AT&T Cell Phone Service in San Fran Sucks

I used to really like AT&T but in the last several months their service has really gone to hell. The audio is very choppy even with good signal strength and the calls drop all the time. Knowing what I know about electronics the type of distortion souns like digital packet loss – in short – […]

Election Day in San Francisco

Today is election day in San Francisco. I’m endorsing Matt Gonzalez for mayor and Terence Hallinan for Prosecuting Attorney. In San Francisco the right wing is the Democrats and the left wing is the Green Party. This is a city where nepotism and insider control has gone wild and the Democratic establishment is stealing billions […]

George W. Bush = Miserable Failure says Google

If you go to Google and type in “misreable failure” it lists Bush’s Biography as the first hit. And it’s not something Google indented to do deliberately. Bush actually is a miserable failure. And that’s being generous. I would compare him more to the man his grandfather financed to lead Germany in the 1930s.