Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

This post was written by marc on October 24, 2003
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That’s the question that really needs to be asked. What’s the answer? Well – here’s a couple charts that seem to shed some light on the subject.



This doesn’t take into account the fact that we are no longer a free country. For those who think that who the president is doesn’t matter – isn’t this an amazing coincidence that all the good news is under the Clinton administration and the bad news is under Bush.

Right wing Republican apologists will say that Clinton’s success was a time delayed effect of the Reagan/Bush administration and that W’s failure is a time delay from Clinton’s failure. But – we have a Republican president and a Republican controlled congress and there’s no oine to blame but the Republicans.

And – there’s the 9-11 excuse. Well – they only knocked down 2 buildings and if America is such a wuss nation that it can be brought to it’s knees over 2 buildings – well – sounds like poor leadership to me.

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