No Weapons – No Bin Laden Ties

This post was written by marc on January 8, 2004
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Letter to the Editor

Secretary of State Colin Powell finally admitted that there’s no link between Saddam Husein and al-Qaida. And Bush has quietly withdrawn a 400-member military team it sent to Baghdad to scour Iraq for evidence of weapons of mass destruction. It was all a lie. We went to war and sent our troops to die for nothing. Their lives continue to be wasted for absolutely no reason at all. Republicans complain about Democrats trying to compare Bush to Hitler. Well – the comparison is not entirely unfounded. This war is a fraud!

America is living a lie. The question that we really have to face is – is the American public really that blind. Are we really that clueless that we actually believe everything Bush says? Well – if you’re fool enough to believe we have a reason to be in Iraq then you’ll probably believe Bush’s next story that we’re sending a man to Mars!

Listen to this Audio Clip I made about how sorry the American Press is.
And Another One comparing Mars to Iraq.

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