Election Gas Price Fixing

This post was written by marc on April 20, 2004
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Letter to the Editor

It’s no surprise that there is a Saudi plan to reduce gas prices to help Bush get elected. After all – they owe Bush big time. 15 of the 19 9-11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia and they were funding Osama bin Laden. Bush and the Sandi’s are so close that the Saudi ambassador knew Bush was going to war with Iraq before Secretary of State Colin Powell was told. Saudi Arabia is getting quite rich this summer at the expense of the American people.

Reader Comments

I read your blog and articles regularly, so I am respectful of your talent. But Marc, why, in a world where deceptive practices are common, would you assume that the hijackers were the people on those passports, especially since some 7 of them are around to complain. And even if that weren’t true, do you think that their own ID would be used and readily available? Imagine the repercussions on their families. How convenient that they left them in obvious places! So now we can hate specific Arabs and hold that as blackmail? It’s too goofy.

Written By lilybridge on May 3rd, 2004 @ 6:10 pm

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