Nader going after Bush? Yeah right!

This post was written by marc on February 23, 2004
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Nader is talking big like his against the corporate takeover of America and that Bush was Supremely Selected – refering to Bush’s apointment by the Supreme Court. But – back in 2000 when the supreme selection occurred – did Nader protest then? No – not a word! Nader kept his mouth shut like a good little Republican stooge and just let it happen.

In the last weeks of the 2000 election Nader took a lot of donations from Republican sources and targeted states where the election was close between Gore and Bush. None of these states were states where he was close – but he targeted states in a way to draw away support from Gore so as to allow Bush to win. So Nader deliberately put Bush in power – and not he pretends to complain that about the result.

Ralph – you used to be one of the good guys – but you sold your soul to the devil and you are now the enemy. You running has the opposite effect of what you say your goals are – and you are hoping the public is to stupid to figure it out. You are not against the corporate takeover of America – you are part of the corporate takeover of America. Those corporations who you decry will be out the – gathering signatures – to get you on the ballot in all 50 states.

You had a legacy Ralph – and you destroyed it. You sold out – you are now one of the lying leaches who sucks the blood of society for minor personal gain. I am looking forward to seeing where your funding is coming from and exposing you for the fraud you are.

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Calling Ralph a republican stooge demonstrates what a myopically disturbed individual you are.

Rest assured that in 2000, the states Ralph targeted for advertising was based on where he could affect his agende, not where he could help Bush.

Ralph is right when he says there is little difference between Kerry and Bush, and deep down you know this, but your “Anti Bush” drive is all that counts for you right now.

I too hope Kerry beats Bush, but unlike you, I will not see it as a significant step forward. A far more significant step would be for the democratic party to take several steps to the left and offer the american people a real choice.

If Ralph’s presence causes the “right wing Democratic” candidate to look weak, that’s a good thing.

Written By yourkidding on February 23rd, 2004 @ 11:06 pm

Well, I don’t think that Nader was working for the Republicans. Seems to me, he was just trying to make a big statement about the reality of political choice in the US today. What he’s calling the “two-party duopoly” that limits the “choices and voices” of the American people. He went on and on about getting third party candidates into the debates in the Democracy Now interview.

Speaking of stooges, there was a Village Voice article earlier this month that diagrammed the relationship between Rev. Al Sharpton’s campaign and the “Republican dirty-tricks operative” Roger Stone. So I wouldn’t doubt the Repubs sending money Ralph’s way, and I wouldn’t fault him for taking it if they’re stupid enough to give it. No doubt any voters he gets this year will be hardcore and would swallow their keys before voting for Kerry, so he’s not going to interfere with Bush’s fall from his little stool.

Written By curt on February 23rd, 2004 @ 11:28 pm

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