My First Audio Blog

I’m trying something new. An audio blog. I don’t know how many people are doing this – or – if they are doing it the way I’m doing it. But I can speak a lot faster than I can type – and – it only used a little over 1/2 meg for 4 1/2 minutes […]

New Year’s Resolution – Get Rid of Bush!

Letter to the Editor I’m making it a new years resolution to be more patriotic this year by doing whatever I have to do to get Bush out of the Whitehouse and restore freedom and democracy to America. It’s been almost 4 long years since Bush stole the election. Since then we went from the […]

The Butterfly Effect

I’ve been thinking about this for years and finally got around to writing it. It’s a detailed explanation of “The Butterfly Effect“. Sensitive Dependence on Initial Condition. Once you read this your perception of reality will change forever.

Saddam’s Capture Faked!

Letter to the Editor As with so many other events in the Bush administration – it turns out that the capture of Saddam Hussein was in fact faked. Yes – Saddam is in custody – but it was the Kurds who had captured him – drugged him – and stuck him in the hole waiting […]

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Are you better off than you were four years ago? That’s one of the questions I hope the media will ask. I certianly am asking it and I want to ask everyone else to ask it. We’ve gone from peace and prosperity to war and poverty and – is that Bush’s fault? Damn right it […]

Will they prosecute Saddam’s Partners?

This is a real picture of our current Secretary of Defense, Donnald (Rummy) Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. The picture was taken during the Reagan Administration after Saddam supposedly gassed the Kurds. Back then we didn’t care about that because Saddam was on “our side” and – after all – we gave him the […]

Getting Saddam to Talk

Bush wants Saddam to talk – but about what is the question. He also wants Saddam to get the death penelty. But still hasn’t found any weapons of mass destruction. So – they make Saddam a deal. He admits to weapons of mass destruction and Bush plants some there and they find them and Bush […]

Saddam Captured – One Down – Two to Go

With the capture of Saddam Hussein a tyrant has finally been brought down. But there are still two tyrants left that we need to rid the world of – Osama bin Laden – and the most menacing tyrant of them all – George W. Bush. It’s been 824 days since 9-11. Bin Laden is still […]

Perkel Endorses Dean

OK – so I’m going to go ahead and make my endorsement. I have come to the conclusion that Dean was the winner months ago – but it’s time I said it. If it were close between the candidates then I would say – let the best man win. But – it’s not close – […]

Gore’s Endorsement of Dean Wrong

I’m a Dean supporter, and I think Dean will be the nominee and will be a good president. But I think Gore endorsing Dean was wrong. Especially after the last election you would think that no matter what the preferences are that it is important for the people to make the choice rather than power […]

Iraq Reconstruction Policy

Letter to the Editor I continue to watch in amazement while the Bush Administration takes the public position that the Iraq reconstruction contracts will go only to those countries who supported the Iraq War, and not to Germany, France, Russia, and Canada who opposed it. And this is at the same time America is asking […]

VP Cheney Enjoys Slaughtering Birds for Fun

According to This Article on MSNBC our selected VP likes to slaughter birds for fun. THE INCREASINGLY low-profile V.P. was taken to Pittsburgh by Air Force Two earlier this week where his ┬ôsecurity detail loaded him and his favorite shotgun into a Humvee,┬ö and went to Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier Township, according to the […]

My AT&T Complaint to the Attorney General

To the Attorney General of California I have a problem with AT&T wireless cell phones in the San Francisco area. I am an electronic and computer professional and communications specialist and I know what I’m talking about here. I own 2 AT&T cell phones and they both have the same problems. The audio is very […]

AT&T Cell Phone Service in San Fran Sucks

I used to really like AT&T but in the last several months their service has really gone to hell. The audio is very choppy even with good signal strength and the calls drop all the time. Knowing what I know about electronics the type of distortion souns like digital packet loss – in short – […]

Election Day in San Francisco

Today is election day in San Francisco. I’m endorsing Matt Gonzalez for mayor and Terence Hallinan for Prosecuting Attorney. In San Francisco the right wing is the Democrats and the left wing is the Green Party. This is a city where nepotism and insider control has gone wild and the Democratic establishment is stealing billions […]

George W. Bush = Miserable Failure says Google

If you go to Google and type in “misreable failure” it lists Bush’s Biography as the first hit. And it’s not something Google indented to do deliberately. Bush actually is a miserable failure. And that’s being generous. I would compare him more to the man his grandfather financed to lead Germany in the 1930s.

Bush supports NASA?

Letter to the Editor News reports claim the Bush is going to announce a plan to support NASA – maybe even go to Mars. That’s really funny! If anyone actually believes this – I have some real estate on the Moon I’d like to sell you! It’s been 817 days since 9-11. Bin Laden is […]

The Sacred Joke of the church of Reality

There are 10 kinds of people in the world – those who understand binary numbers – and those who don’t. (If you don’t get it – do the research!)

The Principle of Curiosity, Exploration, and Imagination

New Sacred Principle of the Church of Reality The Principle of Curiosity, Exploration, and Imagination is the quest for true knowledge. It represents our desire to move forward both individually and collectively. We are a curious church and we want to know how everything works. We want to explore the universe from galaxies to subatomic […]

Apache 2.0 a lot faster than Apache 1.3

I just upgraded my web server last week to the new Redhat Fedora Linux from Redhat 7.3. It was a very interesting upgrade. I had at first devised a way to do the upgrade without shutting the server down and it almost worked. If not for Python and PHP getting screwed up it would have […]