Network Solutions Sucks

This post was written by marc on February 29, 2004
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You would think that a big company like Network Solutions would have their act together enough to be functional – but they aren’t. For those who don’t know – Network Solutions is a company where people go to register domain names. Their tech support is so bad and their system is so bad that I actually REQUIRE my customers to move their domain from Network Solutions to ANYONE ELSE before I will host them.

Six months ago I was working for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and used one of their servers for secondary dns. When I left there I changed my secondary to a different computer – yet for some reason they are still returning EFFs IP address for one of my secondary name servers. And – they shouldn’t be resolving this from their own database in the first place.

Rather than explain how bad they are – I recorded This Conversation with their tech support staff. There’s nothing like hearing it for yourself.

The conversation is slightly edited. I took out personal information about the customer – and – I cut out about 10 minuted of music on hold. So – the pauses there I’m put on hold are actually much longer.

After listening to the conversation – keep this in mind. Network Solutions did not fix the problem. Engineering did not call me back. I got an emial survey that I filled out stating how dissatisfied I was and I put in a link to my blog. So – if any of you out there are thinking of using Network Solutions to register your domain – ask yourself this – do you want to be in the phone having a conversation like this?

I just built my official Network Solutions Sucks site to warn other customers about them. I’ve noticed that online punishment of evildoers has been very effective and I’ll bet that I get their attention with this. But – they have caused me and a lot of other hard and the deserve punishment. And – I’m an asshole – and it allows me to express that in a constructive manner.

Reader Comments

I had a look at the ‘Network Solutions Sucks’ page and regarding the emailing back and forth… to me it looks like ALL the responses from Network Solutions were canned messages, probably automatically spewed out by a ‘bot’. Judging by the names of the “people”, the absence of job titles in their signatures and that all the signatures had identical formatting, I say that there is a good chance you didn’t speak to anybody real. And if some of the messages were from someone real, their expertise clearly only extends to picking canned responses quickly to make their daily email processing statistics look good.

I’ve had the same experience with emailing Microsoft. You email a question and you get a response that has nothing to do with your question… and the response is coming from “people” with names like “Mani” and “Loki”. I would sometimes reply asking if I was speaking to a real person or a Bot and get no reply – probably because there was no canned answer for that question.
Lately they’ve been improving these bots… at least enough so that the names of the “people” don’t sound fake.

I’ve heard that there are a few popular bot engines and you can figure out if your speaking to a bot by emailing strange questions that result in an even stranger response. I haven’t had a chance to look into this in detail, but I plan on it.

Written By peter on March 1st, 2004 @ 1:33 pm

Network ┬┐Solutions?

### This was my last e-mail to NetSol. Just an example about how they answer without read the question.

Why (since March 6) every time I try to change my password (already signed), this error message appears?

“We’re sorry but we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again or select from the options below.”

### And this was the AUTOMATIC answer:

If you have forgotten your User ID or password, copy and paste this URL into
your browser:

Written By Paul Martens on March 16th, 2004 @ 9:04 am

I’m another dissatisfied customer and I actually TALKED to someone over there with no results. They had 2 weeks to transfer me and they did absolutely nothing, then when the domain passed into expiration into “unpaid status” they say they can’t do anything until you renew services. CLEVER, eh? Don’t register with them.

I filed a formal complaint with the IFCC “for services not rendered”. Here is the link so anyone can file one:

Written By newtoworkdissolution on July 7th, 2004 @ 6:20 pm

Interesting. When is Google’s IPO anyone know?

Written By Fiorcet on August 3rd, 2004 @ 8:18 pm

When I attempted to send my email to Network Solutions to complain it was “rejected”, that is to say it was kicked back and I was invited to amend the email so it could sent, with no information on what it lacked to enable a send.

My email, my experience with Network Solutions:

You !@#astards! On the same day I get a phone call from one of your “representatives” asking if my email account is correct I begin to get spam filling up my email box, which I had none before this day. I found it coincidental that your representitive also offered me info on spam blockers (which I refused). So, I check the Internet and find out that reportedly you SELL that information to spammers. I check your PRIVACY policy and find out you have covered your backside by telling people you SHARE that info. Oh HOW convenient! Like the auto glass shops that pay kids to bust out windows to increase business, and rat catchers who breed and release rats and then ask people for money to catch them, you spread the plague and then sell the cure. I go to your site to perform an act of philanthropy and kindness and register a domain name to help my cousin Lisa, who is dying of cancer, and this is what I get for my trouble! I will be reporting this to every News organization I can find who will listen. As far as I am concerned you are the most despicable people on the planet. I will tell the WORLD about your shoddy practice and exactly how you conduct business. Never will I EVER recommend you to anyone I know, and I will be very proactive in my message.

Written By Ripped Bayou on October 19th, 2004 @ 5:14 pm

I found this sadly similar–below is my email to the company president today. If you have any suggestions, I would so welcome them. BTW, I love your political rants & raves…who knew I could count on you for this stuff, too??

Hi all,
Here is where we are with the domain renewal. I wanted to write this out just so I can keep my ever-growing pile of notes chronologically arranged, and I apologize for the novella-sized long-windedness of it all…

On October 12 I started contacting customer service at Verisign to renew our domain name. For the next few days, Verisign moved me along to at least 4 different departments, as they “no longer registered ‘’ extensions”. They, in turn, sent me to Network Solutions, who, after sending me to at least 8 different departments, told me they didn’t have our ‘tag’ and could not do anything for us…and that they, too, “do not register ‘’ extensions”. Back to Verisign, who, according to Network Solutions, held our tag info.

When we purchased the domain extension, Verisign was our agent. It turns out that Verisign at one point owned Network Solutions and moved all the extension accounts over to them. Then Network Solutions split off from Verisign and moved all the extensions back to Verisign, under the brand management division (DBMS).

Back to the fray…
I then spoke to 3 individuals at DBMS, all of whom insisted that they could not reregister our domain, that they “didn’t have the tags” or “it doesn’t live on our servers” or or or…eventually, I was sent back to Network Solutions. I told them the name of the servers it supposedly lived on (via whois search); they insisted that the servers weren’t theirs, but eventually gave me the phone# of the server farm that supposedly had our domain (probably out of desperation just to get rid of me).
So I spoke to the Server farm folks, who pointed me back to Network Solutions–because, lo and behold, the servers actually DID belong to Network Solutions. When I mentioned that little fact, the Network Solutions rep-of-the-minute suggested I call another registration company and get ready to transfer. Soooo, I spoke to a person at, who sent me back to Network Solutions because they have to supply an authorization code. Sigh…

I spoke/emailed/argued with a number of different reps until I finally contacted a Support Rep who apparently hadn’t yet received his Network Solutions’ required-for-employment lobotomy (or, more likely, hadn’t had his job outsourced to wherever).

Ta-da, today they finally moved the tag to AllDomains…and then AllDomains got back to me right away and told me that they can’t reregister our domain, that Network Solutions HAS to do it, that Network Solutions KNOWS THIS, that they would handle this latest transfer for me…but then I have to deal with the brain trust at Network Solutions once again. Even Bigger Sigh…

Apparently, the coding for names is very klugey and no one wants to deal with it, so they try to ignore them and hope they go away. All I want to do is give someone our money to register our name. It appears that Network Solutions has a business model that doesn’t include turning a profit (aren’t those days over?). Hmmm.

I’ll advise as soon as I can get this ridiculous thing resolved (I’m running out of time–we need to reregister by Friday, Nov. 12).

On a side note, If ever we have a client complain that they didn’t get a call back in 3 minutes or less, may I suggest that they try dealing with Network Solutions?

Written By Libby on November 4th, 2004 @ 11:56 am

Mark, I love your style. I just enjoyed your MP3 conversation. I am a strong believer in internet exposure of liars, cheats, and incompetence.

Example (not commercial):

Guess who is next? Yep.
“Network Solutions Sucks”
I am so pissed, I can’t see straight.
Documenting everything.

Thank you for this page. A great public service.

Written By Vaughn on December 29th, 2004 @ 5:49 pm

Network Solutions provides my small business email service. I’ve been experiencing delays ranging from 6 to 24 hours in delivery. After telling me it was my ISP, my Outlook, etc. they finally acknowledged they are experiencing latency in some of their servers and I could expect it to be resolved “shortly”. That was a week ago and the still are quoting “shortly” as expected time to fix. Their customer service sucks.

Written By Rob on January 12th, 2005 @ 4:38 pm

Hi there.

Unfortunately, we switched to Network Solutions for our hosting needs as Network Solutions advised their new plan offered full servlet support. I am a web designer and Java developper. It is to be noted that we initially we hosted on our OWN machine using our OWN dedicated internet connection and that everything did work fine for several months.

We were referred over and over again to different technicians and “ENGINEERS”. From my experience, 99.5% of their engineers did not even know what they were talking about: they are just not trained properly. I was insulted as to see how much they did not know about their own services.

They contacted us through email and closed the tickets several times WITHOUT even fixing the problem. In fact, they replied something that did not even make any sense.

Afterwards, we requested to talk to someone who understand what we are talking about. Luckily, we finally ended up speaking to an engineer with whom we discovered they had a major security flaw regarding servlets: all servlets had root access! And for you techs out there, you know what that means… O.o

We lost hundreds of customers… and they could not have cared less. We will be switching soon and will also not recommend Network Solutions to anyone ever. even if they are the last hosting company.

Written By Nyx Lepage on March 6th, 2005 @ 1:09 pm

“network solutions”

you are right on the money about network solutions. their service sucks, their web editor is a piece of shit, their website templates suck, they are very expensive and they just ripped me off. they renewed my domain name 6 weeks in advance for a site i have taken down. i spoke with a cs rep who assured me they would remove the charge from my credit card then i received the following e mail

In accordance with our Service Agreement it is at present our policy not to issue refunds for domain name registration. Once payment is made for a domain name registration it cannot be changed or “unpaid”.

Once the registration period is over, however, you may choose not to renew the domain name. You may deactivate the Auto-Renew feature by logging-in to Account Manager. Kindly advise if you require further assistance.


“Network Solutions Customer Support”

what fucking balls. their policy. like who gives a shit about their policy. my current subscription has yet to expire but they billed me for another subscription stating that my auto renew feature was on. so they direct me to the website where you can turn off the auto renew, so they won’t screw me over next year. good luck trying to turn it off. i can’t even find the the feature, much less operate it. the amazing thing is, it quite easy to find the features where you can purchase additional domain names, manually renew your subscription, i guess for those fortunate people that have managed to find and turn off the auto renew and a security feature that prevents someone from tranfering your domain name to another provider ( i attempted to transfer to lowest hosting but they were unable to finalize the transfer because network solutions somehow prevented, probably because the security feature was enabled. well i am going to use that domain name to put up a site similar to this one warning people to stay away from them and to do business else where.

Written By rc on June 19th, 2005 @ 11:48 pm

I can’t believe the Network solutions left me in the dark..

I had my domain name stolen NDB.COM from someone outside the US.

I had to do all the leg work for them and still no one will help me.
What pisses me off is that they can see what happened and still gave up..

Written By on December 28th, 2005 @ 7:26 am

Oh for F’s sake… I wish I had read this earlier… I currently hav 4 domains reg’d with the @@@holes, and there entire SYSTEM is down. two dot coms, one dot us, and one dot at.
… all dead. No email, no ping, no name lookup, no nothing.

And I thought it was just their ftp that sucked…

Written By Chris W on January 18th, 2006 @ 8:33 am

yep. they suck. i have never seen a shitter email service. its email for god sakes!!!! not nuclear fusion! their email is open relay. spammers have fun. but not too worry they dont know what reverse dns is so chances are no one is going to accept the mail you have sent them anyhow.

look them up on the better bus bureau. they get an F rating.

i cant wait to get away from this company

Written By ticked on February 9th, 2006 @ 9:17 pm

Yet another horror story;
I had a customer (new to hosting)sign up with . Their service was so limited we could not use our software. We are in the process of transferring the domain name now. No telling how long or even if (!), this will be resolved. I’m recommending he change his site name altogether for now as it hasn’t gone ‘live’ yet.

Written By gr8gol4 on June 3rd, 2006 @ 7:10 am

I just got an email from netsol today that my domain expired a few days ago and that I had a few more days to re-register it. Seems like they’ve decided to stop sending reminders that domains are expiring.

Since it’s now already expired, my only choice at reregisteration is with NetSol.

Nice way to get that one last $35 from me. I’m gone in 60 days, as soon as my domain become eligible for transfer.

Why do they think they can keep customers this way? Or have they given up on keeping us and are now in their “last throughs” ?

Written By mafi osori on June 29th, 2006 @ 3:46 pm

I WISHED I had read all these comments BEFORE I attempted to post my site with Network Solutions. I am at this very moment in the process of requesting a 100% refund on EVERYTHING they charged me. Their technical support was and has been non existent.. It took sending my site to them ten times the first day cause nobody knew what they were doing or how to password protect ONE SILLY SIMPLE FOLDER. They “SAY” they support MSFT Front Page. They DO NOT! They support bits and pieces of it. You are only allowed ten user Ids and passwords.. for more you need to enroll in a college course teaching SQL, ACS, data base programs..and of course, they (at Nework Solutions) are ZERO help to you. I have spent SIXTY ONE DAYS trying to make it work.. ALL they have is the cheap price for HUGE BANDWIDTH. I am leaving their 15,000 MB to go to a place that offers me 770 MBs for triple the money.. The cheap price has really COST ME THIS TIME… a wasted sixty days… YUK!

Written By James Taylor on July 5th, 2006 @ 7:38 pm

I am a former supervisor at the Network Solutions pathetically poorly run call center in Drums, Pa. The director is a lying, thieving, sexual deviant, do not expect any “Real” customer service from any customer support operations this man gets his hands on! You can email me for information on how to get around their screwed up policies and systems and I will do my best to help you, I feel a need for retribution to the customers I unknowingly allowed to be ripped off by Network Solutions at my hand. One of the main ways of doing so is to go directly to the corporate office – not in Drums Pa (they have a psuedo corporate support team there run by one of the most incompetent supervisors there and not only incompetent but a real God Damn Bitch and a half to boot!). You will need to call the main office in Herndon Virginia. If you don’t get any results there go directly to the owners of the comany, which is Pivitol Investment located in Arizona. Many of the problems you are encountering with Networks Solutions products are merely designed to get you to call in so that they can sell you more overpriced unnecessary crap and rob even more of your hard earned money. The director is unscrupulous, trust me, I worked with this scum and know for fact. Let me give you one example of what this scumbag did at the last call center he directed – this man, without notice, shut the doors of a call center in wilkes barre pa 2 weeks before Christmas and the employees never recieved their last check and it was days before christmas (many of these people are paid so poorly and are so taken advantage of by this man that they live week to week) and thus didnt even have the money to buy food for their families over the christmas holidays. Why this man is not in jail is beyond me. Now at Network Solutions he brought many of his cronies from the previous call center who worked with this shell of a man and who also knew the call center was going to be closing and also didnt give the employees any warning either. So, no matter who in management you are dealing with you are more than likely going to get a lying, stealing, decieving, incompetent moron. I suggested they have a commercial on the Superbowl to inform people of who Network Soutions is and what they do and they laughed at me – Godaddy did it a year later and now went from being a small registrar to know having twice the customer base as Network Solutions – all in the 3 months after the super bowl – way to go dudes!

Written By Dave on August 28th, 2006 @ 1:27 pm

I had a website hosted with them for 5 years. When I bought the site, I didn’t know anything about html, so I got the package,(with the template) as it had a shopping cart attached to it. Then, 2 years into my business, they decided that they were not going to offer the shopping carts any longer!!! WTF?? So, I had to go get another website, with a shopping cart, and spend $50.00 more a month!! I didn’t cancel the NS site, as I had a page rank of a 5, so I decided to just link it to the other one. Fine.

THEN, about 2 weeks ago, they decided arbitrarily, that they would just change some of the coding on my website!! I called 2 times and told them to remove it, and they told me a week later that they could NOT. It wasn’t any code that affected the way the website loaded, but a no cache code, and I assume it was to benefit them, and they bandwidth usage. Well, I started a transfer for all of it today, and I went in and looked for 30 MINUTES for a way to turn off the auto renew, and I could NOT find it anywhere, and GUESS WHAT!?! NO WHERE on their help pages does it tell you how to turn IT OFF!! It sure tells you how to turn it on though!!

SO, I called their “support” line, what a joke that was. The dip $hit couldn’t even tell me because they were UPGRADING their site!! Yeah right!

A pathetic excuse of a company, and even though I am going to have to start all over with another company, I’ll be GLAD to be DONE with them!! Their sites are slow, the mail is slow, and their customer service is NON existent!! They also decieve their customers. In my opinion.

Written By Lynne on September 30th, 2006 @ 9:52 pm

It is so hard to turn off auto renew because they want it that hard so you give up and they get to rip you off another year!

Written By guesswho on October 18th, 2006 @ 6:51 am

NETWORK SOLUTIONS sucks in every way. Their “technical” help does not really exist. The solutions they provided to me as to why my servlets do not work make no sense whatsoever. It’s unbelievable!!! DO NOT use Netowkr Solutions EVER!!!!

Written By Chris on January 20th, 2007 @ 7:42 am

Network Solutions doesn’t have an “Engineering Department”. I worked in the VA call center, I should know. We were instructed to escalate issues like yours to the “engineering department” in hopes that you would eventually just go away.

Name Server designations were manual entries by a group in another section of the building, not engineering. And yes, at any given time I could have fixed any mistakes to any domain name, but get caught, and it was out the door. Before my layoff, I fixed a ton of domain screwups caused by NetSol. Next time anyone calls, ask for the Sterling, VA center and ask for Amina Sharif or Rudy Toy – both supervisors and both total screwups.

Written By Jack on February 25th, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

Network Solutions F@us over good.
We have a client that has 2 domains for the same business. I’ll make it short!
WE have at least 30 + registered through them. But here’s my scenerial (typo cuz’ I’m hot right now).
The client just recently purchased a shorter domain name, and got $hafted by a Network Solutions affiliate, whom he trail from their so called auction leads back to a parked page with no company contact info. How disonest is that> Here where I’m from, that’s a rope and a tree. Were honest people, relying on the system to protect us from such fraud.
We’ll; after a whole day of “pass it on to the next employee, at Network $olutions, I find out I have to repurchase a domain that they failed to notify us it was due. We have a global email address. So all the sorries in the world, wont fix it!
I’m feelin’ your pain. We have over 30 + domains with them. Can you recommend an honest Registrar.

Best, Brad Olson
Signed: screwed by Network Solutions

Written By Brad Olson on April 11th, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

They’re idiots; put simply.

When I first set up with them, I was randomly getting 404 errors on all of the sites I host, and they were trying to blame it on the coding.

Countless times I’ve asked them for help via e-mail and they fobbed me off with some template e-mail asking me to call them. And I can’t call them because I live in Ireland. so everytime I contact them, I have to tell them not to tell me to call them, and the even sometimes still do.

They’re horribly slow. I’ve contacted them to ask them to fix it and they said they didn’t understand what I was talking about. What the fuck? Slow! Do you know what slow means? Twats

And recently I’ve been having problems where my sites randomly fail to connect to the database (all of my sites, with totally different coding), and they still tried to tell me it was a problem with the coding.

Steer well clear of this pathetic group of imcompetent, lazy, morons.

In July when my hosting with them is up, I’m going to move to

Written By Pac on April 15th, 2007 @ 2:08 pm

Network Solutions are disgusting, underhanded, and filthy. Here’s what they did to me:

Our soul creations, dreams, aspirations and hard work for over the last decade or so have been taken hostage and sold to a company who sells domain names to the highest bidder.

The company, Network Solutions who was the original domain name registrar for NOVABLADE.COM has sold it to a complete stranger who’s only interest in the name is to auction it off to the highest bidder. Since 1999 they had been taking our money to renew the domain every year without complication. But this last year they would not allow us to pay to renew it because of a supposed conflict of information as we could not log in to our account.

Originally, the company that hosted the website registered our domain with a email address we had on But Freewwweb eventually ceased to exist and we could not recieve e-mail at that account. Because of this we could not recieve information in order to edit our account with Network Solutions. We attempted several times to change the e-mail but they made us jump through several hoops JUST to change the e-mail. But every time we attempted to do this they told us the information was invalid or incomplete, did not match, fax not clear enough. On one occasion they had an incorrect fax number on their website which WE SENT PERSONAL INFORMATION TO. God only knows where it went. They tried to apologize to us and quickly changed the information on their site that had been up there for the longest time.

Despite this, they gladly took our money to renew the domain up until this year. We had been paying them $35/year for the domain but eventually intended to make Dreamhost the new registrars of NOVABLADE.COM for $10/year. The transfer has been in pending for a while, but because we were unable to log into our account, the transaction could not go through. And because they would not accept any of the information, no matter how valid it was to prove our identities we could not change the e-mail to receive any notifications or login information. They were literally holding our domain hostage so that we could not transfer it from their possession. Finally, after much frustrations and paying for faxes they accepted the information and our e-mail address was changed. But before we were able to pay them to renew the domain, in order to transfer it they notified us that we did not own it any more. To our dismay it had been purchased by some stranger with NO INTERESTS in NOVABLADE whatsoever and he is auctioning it to the highest bidder.

NOVABLADE.COM has over thousands of links, visitors, fans as well as being on all of our copyrights, artwork, promotional material, search engines. If you go to any search engine and look it up we will come up, along with our names being connected to it. OUR VERY REPUTAIONS ARE AT STAKE. Can you imagine what will happen if someone puts up a porn or spam site?

When we approached them about this they were completely unhelpful, cold-hearted, and told us they could not steal a domain from a paying customer.

Damien and I are infuriated, upset, and feel like we have had our very souls stolen from us and sold. This is a very disgusting, underhanded act that deserves justification. We refuse to lie down and be stepped on, lied to, and defamed. We will not stand down or rest till we get NOVABLADE.COM back. We will seek retribution.

I ask you, as an artist, friend, human being to help us take action. Any support on this, leads, assistance, action will be appreciated. I will be posting more information on this as we follow along.

As for now all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

We are sorry our site has been down for so long, but now you know why.

Here is a link to the WHOIS for NOVABLADE.COM:


We will be taking legal action and setting up a site to help expose what has happened and to save our domain.

Written By Trisha Buchwald on April 24th, 2007 @ 8:46 am

Network Solutions is killing my business.

Im happy to see a sight like this. I started up a side business, and searched around for web hosting company. I signed up for Network Solutions eCommmerce package and they also put together my payment gateway for me.

Everything was fine until a new client tried to use their credit card to make a huge purchase. The credit card wouldnt go through. This happened last wednesday, May 16, 2007. I have been on the phone with Network Solutions every day since.

The first time I called the support line, I was assured that the would take care of the problem and get right back to me. After they DIDNT get back to me, I called back and was let through a cycle of calling about 3 different phone numbers until I hit a dead end. I then called the original tech support line, and was told that they had no information about the problem I was having, and had to call some more phone numbers. Dead end. I called tech support back…again…and this time they did have all the information about my issue, and told me they would take care of it, but the issue would have to go to the engineering department (I read the post above about how there really is no engineering department). They even told me they would put a VIP ticket number on my problem due to the fact that I am currently losing customers, and need this problem solved! So, after all this running around, yesterday, Friday the 18th I received an email.

Hello Robert,

I have reviewed your not finalized order and I see the order with the American express card was used and it came back with an error of unauthorized transaction. The Errors received in this field are responses from your gateway. You should contact your gateway to verify if you are setup and able to process American express cards. If you have any further inconveniences, please contact us.

Brandon Butler
Tech Support

Are you kidding? I called them back and asked the obvious question. After all of my running around with them, how is it that I get a simple letter telling them to call my payment gateway? They didnt even give me a number to call. The person on the support line told me that I had “unrealistic expectations”, and the support guy asked “how are we supposed to know the number of who you have your payment gateway through”? The simple answer of course was….because it was all set up through Network Solutions. Pause on the line.

The department which I apparently need to talk with now only works from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday. So much for 24/7 support.

I am still within my 30 day window of my purchase of my ecommerce package, so I am currently looking for another company to host my website. I encourage anyone out there to never do business with Network Solutions. Their Solutions are expensive, and if you begin to have problems with service, they wont have a solution for you.

Written By Robert on May 19th, 2007 @ 8:27 am

I use to work for this company about 3 years ago. The only thing their 24/7 support line cares about is $$$ and more $$$. They just want to sell you more junk. Everything they have is junk in my opinion. I hated the management of this company and that is why I walked off the job. They were on my rear end day in and day out about their stupid quality assurance script and offering up sells. They seem to outsource everything. I honestly believe they break stuff on purpose just to get people to call in to offer sales.

Written By Dan on June 6th, 2007 @ 11:48 pm

I waned to officially jump on this bandwagon and state that NetworkSolutions for web/email hosting has got to be the worst host I have come across in over 10 years of working with the internet.

I just recently switched to NetSol due to problems at my current host, after they were bought out
by a larger company, and ended up with the new owner’s traffic related problems.

In thinking that switching to NetSol would make things better/faster/more reliable, I went over to NetSol and prepared to “switch” my services to NetSol after the end of business day Friday (yes Yesterday).

For those of you who know “how things work” you know your biggest problem, after changing hosts is DNS Propagation, right?

Well guess what, NetSol was already managing my DNS so that part at least internally to NetSol and the major DNS servers, should have been “easy” and guess what, it was!

What’s the problem?

Although I have the “internal” address to my site/server WITHIN the netsol network, and every DNS server I check on has the new IP’s/HOSTS WITHIN NetSol, NetworkSolutions is NOT able to get the site accessible within their own network, with their own DNS servers?!?!?!??!

Does that make any sense?

I have had my share of hosts in over 10 years, for myself as well as my clients. It makes no sense that a site, internal to ANY host has all of the DNS servers pointing to it, and can’t have the site/email available?!?!??!

After calling NetSol several times, during the switch over process (and of course, only speaking with the overseas call center in India) and all I could get was “It will take 24-48 hours for the site/services to be available”.

I even ran them through the paces,
(1) The internal site is running
(2) NetSol DNS servers are pointing to NetSol hosting services
(3) Most public DNS servers are pointing to NetSol hosting
(4) The site would be working at any other host

THEY AGREED! Can you imagine?????

Anyhow… what I plan to do now is wait the switch over, switch to their Advanced DNS Services, which will then make additional changes in DNS records/hosting much quicker, get another host, and switch away from NetSol in the next week or two…

Sheesh, you think you go with the “best” and you get the “worst”.

Also…. Their “hosting control panel” has got to be the biggest joke I have ever seen, let me know if you want to know about that.

Written By alpine on September 1st, 2007 @ 8:35 am

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