Terminator 4 – Inauguration Day

Just released for television – Terminator 4 – Inauguration Day begins tomorrow. The series is a made for television movie that will be shown in clips on the local news. The plot – the future is altered by a political coup at the begining of the 21st century. An actor siezed control of the California […]

Bin Laden Still Free

It’s been 796 days since 9-11. Bin Laden is still free – are you?

Advanced Spam Filtering using Spamassassin and Exim

I have the most advanced spam filtering system on the planet. I feel like I’ve actually beaten the spam problem. More details can be found on Computer Tyme Hosting. How do I do it? What is the magig? Well – there is no magic. I’m using a combination of the Exim MTA and Spamassassing with […]