bin Laden Captured?

I keep seeing reports on the web that bin Laden might be captured and is being held in secret for the election season. I do a google search on “bin laden captured” and I get several hits about this on foreign web sites. Wonder what the scoop is on this?

Press Hates Dean

Letter to the Editor I’m supporting Howard Dean because the Bush controlled news media has singled him out for bad press coverage. This convinces me that Dean is the man that Bush and the right wing press are most afraid of. And with good reason to. Although any of the Democrats are better than Bush […]

Novell should GPL Unix

I think Novell – who claims to have a copyright on Unix – should set Unix free and GPL it’s copyright. Novell is currently perceived as the “good guys” in the battle aghainst SCO’s copyright claims against Linux. They now own SUSE and they appear to have a focus on Linux in their future. But […]