Recovery? What Recovery?

This post was written by marc on November 14, 2003
Posted Under: Politics

Letter to the Editor

We are hearing in the news that we are in an economic recovery and that we have strong economic growth. Is this true? I really doubt it. I think that the Bush controlled media is trying to pull yet another illusion and create a recovery where there is none.

First – the Christmas season is not a recovery. Stores hire more people temporarilly for Christmas.

Second – the spending of another 87 billion dollars on Iraq is not a recovery. That borrowed money that is being wasted. Spending money on Iraq is the economic equivelent of buying Crack Cocaine with a Credit Card. It does not add to the economy.

What is the real test for recovery? We have nearly a 1/2 trillion dollar deficit and the deficit has almost doubled since last year. The economy has lot 3 million jobs since Bush took office. Get past that and we’ll talk about economic recovery.

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