Bush orders settlement to conservative GOP website by City of Fresno

Settlement funnels money to local conservative website on orders of president George Bush. Rightwing website “FreeRepublic” to recieve large settlement from City of Fresno. This is urgent-read and call the attorney general’s office as soon as you can. We must stop this criminal give-away to GOP activists at taxpayer expense. The City of Fresno has […]

Bush and Blair behind Khadaffy’s WMD sham

From the Toronto Sun. You won’t see this in the American Press. By ERIC MARGOLIS — Contributing Foreign Editor MIAMI — Just before New Year, President George Bush and Britain’s PM Tony Blair staged what French call a “coup de theatre.” That’s Gallic for pulling a political rabbit from one’s hat. The rabbit in question […]

One Hell of a Site for 9-11 Info

This site http://www.complete911timeline.org has everything. Not just the 9-11 timeline but info about the fake Anthrax scare that was created to pass the Patriot Act. Advance warning on 9-11, Afgan oil pipelines, Bin Laden Saudi and Bush connections. A must read for any patriot who loves America and despises what Bush is doing to it.