Fed Intrest Rate Hike – Might be the last straw

The FED raised the interest rate today and it might be the last straw that will break the fragile economy. We are running on totally false numbers. Gas prices and energy prices spiraling out of control – health care costs in double digit inflation – and wages continue to drop. This is insanity and things […]

Someone at Democratic Underground Met Clinton and said …

Someone met Clinton yesterday in Santa Clara and reported tha Clinton is taking this election seriously. Let’s hope it’s true. —————– My husband, a fellow DUer, and I met the Big Dog, the Honorable William Jeffereson Clinton, last night at a fancy, shmanzy fundraiser in California. Through contacts, we were able to gain entrance to […]

Republicans Fail to hide raising Debt Limits

At least Republicans are at least still embarrased about their borrow and spend politics and have tried to hide raising the borrowing limit inside the defense spending bill. Basically ther way it worked was that there would be language in the bill that would make financing a national secutity issue and thus in times of […]

Saudi’s Own 7% of America

According to the Michael Moore movie Fahrenheight 9/11 Saudi Araiba owns 7% of America. With the growing deficit that percentage is increasing. Soon America will be under Saudi control and we will basically be their slaves. Bush’s tax cust are a means of transferring America’s wealth and power to the Saudi royal family. The Saudi’s […]

Fahrenheit 9/11 – Makes me glad Gore didn’t run again

I just saw the movie. Loved it! But the beginning sceenes reminded me about how angry I was with Gore after the 2000 selection. This movie is not just anti-bush. It’s also very anti-Gore and very accurate indead. I remember when it came to to confirm bush as president members of the Congress wanted to […]

Green Party Awakens to Reality

Finally figuring it out that if not for Nader and the Green Party – Bush wouldn’t be president. I guess they decided not to make the same mistake twice and rejected the Republican backed Nader as their candidate. Good for them for finally getting it.

Supreme Court Rules Republican Presidents protected from Vexatious Litigation

The Supreme Court has a different standard for Republican Presidents and Democratic Presidents. Democrats have to face trial – Republicans get a pass! In the case of Dick Cheney the Supreme Court ruled: Court won’t order Cheney Papers Released! Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, writing for the majority, said the federal district court judge who ordered […]

America is a Christian Nation – Controlled by the Moonies

Well finally the “mainstream media” has caught up with the Internet. CBS News finally ran the story of the Reverend Syung Mung Moon being corrinated as the messiah by members of Congress in the Dirkson office building. I blogged about it weeks ago. Where is NBC, ABC and CNN on this story? Hiding it. That’s […]

Record Sales for Clinton’s Book

Bill Clinton’s new book has outsold any book in history for first day sales. It may sell more copies than any book in history. Boy do the Clinton haters hate that. The media reviewers say the book is boring. But the public thinks different and are voting with their dollars. So – who is right? […]

Americans view Iraqis/Muslims as Subhuman

It pretty clear that the government of America views Iraqis and Muslims as subhuman. For example – it was announced that a civilian contractor was going to be put on trial for “Assult” for his role in the “Abuses” at Abu Ghraib Prison. This guy didn’t “abuse” or “assult” the prisoner. He tortured the prisoner […]

Memo Authorizing Torture Released

Here is the full version of the Memo Authorizing Torture that Bush passed out creating the excuse to torture the prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison. This memo was written by a lawyer working for John Ashcroft named Jay S. Bybee who has been appointed as a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This […]

Bishops and Morality

Letter to the Editor I find the idea of Catholic Bishops endorsing the idea that those who approve of abortion aren’t fit to receive communion to be somewhat amusing. There’s an old saying – those without sin should cast the first stone. And – even though no one really holds to those standards – I […]

Another fake terrorist arrest in swing state of Ohio

This one looks as fishy as the rest that turned out to be fake. Fake terror alters and fake prosecutions put America at risk. The GOP is using this as an election tactic. COLUMBUS, Ohio June 15, 2004 — Like thousands of fellow Somalis leaving behind brutal clan warfare, Nuradin Abdi settled in this city […]

Bush Planting WMD in Iraq?

U.S. Trucks Carrying Radioactive Materials Intercepted In Iraq-Kuwait Border TEHRAN (MNA) -– The UAE-based daily Al-Khaleej reported on Monday that Kuwaiti tariff officials have intercepted a truck loaded with radioactive materials in the Iraq-Kuwait border. The daily quoted informed sources as saying that the radioactive control team from Kuwait’s Health Ministry discovered that one of […]

Supreme Court sets back Father’s Rights

In the process of ducking the issue on “under God” in the pledge the Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to father’s rights. Technically I really mean the non-custodial parents rights – but in America the family courts are severely slanted in favor of women. Basically – what the court ruled was that when the […]

PayPal Sucks – Closed my Account – Keeping my Money

I’m in the process of building my PayPal sucks site and this blog entry is the first step. It’s the art of being an asshole. I’m sure I’m not the only one that PayPal has ripped off and probably won’t be the last – but I will be the one they remember the most. I […]

Bush’s idea of a full and open investigation

Bush promised a “full accounting” for “cruel and disgraceful abuse of Iraqi detainees.” He said the treatment is an “insult to the Iraqi people” and an “affront to the most basic standards of morality and decency.” He said those involved will “answer for their conduct in an orderly and transparent process.” Document warns Guantanamo employees […]

Bush no longer talks about the RAPE ROOMS

Bush doesn’t talk about the rape rooms any more now that it turns out that US forces were raping Iraqi men, women, and children. Rape Rooms, A Chronology by William Saletan, Slate May 6, 2004 “The Iraqi people are now free. And they do not have to worry about the secret police coming after them […]

Should Blacks thank America for ending Slavery?

I want to take the opposite position from those who think that America should apologize to Black people for slavery. Lets look at reality here. America wasn’t the ones who started enslaving blacks. They usually bought black slaves from other blacks in Africa where slavery still exists. The decendents of the slaves in America are […]

Syung Mung Moon Crowned King in US Senate Building

Well – apparently America really is a Christian Nation – but it’s the Moonies who have officially been chosen by the US Government to be the official state religion. On March 23rd 2004 Moon was officially crowned messiah by Congress in the Senate Dirksen Office Building. What’s scary is – why don’t you see this […]

Republicans have a plan to take power if they lose the elections

If there comes a point where the Republican Party realizes that they can not win in the election – they will try to take America by force. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a coup in the works as a backup plan should Republicans lose the election. If the Republicans […]

Voice over IP Telephone Calls (VoIP)

I got a cool new technology toy. It’s a new way to make telephone calls without having a telephone line. You use the Internet to make phone calls. It’s called Voice over IP (VoIP) and I just got one and I love it. I can now make phone calls over my cable modem and get […]

US government faked Bush news reports

From the Gaurdian TV news reports in America that showed President George Bush getting a standing ovation from potential voters have been exposed as fake, it has emerged. The US government admitted it paid actors to pose as journalists in video news releases sent to TV stations intending to convey support for new laws about […]

Rush Limbaugh to Divorce – Again!

I remember during the Monica Lewinshy affair how the right wingers salivated over the impending demise of the clinton family. “Surely she will divorce him” they drooled waiting for the impending announcement that never came. That’s because Clinton’s marriage was much more solid than his Republican detractors like Rush Limbaugh. Generally I don’t revel in […]

Reagan Funeral GOP FuckFest Nearly Over

Of course the media is grateful to Reagan because he’s the one who turned media ownership over to the current right wing owners. As everyone tries to rewrite history in favor of a really sorry president, it doesn’t seem to be helping the GOP hold on to power in the midst of the revelations that […]

Reagan did not win the Cold War

Actually Gorbechev did. Here’s an exerpt from MSNBC Story where Gorbechev sets the record straight. ‘We all lost’ But if he had warm, appreciative words for Reagan, Gorbachev brusquely dismissed the suggestion that Reagan had intimidated either him or the Soviet Union, or forced them to make concessions. Was it accurate to say that Reagan […]

A Special Song to Remember Ronald Reagan

I found this Special Song that expresses that way I feel at the tragic passing of Presinent Reagan. Please play this song and see it this special piece moves your soul the way it moved mine and expresses the mood that represents how I felt about the passing of President Reagan. —— I sent the […]

Are our soldiers heros – or just sex perverts?

You think you’ve seen the worst of it – and then you find more. Here’s an Article from the New York Times where it turns out that stripping prisoners nake and having them perform homosexual sex acts with each other in order to create religious shame was going on all the time. For some reason […]

New Enron Tapes

Here’s something I snagged from CBS. More Enron tapes gloating about shutting down California. People died in these power outages. These people should be prosecuted for manslaughter. These are the people who put Bush in office and who Bush and Ashcroft are trying to protect. Ashcroft took $57,000 bucks from Enron when he ran for […]

Torture Memo Released

Snagged this off of MSNBC – Torture.pdf This is pretty interesting legal bullshit. It basically justifies everything Bush and the millitary does. It makes me wish I was a lawyer defending the guards at Abu Griab. This memo provides the perfect legal cover. Here’s why: The guards say that they were acting under orders and […]