My Suggestion to Bart

Letter I wrote to the Bay Area Reagonal Transit I noticed you cut the parking price to $1. Why not just have free parking? It would eliminate the hassles of your bizzare parking payment system and eliminate enforcement costs. The benifit in increased ridership and public relations would more than offset the revenue. If you […]

Govinator Breaks Campaign Finance Laws

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger broke state law last year when he used a loophole to loan his campaign committee $4 million, a move that prevented voters from knowing before Election Day who would end up paying the governor’s campaign bills, a judge ruled late Monday. Schwarzenegger will probably face no fines as a result of the […]

Surplus to Deficits

Letter to the Editor Just 3 years ago the Congressional Budget Office was projecting 10 years of surpluses. Under Clinton we dreamed about paying off the national debt by the end of the decade. Now they are projecting 10 years of deficits with this year’s deficity setting another record – one half trillion dollars on […]

Blair’s Wife says – Bush Stole the Election

From this article in the Times of India. Bush ‘stole’ the presidential election: Cherie PTI[ SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 2004 08:20:21 PM ] LONDON : In a forthright view that is likely to embarrass her husband, Cherie Blair, wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair, is reported to have observed that George W Bush “stole” the US […]

bin Laden Captured?

I keep seeing reports on the web that bin Laden might be captured and is being held in secret for the election season. I do a google search on “bin laden captured” and I get several hits about this on foreign web sites. Wonder what the scoop is on this?

Press Hates Dean

Letter to the Editor I’m supporting Howard Dean because the Bush controlled news media has singled him out for bad press coverage. This convinces me that Dean is the man that Bush and the right wing press are most afraid of. And with good reason to. Although any of the Democrats are better than Bush […]

Novell should GPL Unix

I think Novell – who claims to have a copyright on Unix – should set Unix free and GPL it’s copyright. Novell is currently perceived as the “good guys” in the battle aghainst SCO’s copyright claims against Linux. They now own SUSE and they appear to have a focus on Linux in their future. But […]

Greg Palast reviews Bush’s Speech

NO CHILD’S BEHIND LEFT The State of the Union’s New Educational Eugenics by Greg Palast Go ahead, George, and lie to me. Lie to my dog. Lie to my sister. But don’t you ever lie to my kids. Deep into your State of the Siege lecture tonight, long after sensible adults had turned off the […]

Bush Serves Troops Fake Turkey

Bush Serves Plastic Turkey to Troops in Fake War As if this would surprize anyone – the turkey Bush served the troops for Thanksgiving is FAKE! Everything about Bush is fake. What you’re looking at is Bush serving the troops a PLASTIC turkey. But – its consistent. A fake turkey for a fake war served […]

America is not safer!

Letter to the Editor Its interesting to listen to Bush claim that we are fighting a war on terror when he fails to mention Osama bin Laden. Today is 861 days since 9-11 and it would appear that he got away with it. He is free and America is not free. We no longer seem […]

Bush Says – Whoopie! we’re all going to Mars!

Letter to NASA Dear NASA, As a government agency controlled by the Bush Administration I understand that you are obligated to put the Bush Ad up on your web site. However – the reality is – we are not going to Mars. Bush has absolutely no intension of going there. This is nothing more than […]

Free Speech Zones – or Speech Free Zones?

Letter to the Editor Any time Bush goes out in public the police remove all the protesters to “Free Speech Zones” – which are in a location where they can not be heard. These are not really “Free Speech Zones” but rather they create “Speech Free Zones” around Bush where free speech is prohibited. I […]

California Taxes are Going Up

The govenator of California is proposing the we vote for a borrow and spend packages as an alternative to raising taxes. What Republican’s don’t get that goverment borrowing is a tax. Every dollar borrowed has to be paid back with interest. California has a lot of fat in the goverment. I think it’s time to […]

Choosing a Democratic Presidential Candidate

Letter to the Editor Democrats are faced with the challenge of picking a candidate to overthrow the Bush regime. How do we choose? To me it’s somewhat of a process of elimination and the candidates past voting record is as strong of a test as you can get. I have a real problem with Gephardt, […]

Bush orders settlement to conservative GOP website by City of Fresno

Settlement funnels money to local conservative website on orders of president George Bush. Rightwing website “FreeRepublic” to recieve large settlement from City of Fresno. This is urgent-read and call the attorney general’s office as soon as you can. We must stop this criminal give-away to GOP activists at taxpayer expense. The City of Fresno has […]

Bush and Blair behind Khadaffy’s WMD sham

From the Toronto Sun. You won’t see this in the American Press. By ERIC MARGOLIS — Contributing Foreign Editor MIAMI — Just before New Year, President George Bush and Britain’s PM Tony Blair staged what French call a “coup de theatre.” That’s Gallic for pulling a political rabbit from one’s hat. The rabbit in question […]

One Hell of a Site for 9-11 Info

This site has everything. Not just the 9-11 timeline but info about the fake Anthrax scare that was created to pass the Patriot Act. Advance warning on 9-11, Afgan oil pipelines, Bin Laden Saudi and Bush connections. A must read for any patriot who loves America and despises what Bush is doing to it.

Still Leaning Dean

But I do like what Clark is saying. Still wondering about a Dean/Clark ticket. Here’s some Clark said that I like. Yahoo Story Meeting on Thursday with the Monitor editorial board, Clark said: “I think the two greatest lies that have been told in the last three years are: You couldn’t have prevented 9-11 and […]

The War is a Lie – Audio Rant

Here’s my latest audio rant called The War is a Lie where I tell it like it is about the war in Iraq. It’s time to talk about Bush and Treason. It’s time to take the country back. It’s time to stop living the lie.

No Weapons – No Bin Laden Ties

Letter to the Editor Secretary of State Colin Powell finally admitted that there’s no link between Saddam Husein and al-Qaida. And Bush has quietly withdrawn a 400-member military team it sent to Baghdad to scour Iraq for evidence of weapons of mass destruction. It was all a lie. We went to war and sent our […]

Bush calls off search for weapons in Iraq

Had to go to the Irish Times to find this. You won’t see this in the Bush controlled American Press. US calls off search for weapons of mass destruction The Bush administration has quietly withdrawn a 400-member military team it sent to Baghdad to scour Iraq for evidence of unconventional weapons, write Conor O’Clery in […]

Exposing SpyzoneUSA – Consumer Fraud

One of my callings in life it to expose crooked companies. I have several web pages dedicated to compaines who have fucked me over and I believe in getting even – making sure the crooks don’t profit from their fraudulent conduct. The lastest rip off I encountered is a company calld Spy Zone USA at […]

9-11 Timeline in Detail

Here’s an interesting site that covers the 9-11 Timeline in Detail.

New Spam Discussion Forum

I’ve started a new spam discussion forum for people who are interesting in spam – or specifically – getting rid of spam. it’s a BBS style forum allowing you to participate in the discussion. To praticipate Click Here.

Video of man shooting at his lawyer

Remember that video a few months ago of a man shooting his lawyer? The lawyer was hiding behind a tree – or trying to., and this guy who was a former client was shooting him? Does anyone have a copy of that you could email me? Sure would like to post it. All I can […]

Mad Cow – Double Standard

It a double standard when it come to mad cow disease. When Canada had a single case of Mad Cow the US banned all beef from Canada. Now remember – this was ONE COW and they banned the cattle from the entire country of Canada. And that happened back in May of 2003. Now only […]