Novell should GPL Unix

This post was written by marc on January 23, 2004
Posted Under: Technology

I think Novell – who claims to have a copyright on Unix – should set Unix free and GPL it’s copyright.

Novell is currently perceived as the “good guys” in the battle aghainst SCO’s copyright claims against Linux. They now own SUSE and they appear to have a focus on Linux in their future. But – it would be a big step forward if Novell were to declate it’s Unix copyrights public domain – specifically GPL – and set Unix free.

What concerns me is – what if Novell changes it’s mind or some other Unix vendor does? I say to Novell – and hope other say the same thing – set Unix free. The future is in Linux – the battle is won – and it’s time for Unix to die. Or rather retire = to join DOS and CP/M in the history of computer operating systems.

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