GOP Strategy Papers left at Starbucks

Apparently someone in the White House left their Political Script on 9-11 behind at Starbucks this morning. Now I ask you – if a Clinton official left something like this on the table at Starbucks – would you not be demanding a special prosecutor? That’s the difference between how Clinton is covered and how Bush […]

Clinton should Testify

Letter to the Editor The issue has been raised about what Clinton did or didn’t do to fight terrorism. I say – let’s call Clinton to testify to the 9-11 commission – in public – and under oath. In the interest of getting to the bottom of the problem so that 9-11 never happens again […]

National Security

Letter to the Editor If the Bush administration went after al Qaeda the way Bush is going after Richard Clarke for saying that Clinton did a better job on terrorism than Bush did, there wouldn’t be a terrorist threat to worry about.