Gore’s Endorsement of Dean Wrong

This post was written by marc on December 12, 2003
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I’m a Dean supporter, and I think Dean will be the nominee and will be a good president. But I think Gore endorsing Dean was wrong.

Especially after the last election you would think that no matter what the preferences are that it is important for the people to make the choice rather than power handed from one political insider to another. At this stage of the game it’s important for a candidate to crawl ahead on his own and not be blessed by the machine.

Gore is an extremely short sighted man who just doesn’t get it. Gore has yet to figure out that the election was stolen from him and he still thinks it’s Clinton’s fault he isn’t president. I think Gore endorsed Dean for his own personal selfish reasons and wants to be called a kingmaker and use it for his own influence in the future. Maybe to get to be a vice president again. Who knows.

In contrast – the Clinton, who I’m sure have a preference, are staying out of the process and letting the people decide. If Clinton were to endorse Dean it would be all over. If Clinton were to endorse Clark it would be a real race. But Clinton isn’t as short sighted as Gore and he is someone who sees the big picture.

Al Gore really has no serious political clout of his own. Before 1992 he was little more than an obscure senator who, like Bush, was groomed for politics by his father. Gore ran for president in 1988 and was in deal last place when he dropped out of the race. Gore wasn’t anyone until Clinton picked him and Gore’s political power came from Clinton.

In the 2000 presidential race Clinton handed Gore the ball and he fumbled it. During the campaign Gore was more insulting to Clinton than Bush was and became his own man. Gore could have easilly won if he just said, “I’m Bill Clinton without Monica”, but he didn’t. He distanced himself from Clinton and he failed to win. (Yes – technically he won – but he failed to fight for it and still shouts down critics like me who cliam the election was stolen).

But – getting back to my point – Gore no longer has much political power. His has blown the power Clinton gave him and now looks like a clueless fool. Gore endorsing Dean is barely a boost if that. If Gore had endorsed anyone else Dean would still be in the lead. But I’m sure Gore will take credit for it just like Gore takes credit for all kinds of things he had little to do with.

So – I think Gore should get together with Bob Dole and do some Viagra comercials together or something. He had his shot and he blew it. So it’s time to get off the stage.

On a side note – Lieberman is rather amusing. If Gore had endorsed Lieberman – do you think he would be honest enough to denounce Gore the way he is – or would he be singing a different tune? I’m surprized he isn’t calling Gore an anti-semite!

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