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This post was written by marc on May 11, 2004
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An American was beheaded today in retaliation for Bush’s failed policy of torturing prisoners. I cal it Bush’s policy because as soon as 9-11 happened Bush started talking about when torture can be used and tried to distinguish various of war so as to justify torture. Then Bush had secret prisons set up like the one in Cuba so as to keep away anyone who would supervise them. So – when torture is exposed – are we really surprised?

Getting back on subject – seeing the pictures of the video supposedly of terrorists executing an American – the terrorists seem to be taller – stockier – and fatter that most Islamist terrorists are. It looks to me like these could be Americans posing as Islamic terrorists to create an event to justify our use of torture.

Furthermore – if you look at the video you can see that Nick Berg is wearing an orange prison jump suit. When you look at the Iraqi POW abuse pictures one of them – the one with prisoners tied and laying on the floor – shows the same type of orange prison jumpsuit. The man is executed in a concrete building with yellow walls and floresent lighting – the same yellow walls and lighting as the abuse pictures. Am I crazy? Or – was this man executed at Abu Ghraib prison.

Also – these guys are wearing bullet proof jackets. That’s very American. And – when they yelled before they cut the head off – they sounded like Americans yelling at a football game.

According to CNN the voices don’t match al-Zarqawi. From CNN:

The Web site said the killing had been carried out by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of an Islamist terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks on coalition forces in Iraq.

The voice on the tape could not be verified as that of al-Zarqawi. CNN staffers familiar with al-Zarqawi’s voice said the voice on the tape did not sound like him.

Torture and execution benifit both Osama bin Laden and Bush. The greater the hate the better Bush and the terrorist do. Considering that Americans ordered the execution of survivors of an Afgan Massacure of 3000 POWs it is not outside what Bush would do to cover up this scandal. And – like I said – these terrorists look a little too big and too fat to be Islamist terrorists.

I have seen the video – I was going to post it – but I’m leaning against it. If you get a change to download it and view it – I strongly recommend that you don’t. Lets just say that knowing that they guy had his head sawed off with a knike while still alive is enough information to know what happened. I’m still in shock over what I saw and I’m still in a stunned state. Seeing it doesn’t add any information to what you already know.

I may post the video because it is what happened. It is the price we pay for having Bush as president. But I’m not ready to do that right now.

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i watched the beheading video and i think it was too gruesome to be fake.. although i hope it was fake ..i wouldn’t wish that kind of death on any human or animal no matter what they do … i dont agree or disagree with the war i don’t know enough about it to say and i’m in no control over it .. i feel for the iraqi people as much as i feel for the soldiers fighting over there … peace to everyone xxx

Written By lisa on August 6th, 2004 @ 9:11 am

the video of the beheading totally shocked me and i wont be watching it again to see the details that people have mentioned .. some of the peoples post show how nasty some people can be to say “kill all iraqis” is crazy and heartless …. peace out

lisa 29 england

Written By lisa on August 6th, 2004 @ 9:16 am

i think i would like to view the video myself… could u tell me where to get it… anyway u got some interesting comment there… pray 4 the tortured… bless the dead…

Written By sky on August 7th, 2004 @ 7:50 am

i think i would like to view the video myself… could u tell me where to get it… anyway u got some interesting comment there… pray 4 the tortured… bless the dead…

Written By sky on August 7th, 2004 @ 7:50 am

Mark, you’re an idiot. BR Peeson, you’re an ignorant idiot.

Written By firstbrokenangel on August 13th, 2004 @ 11:40 am

i have seen the video and what you say marc is true there are inconsistensies in it i myself am a new zealander but am disgusted at such events what shocks me the most is how the leaders of one country can just sit back and let its own citizens be slaughtered i mean one for the many but to allow them to be slaughtered in such a way and im not up with the current events in america but i personally think that a murder no a slaughter of this kind would be followed by a speech or apology of some kind by bush to the family of nick berg i mean the get no compensation for the american goverments actions leading to their sons death was there any kind of negotiation for his release or was it a simple no sorry no terrorist poilcy and then basically say to nick berg sorry but ur going to have to die it myself couldnt justify it but im only 18 so yeah

Written By jonathan on September 27th, 2004 @ 12:52 am

The article is very disturbing but it’s good to know whats happening out there. Bush should pay for the crimes

Written By Martin Kuria Waruiru on September 27th, 2004 @ 3:02 am

I just recently viewed this video<~~( The decapitation of Nick Berg)… and in comparisson to a few other beheading videos that I have viewed ( of other people NOT Mr.Berg )… In my opinion, this video is the 1 of the biggest piles of Doo-Doo that I have ever seen. Ameture film students/and workers at Madame Tussauds House of Wax can see the obvious flaws.
The 1st question I asked myself was..”where is the blood?”
Forget about the size of the men and what they are wearing…bottom line is…already dead or not…there was NO blood .

2nd… In all other beheadings that I have viewed… The person was blindfolded before the beheading…no blindfold seen on this Man(niquin)
(This is a COMMON practise that is done to the intended)

3rd… I do not speak Arabic, however, it is OBVIOUS to me when hearing the man reading his speech before beheading this Man(niquin)… was NOT from the Middle East.
I live in a Multi-cultural society and hear MANY languages everyday, I know what the Arabic language sounds like comming from the mouth of someone which Arabic is their mother tounge.
THAT was not.
I could go on..and on…and on.

It is amazing at what can be spoon fed to a mass of SIMPLETONS… then again, If media can make people eat McDonalds as food, I guess they can show a few men decapitating a Man(niquin) and say it’s an American Citizen…. hmmmm

Written By Arrina on May 22nd, 2007 @ 4:25 pm

I just want to comment on some of the posts stating that this was a gruesome site to see.

Are you serious?… I have seen way more gore in Hollywood films than what I witnessed in this video.

Go do a search of what REAL brutal beheading videos looks and sounds like.. then do the comparisson.

You will be embarrassed at how easily you have been duped into beleiving that this was real.

Written By Arrina on May 22nd, 2007 @ 4:39 pm


As you stated…

English was spoken in the background of the video.

TRUE… the exact words spoken are…

” That was a good one ” <~~ Go ahead, convince me that this statement is 100% Arabic in nature

English is the language of the Enemy agianst Allah(God) according to radical Islamists (if I am wrong about this, please correct me)

IF these were real Iraqi terrorists… ENGLISH would NEVER be uttered(other than in an iterrogation situation). It would be a direct insult to Allah(God).


Neither side of this conflict is correct in ANY of their actions nor do I support what either side is doing.
Taking a life is reptillian PERIOD

When humans are killing… they are monsters…
When they are fighting… they are savages…
When they are shouting… they are hopeless…
When they are swearing… they are pathetic…

Nothing will ever be solved by war..
Never has…Never will

And if this “eye for an eye” attitude continues

We all are damned.

Written By Arrina on May 22nd, 2007 @ 6:04 pm

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