Islam Sucks

This post was written by marc on March 24, 2004
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Islam is a religion that totally sucks. I don’t see any redeaming value in it at all. This is a religion that is based on violence and holy wars. They are a religion based on murder and terrorism. Any claim to the contrary is bullshit.

The word “assassin” comes from the Muslim faith. They use their children for bombs. The use their wives and sisters for bombs. They murder each other. Women are stoned to death for being raped. They teach their children to die as martyrs in their schools. Many countries don’t allow women to read or drive cars. They are slaves and have no rights under the rules of the religion.

They would probably kill me for saying this if they had a chance. And – even though much of what Isreal is doing to Muslims because Jews are also a terrorist religion who freely kill non-jews – I just can’t get real excited about defending Palistinians from Jewish oppression when they are a culture of violence themselves.

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Dear Marc,

Your comments about Islam are spot-on. Your comments about Israel, however, reveal you as a typical good old-fashioned Jew-hater.

Inconveniently for those who try to augment their credibility by ceding ground on who’s right in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel’s record is the best in the world when it comes to minimizing civilian casualties. Israel is so accurate and careful in defending itself that fewer than 10% of all Palestinians killed by Israel are women. However sad this may be, it beats the accuracy of every military in history and is reflective of both skill and morals, like it or not.

In addition, during the four-year war of the Palestinians against Israeli civilians (2000-2004), Israel killed fewer than three Palestinians per day, on average. That doesn’t exactly reflect any reckless or murderous intent on their part. The IDF has the ability to kill thousands per day if it so chooses. Conversely, the IDF’s skill ensured that fewer than one percent of Palestinian attacks on Israel resulted in Jewish deaths.

You should really read a book called “The Case for Israel” by Alan Dershowitz. A Jewish friend of mine gave it to me and it is a real eye-opener. It’s amazing what the liberal media would have us believel. Marc, this ain’t two kids fighting in a sandbox. This is just another front in the Islamic Jihad against the rest of the world. And if you’re not willing to stand with Israel because they choose to worhsip an invisible deity instead of a man-deity, then you’ve got problems, because the Muslims are coming for us. As they, themselves, like to say, “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” And you can Google that.


Written By Frank Calzone on April 19th, 2005 @ 12:41 am

There is no doubt that Islam is violent. I challenge any Muslim of deriding the Quran in a room full of muslims and make it out alive. They believe that their religion is something that needs to be defended, something that they can kill for and above all is superior due to their choronology of holy scriptures. Bottom line, Islam is an egocentric “we are #1” faith that believes that there are circumstances where violence is mandatory. Imagine the Dalai Lama spouting a “Fatwah” to kill chinese people. It is unimagineable. But, a muslim imam- no problem.

Written By Islam is Angry on May 23rd, 2005 @ 6:05 pm

I think you’re right marc,here in Germany we have the same problems,some parts of Berlin or Cologne (Köln) is in hands of these “people”. I am not against foreign people,no.I like people from finland,america,france or russia,but I hate the islamic people.They think they are very special,but this is the worst “religion” of all.
A world without islam,is a good world!

PS:My Englisch is not the best,but I hope you understand my message.

Written By The Man on May 27th, 2005 @ 3:52 am

It is with intrest i read all the commnnts, replys. THIS IS A WARNING Muslims are determined to make England an Islamic state, They have there own rules and laws and preach hatred towards the west. What do we do to stop this? We pay them to carry on. But dont hate the person, just hate the fact that they are here, there and everywhere, except where they belong. The Middle East.

Written By steve on May 29th, 2005 @ 3:46 pm

Islam truly sucks
Christianity sucks
Hinduism sucks
budhism may suck (i don’t know, they seem to have the least amount of internal warefare over religion)

A new religion preaching peace, non violence, selflessness,and kindness is what our planet needs. John Lennon said “Imagine no Country it isnt hard to do” makes a whole lot of sense to me
No Religion
No country
thus far religion is the root of most of the hatered existing on our planet
lets eliminate it. How I don’t know.
please share your pearls of wisdom.

Written By Dave on July 4th, 2005 @ 8:06 am

Imagine the Pope issuing the Catholic equivalent of a “fatwah” to kill Protestants. The world would be in an uproar of indignation. Yet, it’s perfectly acceptable for the little, weak minds practicing “The Religion of Peace” to issue fatwahs here and fatwahs there, like the silly proclamations of the village idiot. Organized religion in general is for the weak, the stupid, the superstitious, or the militant looking for a socially acceptable means to hide their perverse actions behind. If you want to have a relationship with whomever you believe your God to be, why accept a corrupt political system, of any sort, to define your spirituality? Aren’t you capable of independent thought? All major religions have their warts, but Islam is truly the most perverse, violent and disgusting gutter religion ever perpetrated on mankind. Mohammed is worthy of contempt, not exultation. A pedophile, rapist, murderer and psychopath is NOT the sort of “prophet” supposedly civilized people need. Islam does the same thing Christianity did in the middle ages- keep its adherents ignorant, poor and uneducated so that they can be manipulated. The printing press broke us free of the tyranny of Christianity; what will it take for Muslims to wake up? Don’t read the Koran- you might misinterpret it and then you’ll have to be killed. Don’t handle the Koran, you might drop it and then you’ll have to be killed or crippled. Wake up, you stupid lemmings- you’re pawns in a political game run by tyrannical and comical little Imams in their pajamas. Stop licking the carpet and stand up like men- like your creator wishes you to. Your God didn’t create you to be a murderer, remain ignorant, act like a barbarian, or live like a savage, did He? Learn to seperate the hateful invectives of men from the truth by using the rational mind you’ve been given, or suffer the consequences. Keep pushing those of us who choose to live in civilized societies and we will ultimately put you down like diseased animals. Is this what you wish?

Written By Joe Mama on July 22nd, 2005 @ 11:08 pm

Religion is not the problem, just a big part of it. Islam just happens to be one of the religions that is a bigger problem. People will always find new and more horrible ways to kill each other, this is a fact of our existance. Pure unbridled force is the one thing everyone understands. Hence we fight in Afgahanstan (sp) and Iraq. Personally I would have little problem if we as a nation glassed every terrorist nation out there (and by glassed I mean dropped large nuclear weapons on them). If not that then we should publically blow up a mosque for every person killed in a terrorist act. If they want to play hard ball we should show them how the game is played. We are pussyfooting around as I see it. Guantanamo(sp) is a resort compared to what these bastards deserve. If they think the are going to have paradise after death I and I’m sure many others would be more than willing to send them to Allah or whatever jacked up deity they believe in. You can’t fight an uncivilized society in a civilized way, you have to make it clear to them with violience, (the only thing they understand) that you are the baddest guy on the block and everytime they hit you, they must have a finger removed, a major artery severed, whatever. Religion is a paradigm for the ignorant who can’t think for themselves and need to be led around by the nose. If that is what they want, then so be it, but when they start killing or crossing any other line in the name of that relgion they should be killed and with haste. In Iraq right now innocent civilians are being kidnapped and having their heads cut off slowly with knives. Search the internet their are videos of it. This kind of savagry should not be tolerated in any form. Glass em, nuke em , bomb all their mosqes, whatever it takes. If vilonce is all they understand, then kill them all and lets all get on with civilized living, I mean really.

Written By Sean on August 9th, 2005 @ 10:39 am

Islam sucks because they are killing and raping people

Chistians sucks because they tell that other people go to hell, only Christians go to Heaven

Mormon is no 1!!!

Written By Nicholas Mario Enrico on October 1st, 2005 @ 9:06 am

Islam is problem here,too, in Thailand. They keep killing innocence peoples burning schools killing monks almost everyday They are killing and killing all over the world event muslim themslef

Why don’t they just live in peace, leave us in peace, or killing us is a way to be with their god?

Written By Nor on October 26th, 2005 @ 1:59 pm

Why can’t we just live our own lives? Everyone’s free to practise what they believe in. You think all your ranting here will change anything that’s going on in the world right now? Criticising Islam isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’re just making yourself look silly & immature.

I happen to live in Singapore & believe it or not, we’re living proof that everyone, regardless of language, race or religion, CAN live together in peace & harmony. Sure, there are still those racists(I pity them A LOT) but overall, we’re pretty good-natured, tolerant folks. I’m a muslim & i never stoop as low as some of you guys by criticising other religions, which doesn’t make you any better. You say your religion is good but you yourself can’t tolerate other religions. You curse islam like there’s no tomorrow. So is this what your religion teaches you? I’m sure no one likes their religion to be put down like that. I guess the reason why a lot of you here hate islam is because you haven’t got the slightest notion what islam really is. All those killings, terrorism, raping, and sick stuff like chopping heads off(oh gross.) are NOT the doings of a true muslim. They’re EXTREMISTS. Muslim extremists. I don’t tolerate them myself either. I’ve got friends who are atheists/christians/hindus/buddhists/pagan. We learn to accept each other the way we are & we don’t force our ideas onto anyone.

& why are so many of you judging islam by a single country? Haven’t you thought about taking a glance at other countries?

No offence here but maybe you guys should just take a chill pill. This is seriously getting out of hand.

If you’re clueless about Islam then for God’s sake, don’t criticise it. Don’t preach like you know everything. The world doesn’t only revolve around you ok.

People can be so ignorant.

Written By sharon on December 2nd, 2005 @ 12:57 am

It’s not just Muslims in one nation it’s Muslims in all nations. Where Muslims live violence thrives. You talk about Singapore where the government just hung a man this week for posession of a few ounces of Heroine. That’s barberic.

Written By Marc on December 2nd, 2005 @ 6:59 am

For your info, my government is made up mostly of CHINESE. & what’s more, the majority of chinese in my country are christians. So tell me, why on earth must a chinese(christian)-dominated country hang another fellow chinese(christian)? this has nothing to do with religion or race or whatever discrimination bull. It’s the law. & it’s the government’s way of showing equality to all races. Imagine what would happen if the government had made an exception for this Nguyen guy? The other races living in Singapore would probably accuse the government of being racist & unfair. It’ll only create an uproar within the people. Don’t make sweeping statements like “Where Muslims live violence thrives.”

Adolf Hitler wasn’t a muslim when he decided to eliminate all those Jews.

Jack the Ripper wasn’t a muslim.

Are all the murderers in the world muslim? I doubt so.

And what about the West African slave trade? I’m sure it wasn’t the doings of a muslim.

Wow. You’re really guilty of discrimination, aren’t you? Are you racist too? Hope not.

Show’s how ignorant you are & how clueless you are about my country, let alone my religion. No offence, but you seriously have to get your facts right. Think before you speak cause your words reflects on what kind of person you are.

By the way, i am one of those who opposed to his execution because i think he deserves a second chance, considering his age & that it’s his first offence. But too bad for him i guess. He should have spared a thought about the consequences before he decided to take the risk. Rolled the dice & he lost. So he has to pay it with his life.

I think it’s just sad that you think all muslims are pro-violence. You’ve seriously been brainwashed, dude. & like i mentioned before, take a chill pill. 🙂

Written By sharon on December 3rd, 2005 @ 1:16 am

The Bible says something like “Thou shalt have no other God but me”, and the Quran says the same as well, in slightly different words. So what’s the difference?

Christian invaders killed natives all over the world a few hundred years ago. Today we have so many cases of Christian extremists harming non-Christians. Islamic extremists are killing non-Muslims all over the world today. So, what’s the difference?

All man-made religions are the root cause. And as long as people have segregational beliefs, religious hatred will continue to plague the world.

Written By Anonymous on December 16th, 2005 @ 3:45 am

Hey Islam Bashers,

If i begin to tell a story i start in the beginning right? And i end in the ending, correct?

This is for people how are taking quotes out of the Quran without knowing the whole story behind it.

Well all you people do is starting in the middle of a story without knowing the beginning nor the ending of it, and start critisizing it.

How poor, just start to read the Quran and you will all understand. Bashing Islam without knowing the truth of it is the sickest lamest thing to do.

Written By Kyro on December 31st, 2005 @ 12:36 pm

All the Muslim apologists on this site keep dragging up historical references to prove how bad other religions have been. The Spanish Inquisition is OVER. Hitler is DEAD. The crusades (the ones in the middle ages, anyway) are OVER. Muslims are enslaving women and murdering innocent people TODAY. Stop the simple-minded denials and weak historical references.

Written By Living in the NOW on January 12th, 2006 @ 9:07 am

Muslims are insecure. SO insecure in fact that they think some muslims will start worshiping a cartoon depicting that mohamhead pervert, drawn by a poor dannish sod that probably has his life in peril.

So, who wants to start “idolizing” a cartoon? What type of retard sees it as a threat? The cartoon (bomb on head) is very smart, in that it actually PREDICTS the reaction of muslams. Their fuses are indeeed lit, yet nobody seems to see the irony and the joke in all of this.

Oh my, is that woman unveiled? Oh jeez, I might get an erection and be forced to rape her .. gosh. Idiots. Absurd.

They are weak and insecure. They need compassion and help. They need their books re-written and they need re-education.

They need pitty and love. Their whole religion seems to me like a cry for help. They need to be disarmed by force unfortunately, but in the end, the civilized world shall live in peace with the reformed muslims.

Peace, compassion and love is what will cure them of their ails. (That and re-writting some of their books for them.)

Written By DUDE on February 4th, 2006 @ 8:12 am

I totally agree with the last couple of posts.

All religions, with no exception, are viruses. In my humble opinion, Islam is the best. It has proved to be the most effective at brain-washing simple, feeble-minded people. It seems to me that the Muslim world is living several hundred years behind the rest of the world. Islam is by far the furthest religion from enlightenment there is today.

How can anyone worship in a god who created everything? Everything includes all the evil that exists in the world, and if there is a god responsible, is he really worthy of worship? If there is a god, then he has to be an absolutely evil bastard who we should turn our backs to.

Surely the fact that all religions are based on ancient texts, written by men of much more simple times, is enough for anyone capable of free thought to question the idea of god?

Written By Ralph on February 6th, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

Buddhists Rule! There’s no god, no savior…just you, yourself and your mind.

Written By BobOliver_D on February 7th, 2006 @ 2:15 pm

I personaly dont think its the religion, i meen believe what you want. I think just how people raised. I meen lets say you were told by your family all your life that these people are evil and should be killed as stuppid as that is….well if you were brought up that way think bout it.

Written By doc on February 8th, 2006 @ 3:00 am

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all evil and spring from the same root. All 3 religions claim an exclusive license on God and implicitly exclude others from being godly. There is no such exclusive license. As Jesus said– “The kingdom of heaven is upon the earth already and men do not see it. Muslims, Christians, and Jews are evil people.

Written By Donna on February 8th, 2006 @ 9:53 am


I am sure Europeans (chritians) were as blood thirsty and barbaric as these middle easternsuicide bombers, not more than 200-300 years back!!

but, I confess, all these terror attacks have made me feel a deep hatred for all muslim people/things.. and it’s getting increasingly difficult to shake that hatred off..

Written By ron on February 9th, 2006 @ 5:52 am

Catholics have the Pope…Buddhists have the Dali Lama…Muslims have??? Osama?
If Islam is truly a peaceful religion…someone needs to step up and condemn the violence and represent the religion. So far, no one has..but extremist and terrorists. No one is in control…obviously.

Written By Paul_Ishdi on February 9th, 2006 @ 1:30 pm

Islam is a religion of domination, violence and control. THAT IS ALL.

Written By Mohammed on February 10th, 2006 @ 6:48 pm

Muslims Suck Ass! All they can think of religion and how to net let others live with peace and how to disrupt other people’s lives! Funny Cartoons have been made about all faiths, but no one goes out and launches a worldwide movement against some stupid cartoon, which also involves killing people! You motha-fuckers should rather learn to kill your own people! That way we will decrease the world’s “hater” population!

It is a very sad irony that the world’s freest Muslims — those who live in liberty in the West — are so unwilling to publicly condemn the world’s worst Muslims — the militant Islamist fascists who believe in violent jihad, intolerant theocracy, subjugated women, and hatred of Jews and Americans.

If anyone should be raising their voices against the totalitarians and terrorists who promote such evil in the name of Islam, it is the millions of moderate Muslims in America, Canada, and Europe. The image of Islam in the West would be greatly enhanced if more of them would speak out against the bigotry and brutality of the militants and forcefully advocate democracy and pluralism in the Middle East. But the vast majority are reluctant to do so. Some say nothing out of a misplaced sense of loyalty; others are afraid of being ostracized if they rock the communal boat.

Although, I have muslim friends, I would definitely have to say that you guys suck ass top to bottom, no matter what! At the end of the day you’re just a piece of that stupid religion based movement, with no aim in life whatsoever! Die bitches!

Written By Chirag on February 12th, 2006 @ 9:32 am

Why is it that when any other religion on this planet is mocked, poked at or made fun they just write angry letters in retalition.

Dare say boo about Islam and Islamics burn down embassasies, burn flags, scream and yell their hatred, people are killed, and they incessantly bitch cry and moan with rediculous public demonstrations??? *REALITY CHECK* Can you people not see how much you alienate yourselves and make the rest of the world dislike you even further?? Can anyone (you)possibly be that stupid?

If is looks, smells and acts like shit it’s time to call it as such.

ISLAM…seemingly the biggest producers of human garbage on this planet.

It’s Feb 13, 2006…. open any newspaper folks… let the facts speak for themselves.

Written By Steve on February 13th, 2006 @ 4:34 pm

Many Islamics possess the mentality of 5 year olds. The world will end when these freaks get nukes.

have mercy on us all it’s going to only get worse as these radicals turn into hormone enraged “teenagers” over the next 10 – 20 yrs

we are at the dawn of the beginning of the end of the world as we know and love it…

it’s like reasoning with poineer savages of 500 – 1000 years ago. Feeble minded people with access to dangerous technology…. here we go again history repeats itself this time with Middle east cavemen idiots…..


Written By George B on February 13th, 2006 @ 5:46 pm

WHOA Nelly! This IS one interesting discussion. I remember my 5th grade science teacher in the 1970’s telling my class the largest growing religion in the world was the Muslim faith. The class laughed as we never heard of such a religion – about a man, Muhammad, who was actually a criminal in his time, becoming an enlightened individual and bedding a number of virgins, marrying a number more, and promising young men they will have 72 of them at their side should they do an act for their prophet….Interesting stuff.

The Christians and Jews have their issues…and their beliefs. Those who criticize “organized religion” in general are just showing their oppressive ignorance. The point they are missing is that “the truest test of faith is Blind Faith”. That means believing the unseen. Do you think Stevie Wonder believes the sky is blue even though he can’t see it? That would be called FACT to you or I since we can see it, but Stevie calls it FAITH SINCE HE CAN’T. In other words, he believes it because WE believe it.

Someone earlier posted you can’t condemn a religion with a broad brush for what misguided individuals of a sect due. Likewise, a devout, mentally sound member of a sect ought not remain silent when he sees nuckleheads representing his/her faith in a misguided fashion.

I can see why so many people feel the need to rant and rave whenever something is done in the name of religion. The easiest response is the condemn religion altogether! By the way, wasn’t the United States founded, in part, as a haven from religious oppression? Yet, here we go complaining because people aren’t thinking or behaving in a manner we’d like them to. Sounds like a control issue to me. I say live and let live. Believe what you want. Just don’t infringe on my rights, I won’t infringe on yours.

Written By Kevin C. on February 21st, 2006 @ 8:42 pm

While in Iraq I saw no sadness when a fellow Muslim killed Muslim kids with a car bomb. But then they kill over cartoons. What a bunch of fucktard monkeys. They make lousy soldiers, Lousy husbands, and in MY opinion just lousy people. I say let em burn and blow up their own countries. Who gives a shit. I saw them eat during Ramadan in the day. I saw married men flirting. And on raids there was evidence of homosexual activity in the hideouts of possible terrorists. And the Palestinians where the dredge of arab countries before Isreal beat the shit out of egypt among others during the 6 day war. Even when outnumbered. Lousy soldiers. The men and women who volunteer for suicide bombings are usually the weak depressed and unmarried scum of their society. The United States problem is that we should let them starve and die instead of involving ourselves in other countries business. And we shouldnt let them in. Seems to me that some fat lazy government workers who were happy with making a shitload of money with a fat GS job and let the little dicked terroists right into our home. Muslims should be happy im not in charge of this country. Id turn their homelands into a big piece of fucking glass. Damn I hate them. Obvious im sure from my ranting. And in closing Mohammed was a false profit and a felon oh yeah I also forgot Pedophile.

Written By Slappedabunchofragheads on March 9th, 2006 @ 8:19 am

Some more food for thought: ” Call for Christian Convert in Afghanistan to be executed”

Here is a comment from a so called moderate: “Rejecting Islam is an insult to God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die” said cleric Abdul Raoulf who is considered a moderate.
And he is considered a moderate? Unbelievable!

Many muslims are callig for the world to understand them and respect their religion…kind of hard when things like this are happening.
–Children shot at a russian school by so called “freedom fighters”
–A Nigerian press person barely spared from execution because she suggested the prophet Mohammed may enjoy a beauty contest.
— School girls in a Saudi school burned to death because the fireman and police would not let them escape as their heads were not covered by scarves.
— Protesters over the infamous cartoons calling for “demolition to Europe ” and death to all non believers.
–A death sentance put on the head of the danish cartoonist.

And then…these idiots wonder why people despise their insane religion.
Even when violent passages from the Quran are quoted they still refuse to accept the criticism and have to post messages telling us to “get educated” Yeah.. I think we have all the education we need to know !!
And on and on it goes.

Written By Asa on March 24th, 2006 @ 8:41 am

Amen & Amen to your original commentary of 3/24/04. Let’s expose this bullshit religion (depraved justification) for what it is … a license to kill and abuse innocents. Mohammed is a myth, soon to self destruct.

No Mosques in my back yard, take your islamic bullshit elsewhere is what I say…

Stay strong

Written By Dave on July 13th, 2006 @ 5:13 pm

im 32 years old and i knew this bullshit with the muslims would come to this 20 years ago. im not racist. i hate only muslim fucks. i think all muslims are evil peices of shit. come get me you terrorist scum ill be waiting. I hope the jews finish this shit. because the liberal scum in this country wont let us.

Written By eric on July 20th, 2006 @ 5:16 pm

I really agree with you. Islam is a very evil religion and these people that say that islam is a peaceful religion, they are just full of shit. Another screwed up thing that they do that you forgot to mention is that they forcfully circumsize their daughters(mostly in Northern African countries, even though it has been outlawed) so that they can get more money out of them by selling them into marraige. For those who may not know much about this subject, they do not do this with anesthesia or by surgery and there is nothing sterile about it. They are held down by 4 elder women and another uses a sharp rock or a hand made knife to cut off the clitoris. then they are bound from ankle to waist until it heals. If it heals. A large percentage die from this. This is now taking place in the U.S. But they have upgraded a little. Here it is being done with razors, kitchen knives and scissors. The parents will disown them if they refuse. But if it was me, I wouldnt care. If my parents wanted to do that to me, I would disown them. That is, if I was a girl and possesed a clitoris. Its bad enough that they are doing this in their own countries, but when they start bringing these sick traditions to our country, thats when something needs to be done. I just wish all of these people could be wiped off the face of this earth. To my, the earth is a brain and muslims are a cancer. There will never be any kind of peace on this earth with them here. Then they wonder why people have grudges against them. Its not like Im judging a group of people because of the color of their skin. Im judging a group of people that follow a doctrine that teaches them to hate anyone who is not muslim.

Written By Jeremy-Genocide on August 3rd, 2006 @ 6:14 pm

I loved the post about Jesus and God’s gift to us through Him. It has been written that the only way to salvation is through Jesus. This does not mean that you need to be fanatical about things. Jesus made it very simple for us. Live an honest life, share what you have with others, and spread the Gospel. That will get you into Heaven. I see no way how anyone who thinks that a loving God would instruct others to murder innocent people in His name indiscriminately. That is what Islam teaches. That is why Islam is the religion of Satan, not God. Pray that all Muslims learn about and accept Jesus Christ into their lives because if they don’t they will surely burn in Hell for all eternity.

Written By Digital Man on August 10th, 2006 @ 9:42 am

eic, how can you say you are not racist, while you only hate Muslims for being Muslim, and that alone?

Written By TOny on August 11th, 2006 @ 12:05 am

After reading parts of the Koran (you have to put it down after some time due to the hate it preaches), I can factually state that the definition of a good muslim is one who kills the enemies of the religion. If you aren’t a muslim, you’re an enemy in their cross-hairs. If you ARE a muslim consorting with non-muslims, you’re a target too. It’s interesting that the liberals have tried to rename the religion of hate to the religion of peace, but their own “how to be a muslim” manual, the Koran, trumps their desires to paint these fairy tale images. These pieces of shit are no better than common thug gang members, and deserve no more recognition. They are the scum of the earth cowards who have been looking for an audience in the West for 3 decades. Instead of media sympathy, the only audience they deserve is a strong military response. Just like a crip or blood who murders an innocent to join a gang, these thugs (muslims) will continue work at being the worst of humanity. I pitty their low station in life and their weakness guided by religion. You can’t blame religion in general any more than you can blame a pencil for a mispelled word or a gun for a death, it’s the piece of shit people of islam!

Written By Steve - USA on August 15th, 2006 @ 3:52 pm

Right on, Tony! I couldn’t have said it better. They do not preach tolerance of other religions besides Islam, but more like “convert or die.”

Christianity has bad apples in it too, but hey, Christians don’t use their women and innocent children for bombs/human shields.

Written By K on August 17th, 2006 @ 8:53 pm