I’m not voting for California’s Debt Package

This post was written by marc on February 24, 2004
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor,Politics

Letter to the Editor

I don’t care if Democrats and Republicans have come together – I’m not going to vote to add 15 billion dollars to the California debt. Its just plain wrong to borrow and spend.

California has all the taxes. We have taxes that other states have never heard of. We have highly paid wage earners here and the state takes in an unreal amount of taxes. So – I say – you have enough money – deal with it.

California has a spending problem and we aren’t going to solve it by giving them more money to spend. We need to fix the problem and its going to take a crisis to make that happen. And its not going to get done if we put it off with borrowed money. Its time we face fiscal responsibility and cut up the credit card and start fixing the problem.

If Mr. Schwarzenegger wants to advocate something that would actually turn the California economy around – he should advocate that we need a new president. That’s a real solution what will actually work. I’m not willing to vote to go into debt for politics.

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