Gay Marriage in San Francisco

This post was written by marc on February 21, 2004
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As many of you know – I oppose Gay marriage. But I’m not strongly opposd to it. As I have written several times – it just plays with the definition of marriage to much and ignores the fact that humans reproduce heterosexually and that families and children are part of that. Of course – there’s a million flaws with that argument because I’m in a non-reproducing heterosexual relationship myself, but not married. And – if it were up to me – I would reduce – not expand – the definition of marriage – making it available to families with children – and a one year waiting period.

Having said that – I have to say that I like the defiance that San Francisco is doing. San Francisco is a gay driven town and in this culture this is important to them. I can’t help but to want to cheer them on. So – for those who disagree with me on my position – have fun at the weddings. And I hope you don’t end up in same sex divorce. Bet careful what you ask for – you might get it.

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From the gay couples I know, one of the most important things about marriage for them is the easier legal mobility. Example: when a gay person is dieing in the hospital, his/her partner is not allowed to see him/her (respectively). Also it gets even more complicated. You talk about producing children as a marker for defining marriage. Well RAISING children is the important thing. And gay couples want to raise children too! (adoption)

Yep, its complicated.

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