E-Loan Sucks – Beware!!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of E-Load commercials lately and it’s rather disturbing. In 2000 I got a loan through E-Loan and it was not a pretty process. It started out fairly well, except that they offered me one rate – but approved me at a signicantly higher rather than advertised. They said it was […]

Saddam to return to power!

You heard it here first. Having realized that Saddam – a fierce oppressor of his people – created stability and kept the terrorists at bay. So Bush has decided to put Saddam back in power. Saddam will resume shipping oil and contract with Halliburton to manage reconstruction.

Election Terrorism

Letter to the Editor Most people believe that there will be some sort of terrorist attack against the United States before the election. And there probably will be because Bush wasted all our resources going after Iraq when he should have gone after Osama bin Laden. Now the real terrorists are not only free but […]