Saddam’s Capture Faked!

This post was written by marc on December 21, 2003
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Letter to the Editor

As with so many other events in the Bush administration – it turns out that the capture of Saddam Hussein was in fact faked. Yes – Saddam is in custody – but it was the Kurds who had captured him – drugged him – and stuck him in the hole waiting for the Americans to show up in a made for television event. The revelation of this phony story as revealed by a Yahoo news story caused the Bush administration to raise the political threat level to Orange.

This phony capture is just the latest in a string of phony events to justify Bush’s phony war – the hunt for phony weapons of mass destruction – and going all that way back to Bush’s phony 2000 election. If you believe any of these phony stories then I have a story about a phony economic recovery for you to listen to.

Reader Comments

I’m not even convinced that the man Dumbya claims to have “captured” is the real Saddam Hussein. Note the very prominent mole on the side of the eyebrow. Previous pictures showed no such feature. (Is this a case of “all ragheads look alike to Americans”?) Note also the very suspicious timing, and the fact that he is obviously drugged to the gills. Is this person now going to “admit” to WMDs after Rummy and his buddies at Halliburton have a chance to plant them?

And I don’t care if they had captured Darth Vader himself, if I hear “we’re at high terrorist alert, so you should all go holiday shopping” one more time, I will shoot my TV, even if it’s during Smallville.

Written By The Die Hard on December 23rd, 2003 @ 9:43 am

“…even when each and every one has systematically been proven a lie. He just moves on to the next one, and the sheep follow along.”

Uh, Kotsu, the Kurd story isn’t true and the turkey wasn’t plastic. You are the sheep. BAAAAHaHaaa

Written By Bopeep on January 4th, 2004 @ 5:18 am

Lessee….didn’t Mondale get “his ass kicked” by the most corrupt (until now) president in history? The one that had to resign in disgrace to avoid going to prison?

Written By kotsu on January 6th, 2004 @ 2:52 am

You guys are a bunch of pot heads and have too much time for making up stories…..winer liberals

Written By cb on August 24th, 2004 @ 10:55 am

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