It’s what I don’t hear in the news that’s scary

This post was written by marc on October 26, 2003
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Letter to the Editor

I am somewhat puzzled not by what I hear in the news – but by what I no longer hear in the news. Are we no longer going after Bin Laden? Are we no longer going after Saddam Husein? Are we no longer trying to find the anthrax killer? Are we no longer pursuing the 9-11 money trail to find those who financed the hijackers?

I don’t understand why the government and the media are no longer talking about these unsolved mysteries of great national importance. It make me wonder – did we give up? Are we beaten? Or – have deals been made. The silence on these issues is scarier than the issues themselves.


My take on it – deals have been made. We already know from this article in the Times of India that Bush made a deal with Pakistan not to go after Bin Laden. So – we start 2 wars and the guy who is actually behind 9-11 gets to go free. Bin Laden is free – are you?

Then there’s Saddam. We were pursuing him – hot on the trail. Closing in on him – and then – silence. What the hell happened? I don’t remember Saddam being captured or killed – so – what is the status of the chase?

Then there’s the anthrax killer – who I believe was the government itself. Some covert CIA operation to keep Congress and the public scared long enough to pass the Patriot Act. And the thing that makes me believe that the most is that we are no longer going after whoever did it.

And then – 9-11. Usually after a national tragety where lots of people are killed it is investigated ad nauseam. They want to know every detail to ensure that it never happens again. But in 9-11 – the Bush administration is actively blocking the investigation. Why would they block it rather than want to get to the bottom of it? We haven’t hear anything about who’s behind 9-11 since Bush redacted 28 pages of the report that exposed or “allies” in Saudi Arabia as the ones whoi funded it.

What’s even scarier is that the press is totally under Bush’s control because they are the ones who are actually doing the “not talking”. When Clinton got a haircut on a runway in LA – they talked about it for 2 months. The only thing that filally shut them up about it was when they found out their story never happened. But Bush lets Saddam and Bin Laden go – and the press goes along with it. What does that tell you?

We are a country in denial and if we don’t come out of denial our future will follow that of Hitler’s Germany – the kind of nightmare that George Bush’s grandfather Prescot Bush Financed. A story that is finally surfacing only 60 years later.

Bin Laden still free – Day 775 since 9-11.

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