Media Coverage of War protests – October 25th

This post was written by marc on October 26, 2003
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As I stated earlier – the Bush controlled media deliberately avoids coverage of anti-war protests. And when they do – they always lie about the numbers. There’s actually a formula you can apply to determine the real numbers at an anti-war protest. Generally the event sponsors (International ANSWER) overcount and the media undercount.

Having been to about 10 of these you’ll find that the media reduce the count to 10 to 20 percent of the real numbers. So if they say “hundreds” of people – then there were “thousands” of people. If they say 2000 people protested it’s usually 15,000 to 20,000.

The organizers fudge the numbers a little to in my opinion – but not by much. They reported 20,000 in San Francisco – I put the number around 15,000. But – they may be right and I may be wrong.

In the news – CBS lies about the numbers of protesters.

To chants of “Impeach Bush,” thousands of anti-war protesters (100,000 is the real number – CBS should have said “tens of thousands”) rallied in the nation’s capital Saturday and delivered a scathing critique of President Bush and his Iraq policy.

Hundreds of people (20,000 is the real number I WAS THERE! – CBS should have at least said “thousands”) marched in San Francisco in a demonstration that mirrored the larger one in Washington.


CBS furthers the lie with this statement:

Organizers expected more than 30,000 would turn out for the protest, but the crowd – which filled the area between the monument and the Ellipse near the White House – appeared much smaller.

Because the U.S. Park Police no longer issues crowd estimates, the size of the crowd could not be verified.


So – it raises the question – why does CBS lie about the turnout size? Why is it important to CBS to reduce the size of the crowd by a factor of 10?

Associated Press in their coverage by By Jennifer C. Kerr like CBS claim “Hundreds of anti-war protesters also took to sun-drenched streets in San Francisco.” Deliberately reducing the number of protestors. AP goes on to claim, “Organizers estimated that 100,000 people turned out for the demonstration, but police at the scene put the number much lower, from 10,000 to 20,000. Police no longer issue official crowd estimates, so the size of the protest could not be verified.”

At least they reported the organizers totals, but they published the police totals even though they say that they don’t issue crowd estimates.

MSNBC in their story didn’t mention numbers of protestors but said, “Before the rally, about 200 protesters played songs, listened to drummers and rallied for peace in a park about 20 blocks north of the White House.” leaving the reader wth the inpression that there were only 200 protestors.

Reuters had no story.

ABC news has a mere Three Paragraphs not mentioning any city other than Washington and just stating “thousands”.

CNN comes closer in their story. They fail to number the turnout in Washington, but at least that state that San Francisco had “biggest protest there since April, when more than 10,000 people filled the streets”. More than 10,000 is in stark contrast to CBS News claim of “hundreds”.

Several news articles included this phrasing, “Organizers expected more than 30,000 would turn out for the protest, but the crowd — which filled the area between the monument and the Ellipse near the White House — appeared much smaller.” Looks like they are all drinking the same KoolAid.

The real question raised here isn’t about what did or didn’t happen at the protest. It’s about why the mainstream media is concealing this information from the public. It’s about censoring the news so that the public won’t find out what’s really going on. And the real question is – why are they doing it? What are the forces that keep the media in the pocket of the Bush Family Evil Empire? (BFEE)

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