Apache 2.0 a lot faster than Apache 1.3

This post was written by marc on December 1, 2003
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I just upgraded my web server last week to the new Redhat Fedora Linux from Redhat 7.3. It was a very interesting upgrade. I had at first devised a way to do the upgrade without shutting the server down and it almost worked. If not for Python and PHP getting screwed up it would have been amazing.

I download an upgrade package called Yum and managed to change operating systems without rebooting and without shuttiing the server down. And all this from remote! Try that with Windows!

But because these two applications failed to work I ended up wiping the drive and reinstalling from scratch. Fortunately I keep two drives in the server so I have the ability to undo what I screw up.

The server is far faster than it used to be. I’m hosting about 75 sites and the load was climbing up there during some parts of the day. Now it’s running about 1/10 the load levels it used to. I give the credit to Apache 2.0.

Apache 2.0 is great once you get it working – but – getting it working isn’t real easy. There are a lot of differences – especially with the directive and it’s enough to drive you nuts. Basically you have to specify the IP address and the Port on each entry. But – it was worth it.

I’m also looking forward to installing the 2.6 kernel. I had it running for a while – but it breaks a couple of apps so I’m going to wait a while on that one.

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Im setting up a new web/emial/dns server and my apache is very sloooooow. in top the systems resources arent even being touched so Id like to know what the best overall options are (and settings) for apache 2.0 that you are using


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