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This post was written by marc on January 9, 2004
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But I do like what Clark is saying. Still wondering about a Dean/Clark ticket. Here’s some Clark said that I like.

Yahoo Story

Meeting on Thursday with the Monitor editorial board, Clark said: “I think the two greatest lies that have been told in the last three years are: You couldn’t have prevented 9-11 and there’s another one that’s bound to happen.”

Most terrorism experts contend the country has much to do to defend itself against a future attack. However, they say complete security cannot be achieved because of the vast number of potential targets and if civil liberties are to be maintained.

Clark told the Monitor American citizens should not be worried. “Nothing is going to hurt this country — not bioweapons, not a nuclear weapon, not a terrorist strike — there is nothing that can hurt us if we stay united and move together and have a vision for moving to the future the right way.”

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I like what Clark is saying as well.
The comment about another attack being a great lie struck me as odd – most Americans assume it is inevitable. Why would Clark not assume this?
The first great lie is that 911 could not have been prevented – this is due to either to indifference by bush on one end of the scale, or MIHOP on the other end. Wherever General Clark falls on this scale, the key to a safer America is removal of the bush administration. Now you wonder, what does General Clark believe/know about 911?

Written By marty on January 10th, 2004 @ 7:27 am

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