Thinking Outside the Box on Legal Issues

Nobody thinks like me when it comes to law. I used to practice pro-se gurella law. Take the gay marriage issue – people are wondering how to make the legal issue happen. But I know a way to put it to the test. If the conservatives want to get to the bottom of the issue […]

Network Solutions Sucks

You would think that a big company like Network Solutions would have their act together enough to be functional – but they aren’t. For those who don’t know – Network Solutions is a company where people go to register domain names. Their tech support is so bad and their system is so bad that I […]

What is this Election About?

What is this election about – or more importantly – who is going to decide what this election is about? Well – the answer to the second part of the question is – we are! We have to control the “What is this election about ?” question! Therefore – we need to do two things […]

Congressional Debate for Congress in San Mateo County

I’ve recorded the congressional primary debates for congress in San Mateo county California. I used my digital voice recorder with a $10 external microphone. Here are the 3 MP3 files. Green Party Debate Republican Party Debate Democratic Party Debate

What About Same Sex Divorce?

There is a lot of talk about same sex marriage – but know one is talking about same sex divorce. What’s going to happen when these people get tired of being married – then what. Do you just walk away and forget it? No – you’re married. The other side of getting the government to […]

Republicans Killing Social Security

Letter to the Editor Allan Greenspan has just confirmed what many people have already known for years – that the Republicans are out to destroy Social Security. We can’t touch the big tax breaks for the super rich – says Greenspan. So the next generation of Americans should be preparing to eat dog food when […]

Don’t Cut Social Security – Tax the Rich!

Letter to the Editor Greenspan says we need to cut Social Security so that rich republicans can keep their tax cuts. I remember 4 years ago when Clinton was president that Social Security was in good shape – we had a surplus – and everyone was making lots of money. I say – getting rid […]

I’m not voting for California’s Debt Package

Letter to the Editor I don’t care if Democrats and Republicans have come together – I’m not going to vote to add 15 billion dollars to the California debt. Its just plain wrong to borrow and spend. California has all the taxes. We have taxes that other states have never heard of. We have highly […]

Nader going after Bush? Yeah right!

Nader is talking big like his against the corporate takeover of America and that Bush was Supremely Selected – refering to Bush’s apointment by the Supreme Court. But – back in 2000 when the supreme selection occurred – did Nader protest then? No – not a word! Nader kept his mouth shut like a good […]

Nader Running to Elect Bush

Letter to the Editor Ralph Nader – who managed to split the anti-republican vote and get Bush selected as president is running again for the same reason. Nader gives Republicans a chance to donate twice in this year’s election. They can give once to Bush – and once to Nader to draw people away from […]

Google Adsense = Censorship – Bartcop Declined!

I was trying to help Bartcop make a little extra money on his site with Google AdSense. Google pays sites by the click to advertise their stuff and since Bartcop reaches hundreds of thousands of people – I figured it was a good match. Since Bartcop is technologically challenged – I applied to google for […]

Gay Marriage in San Francisco

As many of you know – I oppose Gay marriage. But I’m not strongly opposd to it. As I have written several times – it just plays with the definition of marriage to much and ignores the fact that humans reproduce heterosexually and that families and children are part of that. Of course – there’s […]

Taxes and Deficits are Same Thing

Letter to the Editor There really is no difference between deficit spending and tax increases. They are the same thing. A deficit is like a tax charged to your credit card that you have to pay later – with interest. So the idea that we are in some sort of an economic recovery when the […]

Gore – Kiss of Death for Dean

Letter to the Editor Was it a coincidence that Dean’s campaign took a turn for the worse after Al Gore endorsed him? Al Gore is not the king maker he thinks he is. Gore isn’t really a player in the Democratic party these days. Four years ago Gore failed to become president because he separated […]

More Fun with Google

Letter to the Editor A few months ago there was a story in the news – that if you searched for “miserable failure” on Google, you got Bush’s biography. I’ve been playing with Google to see what other words return what results and its quite a lot of fun. Micheal Moore’s site talking about Bush […]

Web Server for Sale

I just upgraded my web server and selling my old one. This computer was in perfect working order when I took it offline on 02-12-2003. Its 14 months old – homemade by me – and was serving 1.5 million hits a day (Running Linux) when it needed to be upgraded. Like selling an old friend. […]

Spam Free Email Hosting

I’m in the process of developing my Spam Free Email Hosting site. As many of you know – I have a small hosting company called Computer Tyme Hosting. I’ve developed on of the most advanced spam filters on the planet and I’m ready to start making a few bucks off of it.

My new web server is ONLINE!

My new web server is now online. The old server was just barely keeping up as I am now pulling 2 million hits a day. The new box is kick ass! Its a Dual Xeon system with 4 gigs of ram – and a pair of 250 gig Serial ATA Hard Drives – Western Digital […]

Serious Microsoft Security Flaw

Virus Warning for Windows Users – Very Serious Microsoft has yet another very serious security flaw that gives anyone with the right know how total access to your computer. I don’t know all the details – but it might be the biggest one yet. If you remember the SoBig and Code Red viruses last fall […]

A Bush Covert Operative Takes Over Al Sharpton’s Campaign

Sleeping With the GOP by Wayne Barrett with special reporting by Adam Hutton and Christine Lagorio February 5th, 2004 8:20 AM Roger Stone, the longtime Republican dirty-tricks operative who led the mob that shut down the Miami-Dade County recount and helped make George W. Bush president in 2000, is financing, staffing, and orchestrating the presidential […]

Bush to try again to overthrow Venezuela

Sources in Washington D.C. have revealed that Bush 2 administration officials are again seeking to “stimulate” a regime change in Venezuela after a USA-backed coup d’etat against democratically-elected President Hugo Chavez Frias failed when US puppet dictator Pedro Carmona Estanga moved to dissolve parliament, the judiciary and the constitution in one fell swoop. Our sources […]

One Nation Under God is a Religious Statement

I would like to make the arguments in the upcoming Supreme Court case of Unified School District v. Newdow but realistically I don’t have the time and money to afford to file a brief. If I were to file – here’s some of the arguments I would make. The Pledge is a law. It is […]