Nader Running to Elect Bush

Letter to the Editor Ralph Nader – who managed to split the anti-republican vote and get Bush selected as president is running again for the same reason. Nader gives Republicans a chance to donate twice in this year’s election. They can give once to Bush – and once to Nader to draw people away from […]

Google Adsense = Censorship – Bartcop Declined!

I was trying to help Bartcop make a little extra money on his site with Google AdSense. Google pays sites by the click to advertise their stuff and since Bartcop reaches hundreds of thousands of people – I figured it was a good match. Since Bartcop is technologically challenged – I applied to google for […]

Gay Marriage in San Francisco

As many of you know – I oppose Gay marriage. But I’m not strongly opposd to it. As I have written several times – it just plays with the definition of marriage to much and ignores the fact that humans reproduce heterosexually and that families and children are part of that. Of course – there’s […]

Taxes and Deficits are Same Thing

Letter to the Editor There really is no difference between deficit spending and tax increases. They are the same thing. A deficit is like a tax charged to your credit card that you have to pay later – with interest. So the idea that we are in some sort of an economic recovery when the […]

Gore – Kiss of Death for Dean

Letter to the Editor Was it a coincidence that Dean’s campaign took a turn for the worse after Al Gore endorsed him? Al Gore is not the king maker he thinks he is. Gore isn’t really a player in the Democratic party these days. Four years ago Gore failed to become president because he separated […]