Press Coverage – Clinton vs. Bush

When Clinton was president the press referred to him as “Mr. Clinton”. When the press talks about Bush they refer to him as “The President” or – at least “President Bush”. They do this even though Clinton won the election by a landslide and Bush lost the election and was appointed president by the Supreme […]

Wag the Dog – Bin Laden in 1998

Republicans posing as being “tough on terrorism” seem to have a short memory of what they were saying back when Clinton was going after Bin Laden. Here’s what the Republican controlled press (CNN 08/21/1998) was saying about the war on terrorism at the time: ‘Wag the Dog’ Back In Spotlight LOS ANGELES (AllPolitics, Aug. 21) […]

Rumsfield wanted to attack Iraq on 09/12/2001

This Yahoo Story tells an amazing tale that should shock all Americans to their core. The day after 9-11 Rumfield wanted to attack Iraq even though he knew Iraq had nothing to do with the attack. Here’s the story: By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld almost immediately urged President […]