Election Day in San Francisco

This post was written by marc on December 9, 2003
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Today is election day in San Francisco. I’m endorsing Matt Gonzalez for mayor and Terence Hallinan for Prosecuting Attorney.

In San Francisco the right wing is the Democrats and the left wing is the Green Party. This is a city where nepotism and insider control has gone wild and the Democratic establishment is stealing billions of dollars of taxpayer money to line their cronies pockets. I’m not normally a Green supporter – especially after Nader – but I think it’s time to stick it to the man and get someone new elected. I mean after all – when you have a dense population of the richest people in the world and there still isn’t enough money to pave the streets – it’s time for change.

Terence Hallinan on the other hand is probably the most progressive prosecutor in the country. I first saw him in person after Bush’s Nazi’s raided a legal medical marijuana outlet. Terence stood up and spoke at the protests and denounced the federal government. Violent crime in San Francisco has dropped faster than any other California city and it’s because in part that he’s doing a good job. And – he’s the only one standing up to the crooked police chief who is uninterested in enforcing police conduct when cops go out on the street and beat up random people just for their amusement.

The Democrats are so desparate to control San Francisco that they even brought out Al Gore and the Clinton to endorse Gavin Newsom for mayor. And I usually vote with Clinton – but Newsom is part of the machine and the machine is broken here. And – I’m not loyal to the Democratic Party. I vote based on who is best for The People and the political hacks better get used to it.

In this case the persons who is best for the People of San Francisco is Matt Gonzalez and Terence Hallinan. And I urge everyone in San Francisco to go out and vote for these two fine people.

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