like a bleading heart liberal to me. Do you feel his pain? Oh – but this is a setup paragraph. He didn’t mean a word of it. He will now take the opportunity to bash Liberals.

I am in no way, shape, or form condoning Limbaugh’s actions. However, I’m not going to behave like a pack of ravenous wolves like so many left leaning media (Got to get the “media is left” propoganda in there) and critics have. I never liked the idea of kicking someone when they’re down. When you’re dealing with a problem of this magnitude, the last thing you need is a group of accusing fingers pointing out the obvious. Excuse me – You just insulted what Rush does for a living!

The “left” are ravenous wolves? Not hardly! We are just quoting Rush just like you ditto heads do! Rush fans love kicking people when they are down. That what his show is about. To liberals it’s like watching a rattlesnake bite itself.

For those who are gleefully accusing Limbaugh of hypocrisy, I think you should keep the following in mind. Your rationale for judging someone’s character is just as flawed as everyone else’s. The liberal left in this country has prided itself on the premise that they’re more compassionate, more tolerant, and able to embrace diversity more readily than anyone else. This form of arrogance is bad enough, but I can name several instances where liberal “compassion” has gone out the window when it comes to conservatives. The same group of people who profess their undying devotion to fairness and kindness are the same folks who spout some of the most vicious, toxic, and mean-spirited rhetoric I’ve ever heard.

Thanks for admitting that the left is more tolerant. That is true. The attacks on Rush from the left are far less than the attacks of Rush’s fans. But – pointing out rush’s hypocracy – or any hypocracy – is a good thing. Rush always did that – so – do we not honor Rush by following in his footsteps? Do you believe that Rush can dish it out but can’t take it? Sir – you insult the great Rush Limbaugh if you believe that!

Hypocrisy, like many other traits, doesn’t discriminate. Conservatives can be just as hypocritical and vicious as liberals. The fact is that no one political or ideological entity really holds the high moral ground on anything.

This is true. Except that Conservatives are generally far more vicoius than liberals. Rush used to call Bill Clinton’s 12 year old daughter a dog. Rush has elevated being vicious into a billion dollar business.

The issue of character has come to the forefront especially since the Clinton era. (Got to kick Clinton one more time.) The 1990s certainly had its share of scandals, but what stood out to me was the meteoric rise of character assassinations and assassins. Politics certainly is a blood sport, but the politics of personal destruction has become the sport of choice for liberals today. Demean the accusation by demeaning the accuser by any means necessary. Forget the nature of the evidence; focus on the seriousness of the charge. (Clarence Thomas can tell you about that one)

Yes – politics is a blood sport – and Rush is one of the pioneers that made it that way. Rush made hundreds of millions of dollors by leading Conservatives in moral masturbation sessions where conservatives got a macabre thrill from reveling in the suffering of others. But then – when it’s one of your own – out comes the compassion.

I think it’s a shame that good people are being kept out of the political arena because they don’t want to undergo intrusive life exams by unscrupulous political operatives and their allies in the mainstream media. Now more than ever, good people need to step up on all levels and run for office because our nation has an entrenched political class who’ve become intoxicated with money, power, position, and a blind loyalty to agendas that are slowly turning our great nation into a quasi-socialist nightmare that would make the Founding Fathers pop a blood vessel.

When good people come forward it’s people like Rush Limbaugh who put them through the ringer.

Nobody I know is 100 percent perfect. By historical accounts, the only person I know of who lived a perfect life died on a cross. (Play the Jesus card) If our culture insists on going down the road of comparative morality as criteria for credibility on issues, then we might as well put the proverbial gun to our head and pull the trigger. Because when it comes to the issue of character, every single human being at one time or another, has horribly flunked the perfection test.

Jesus is a mythical figure who never existed. And conservatives hardly can claim they believe in the Bible because if they did – they wouldn’t be involved in moral masturbation with Rush.

I do pray that Rush beats his addiction. I believe there is good that can come out of this situation and I pray that Rush sees that and uses it. As for those who sit in their seats of power awaiting Limbaugh’s demise, I’d take some time and take a look at your own lives and see what flaws you might have before you break out your poison pens (or poison tongues).

Oh this makes me want to cry! Swear to Koresh it does. I pray for Rush too. I hope he recovers not only from is addiction but also repents from his life of hate and distruction. I hope he sees the light and come out regretting his sins against the human race the way Lee Atwater did when he was close to dying of Cancer. When he apologized for what he did to Micheal Dukakis and his family.

As holy scripture tell us, (The Bible card)“Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” So, who wants to throw the first rock?

I’m without sin – so I’ll cast the first stone. haha – as if this is the first stone! Tell it to the conservative talk show hosts who are filling in for Rush. So – is Rush down for the count? Depends on how you look at it. The way I see it – he’s going to at least have to stop bashing drug addicts. Rush’s life is now changed. We will see if he learns anything from it.

I would ask the conservatives this question. If the liberals show compassion and forgiveness for Rush – will they start showing compassion and forgiveness for Bill Clinton? Or is this just a one way thing? I remember how Christians (yes – true Christians) were frothing at the mouth at the posibility of Bill and Hillary getting divorced and how disapointed they were when they stuck it out.

So Mr. Jerry Brooks – thanks for the load of bullshit. I’m looking forward to seeing Conservatives give up hate radio and become forgiving and compassionate to the downtrodden as you suggest. Anyone want to place any bets that will happen?

This article by Jerry Brooks is a classic right wing rant because it has all the elements of a right wing story:

  • Claims the media is liberal.
  • It attacks Liberals as ravenous wolves.
  • Make a dig at Clinton and the 90s.
  • Plays the Jesus card.
  • Plays the Bible card.
  • Plays the Pray card.
  • Plays the Guilt card.
  • Asserts that Conservatives are morally superior to Liberals.
  • Based on hypocracy – the idea of compassion for someone who makes a living from hate.
  • Contains a lot of moral masturbation.
  • Accuses Liberals of behavior normal for right ringers.
  • Highly distorts the facts.
  • Uses the pretense of false sympathy to launch an attack.
  • Is based on “us vs. them” mentality.
  • Main message inflames “liberal left” bigotry.

This is what makes him such a great right wing journalist. Look how make elements he covered in so few words.!

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Oh First One, I feel compelled to point out your slight errors in this most magnificent post:

– in your first response paragraph (in red), ISD should be IS;

– in your second response paragraph (in red), HAT should be THAT;

– in your fourth response paragraph (in red), MACOB should be MACABRE;

– in your second last response paragraph (in red), ADDICT should be ADDICTS.

Since this is going to be one of the top five posts of the week over at The Funny Farm, I would ask that you fix these slight imperfections before you get flooded with visitors once they see me promoting it (cough).

Just trying to help reality approach perfection in my own small way…

Written By (: Tom :) on October 23rd, 2003 @ 8:42 am

I would be shocked if thay came back any other way. Thay consitantly do the same thing. Lie thier asses off and accuse the other side of doing exactly what thay do at every oportunity.Maybe Thay will put money on his prison account so he can buy lots of cigerets to keep the “hot sweaty man love” at bay!

Written By Brian on November 4th, 2003 @ 5:11 pm

I would be shocked if thay came back any other way. Thay consitantly do the same thing. Lie thier asses off and accuse the other side of doing exactly what thay do at every oportunity.Maybe Thay will put money on his prison account so he can buy lots of cigerets to keep the “hot sweaty man love” at bay!

Written By Brian on November 4th, 2003 @ 5:11 pm

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