Borrowing = Taxes

This post was written by marc on March 2, 2004
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There’s no difference between borrow and spend and tax and spend. Running on borrowed money is just a tax that you have to pay later. So for those who think that a bond measure is not a tax increase – you’re being lied to. This 15 billion dollars they want to borrow will cost you more than 15 billion in new taxes.

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Well, following this same logic, Bush’s tax cuts are not tax cuts, since the budget deficit they are creating is financed through the US Treasury issuing IOU’s that have to be paid back at some point… yet another fraud.

Written By YaThink on March 6th, 2004 @ 6:33 am

Acually, deficit spending is the creation of “next generation” taxes. Arnie borrows 15 billion now. From the moment that the legislature approved this Governator-crafted “deficit” debt, 17-year-old non-persons who’re becoming 18-year-old voters were afforded absolutely no input whatsoever on whether or not THEY wanted to have this money borrowed and spent NOW, but with the caveat that it will mostly be paid off by attaching their wages for the next five (or ten, or fifteen, or twenty, or as the interest keeps multiplying, one thousand) years…long after the initial benificiaries of the 15 billion dollars have died and gone to Hell.

ALL deficit spending is “next-generation” taxation without representation! Immediately, a class-action lawsuit that is sponsored by concerned parents on behalf of their minor-age descendants must be filed. This lawsuit will have its roots emanating from the heart of the American Revolution, as it will be asking the federal courts to declare ALL non-basic public infrastructure deficit spending by any element of the government unConsitutional (it must be unconditionally established that “military infratructure” IS NOT “public infrastructure”).

Such a lawsuit will also ask the courts to establish that ANY “immediate services” debt incurred by one generation by way of deficit spending can not manditorily require any consequent generation that was not yet old enough to vote for it to pay it off.

At its most basic, deficit spending is taxation (by a current collection of ‘voter-enfranchised’ thieves against all subsequent younger generations) without representation.

Particularly, it is nothing more than outright theft by an older generation against a younger one.

All States still possessing a functional initiative process should do everything they can to make all “deficit oriented” taxation of future generations specifically illegal.

Deficit lending is the international banking community’s way of enslaving ALL future generations of the planet to an onerous debt they never created (or even enjoyed the fruits of) themselves.

If you can’t afford the bills without writing a blank check on the future, then you are in fact spending money that doesn’t belong to you.


Written By Dan D. on March 13th, 2004 @ 7:42 pm

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