GOP Strategy Papers left at Starbucks

Apparently someone in the White House left their Political Script on 9-11 behind at Starbucks this morning. Now I ask you – if a Clinton official left something like this on the table at Starbucks – would you not be demanding a special prosecutor? That’s the difference between how Clinton is covered and how Bush […]

Clinton should Testify

Letter to the Editor The issue has been raised about what Clinton did or didn’t do to fight terrorism. I say – let’s call Clinton to testify to the 9-11 commission – in public – and under oath. In the interest of getting to the bottom of the problem so that 9-11 never happens again […]

National Security

Letter to the Editor If the Bush administration went after al Qaeda the way Bush is going after Richard Clarke for saying that Clinton did a better job on terrorism than Bush did, there wouldn’t be a terrorist threat to worry about.

Condi Won’t Talk

Letter to the Editor I find it amazing that Condoleezza Rice won’t testify to the 9-11 commission referencing “constitutional issues ” and “separation of powers”. Seems I don’t remember these issues being a problem back when the Republicans were dragging President Clinton and everyone in his administration before congressional panels. The way the Bush administration […]

US Vetos Condemnation of Assassination

Letter to the Editor Its an interesting dilemma when it comes to condemning assassinating terrorists. Sort of a no win situation. Certainly someone who terrorizes can’t complain when the victims strike back. But in a culture of war and mutual terrorism to we condone or condemn such acts? What is the right way to end […]

Islam Sucks

Islam is a religion that totally sucks. I don’t see any redeaming value in it at all. This is a religion that is based on violence and holy wars. They are a religion based on murder and terrorism. Any claim to the contrary is bullshit. The word “assassin” comes from the Muslim faith. They use […]

Widow with child says Bush lied!

Woman and baby lose husband/father in Iraq for nothing! Wouldn’t it piss you off if Bush killed a member of your family? I guess Bush lost 2 votes – the soldier who would have voted for him – the the widow left behind. Here’s her story. CENTER POINT, Texas (Reuters) – At a ceremony on […]

Help America get rid of Bush

Letter to the Editor An open letter to the citizens of the world. Even though Bush is president of the United States Bush affects every person on the planet – and not for the better. Bush has become a global menace and I call on the people of the world to do everything in their […]

Press Coverage – Clinton vs. Bush

When Clinton was president the press referred to him as “Mr. Clinton”. When the press talks about Bush they refer to him as “The President” or – at least “President Bush”. They do this even though Clinton won the election by a landslide and Bush lost the election and was appointed president by the Supreme […]

Wag the Dog – Bin Laden in 1998

Republicans posing as being “tough on terrorism” seem to have a short memory of what they were saying back when Clinton was going after Bin Laden. Here’s what the Republican controlled press (CNN 08/21/1998) was saying about the war on terrorism at the time: ‘Wag the Dog’ Back In Spotlight LOS ANGELES (AllPolitics, Aug. 21) […]

Rumsfield wanted to attack Iraq on 09/12/2001

This Yahoo Story tells an amazing tale that should shock all Americans to their core. The day after 9-11 Rumfield wanted to attack Iraq even though he knew Iraq had nothing to do with the attack. Here’s the story: By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld almost immediately urged President […]

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Threatens Me over Letters to the Editor

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin is a newspaper that really sucks. A right wing rag that is now threatening to publish my phone number and encourge people harrass me. Their letter to the editor employee – Nancy Christenson – has gone balistic on me. She doesn’t like my letters and rather than being a good journalist – […]

Question for those who support same sex marriage

Letter to the Editor I have some questions for those who support same sex marriage – should I be allowed to marry my brother? If not – why not? I would point out that the reason for not marrying my sister is that if we reproduced – then we would likely have birth complications. However […]

Rumsfield says Capturing Bin Laden wouldn’t reduce Terrorism

If this isn’t cluelless I don’t know what is. We have to start a war with Iraq to go after terrorists – but the guy who is actually doing the terrorism isn’t important. Defense Secretary Says Capturing Bin Laden Would Not Change the Problem of Terrorism By Robert Burns The Associated Press Published: Mar 16, […]

Dennis Miller – He just isn’t funny anymore

Watching Dennis Miller is sad these days. I remember him back when he used to be funny – before he became Bush’s bitch for CNBC. Dennis Miller is so unfunny that the actually have to pay people to be in his audiance and laugh at him. Swear to koresh its true. The studio ran and […]

Iraq – One year Later

Letter to the Editor Its been one years since the war started – are we better off today? I think not. Saddam has been replaced by chaos. No weapons were found. We may be stuck over there forever. America is hated and feared by countries that were our allies. Tens of thousands of lives lost […]

Bush Can’t be Reelected

Letter to the Editor In spite of administration hopes it will be impossible for Bush to be reelected this year for one simple reason – Bush was never elected in the first place.

US Funding Venezuela Overthrow

Washington has been channelling hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the political opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – including those who briefly overthrew the democratically elected leader in a coup two years ago. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that, in 2002, America paid more than a million dollars to […]

Medicare Analyst Muzzeled

WASHINGTON – The nation’s top Medicare cost analyst confirmed yesterday that his former boss had ordered him to withhold from lawmakers unfavorable cost estimates about the Medicare prescription-drug bill. He said the estimates exceeded what Congress seemed willing to accept by more than $100 billion. Richard Foster, chief actuary at the Centers for Medicare & […]

Bush ads confuse me

Letter to the Editor Bush’s TV ads confuse me. He seems to be pointing out all his failures as if they were accomplishments. He uses 9-11 but is running from the investigating panel as if he were hiding something. He touts the economy but the economy is in the worst shape ever. Taxes are the […]

Martha Steward Convicted

Letter to the Editor A jury has convicted Martha Stewart of lying to the government and she will probably go to prison for it. However her lie isn’t nearly as serious as the lie Bush told the nation to trick us into going to war with Iraq. Does the government go to prison when it […]

Bush ad I’d like to see

Letter to the Editor Here’s a Bush style ad I’d like to see: “Kerry voted for Bush’s Patriot Act! Kerry voted for Bush’s tax cuts for the rich! Kerry voted for Bush’s illegal war in Iraq! Now he’s changed his mind. Can you trust someone who votes with a slimeball like Bush? NO! — Vote […]

Borrowing = Taxes

There’s no difference between borrow and spend and tax and spend. Running on borrowed money is just a tax that you have to pay later. So for those who think that a bond measure is not a tax increase – you’re being lied to. This 15 billion dollars they want to borrow will cost you […]

Democrats and Republicans join on Borrow and Spend

One thing that brings Democrats and Republicans in California together is borrow and spend politics. Borrow and spend is really a tax increase on the credit card. Its spend now and taxes later. I’m voting NO on Props 57 and 58. California has every tax there is and poor services. In fact – it seems […]