Bush Dirties Christiian Identity

This post was written by marc on June 4, 2004
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The biggest losers in the Bush culture revolution are the ones who back him the strongest – Christians. Bush has done more to hurt the image of Christianity than anyone since the Crusades.

Bush identifies himself as a Christian in every move he makes and thus hold himself out as an example of Christian behavior. Although the American media downplays American war atrocities – the rest of the world isn’t nearly as blind.

The rape and torture at Abu Griab Prison wasn’t just “humiliation” as Americans describe it – it was religious persecution. Besides sleep deprivation and pain, Americans raped the women prisoners, brought in their teenage children and raped them with the prisoners watching, forced male prisoners to have homosexual sex with each other, and several prisoners were just beaten to death.

But – the torture went beyond that. They focused on their religious beliefs. Prisoners were forced by their Christian captors to renounce their faith and their god and were forced to accept Jesus literally at gunpoint. They were forced to eat pork – something hat is prohibited in their religion. This is the same sort of thing that happened during the Crusades where people were mass slaughtered for not accepting Jesus.

Although Americans try to brush it off – one of the things that are clear in the pictures of torture is that the American prison gauds were truly enjoying it. They are all smiling – giving the thumbs up – drinking and laughing – and making porn videos in front of the prisoners. Those pictures haven’t yet surfaced but have been described numerous times in the press. When they come out we’ll get to see Ms. England actually getting pregnant.

And this was all done with the knowledge and approval of everyone up the chain of command all the way to Bush. It started with Bush openly advocating torture. The White House described the Geneva Convention as “quaint” and “outdated” and they along with Ashcroft make it clear that the restrictions on torture don’t apply to Americans.

Then there is mounting evidence of secret orders being given by Rumsfield to torture prisoners. Prisoners were hidden from the Red Cross. Military Intelligence took control of the prison and gave the orders to torture. Pictures are showing that they are clearly in control. There is absolutely no doubt at all in the minds of everyone who is outside the zone of denial that what happened at Abu Griab was Christians gone Wild! It was literally done in the name of Jesus!

American bigotry is obvious on all levels and it is clear that the Bush administration considers Iraqis to be subhuman. When combat deaths are reported they only report Americans killed and the official casualty count is how many Americans were killed. Iraqi deaths are kept as a separate number and are not talked about in the same way. And the numbers are kept segregated. We don’t add Americans killed to Iraqis killed to come up with the total number of people killed. To the Bush administration – Iraqis are not people – in fact to them – adding Muslim and American casualties together is a dishonor to the Americans.

These atrocities are being carried out by Bush and his neo con backers. When I say “Americans” that isn’t accurate because “Americans” wouldn’t do anything like this. What is happening in Iraq is being done by a Christian cult who stole the election and is running America into the ground. And this Christian cult does not reflect mainstream American Christian thinking, but they are stealing the Christian identity and are committing atrocities under the banner of Christianity. And that is why this article is titled the way it is.

To the outside world who lives beyond the zone of denial what is happening is pretty obvious. George W. Bush acting as a Christian and as the leader of a Christian nation – is on an imperialist mission to attack Muslim nations without provocation – using lies and deception – in order to force Muslim nations to accept Christianity at the point of a gun. Muslims are put into prisons and are raped and tortured and kicked to death for not renouncing their faith and accepting Jesus. This is the way the Muslim world sees us – and the interpretation is largely correct. Bush really does intend to convert Muslims at gunpoint.

Let us assume that Bush didn’t know the details of the rape and murder at Abu Griab Prison – and he probably didn’t. But he sure knows them now. So what is he doing about it? Running for political cover. He is trying to whitewash it with more lies. “It was just a few bad apples” they say and he talks about Rumsfield as the finest Secretary of State in the history of the world. What he is really saying is – Iraqi’s and Muslims and non-christians are subhuman and that he retroactively approves of everything that had happened that he now knows about. These war atrocities don’t rise to the level of politics.

Of course Muslims aren’t any better than Christians when it comes to rape, torture, and murder. One need look no farther than the Telaban to see Muslims gone wild. But American Christians like to think of themselves as being more enlightened than suicide bombers and people who stone women to death – and the bottom line is – this puts Christians on the same level as Muslims – and Bush is the one who took Christians there.

The Bush Administration is a religious cult based small group of Christian Neo cons who are under the control of the Reverened Sun Myung Moon (yes – the moonies) who have usurped Christian identity and who are pulling the strings behind right wing Christian America. Moon was crowned the king in a crowning at a ceremony in the Dirkson Office Building by a group of Republican senators and is busy trying to get Christians to get rid of the cross and replace it with his crown. Papa Bush is often a Featured Speaker at Moon Mass Weddings. But that’s another scandal – and I’ll save that for another blog entry.

Reader Comments

I have to agree with you on one thing … Ms. England and ALL of the engineers on her train (supposedly she pulled a train in one video) are people that we should be proud of.

Written By tomocius on June 4th, 2004 @ 8:17 am

Context: nothing beyond the pictures is proof yet. To say that the soldiers were acting as Christians is ludicrous. Their actions go against everything Christ teaches. On the reverse, radical Muslims are carrying out what their prophet actually taught.

Written By chris on June 4th, 2004 @ 9:17 am

Some of the statements you make are too radical and full of assumptions. I know that you’re a radical guy Marc, but most of this “news article” is spin and borders on lunacy. Torture isn’t right, but it is done and has been done for thousands of years. I don’t believe that the “ass-invasion” prison scandal goes all the way to the top but it goes pretty far up. Torture is taught and condoned by all governments and military forces whether they publicly admit it or not. If you honestly believe that wars are supposed to be fought in a civilized manner, than I have lost faith that you have anything proactive to say that will rally America to partake in acts of valor and greatness. These torture acts were committed by only a few Individuals, America is not brushing “it” off but we are not making it the pinnacle of our existence. Remember “an army of one”? One of the main things separating us from communists is that the individual is acknowledged to be of more importance than the group. The KGB and The Russian army have done their share of torture too (often on their own people (don’t even get me started on China)), this modern Crusade fits into this concept of political polarity as well. I read your Church Of Reality to some degree- it is interesting and has some positive messages to it but I think that this article contradicts some of your church’s belief systems- I may be wrong- I don’t think I’ll check though. If you don’t like Bush #43 just say so it’s a free country (for the moment). Just leave Christianity as a whole alone (“…some Christian elements…’ would be more appropriate). With a topic as radical as this is, it would help to see where you got all your information from (CBS?)

Written By Rob on June 4th, 2004 @ 9:37 am

“Their actions go against everything Christ teaches.”

Not all Christians are probably anywhere near that mindful of those teaches. Especially ones in the war zone.

“Torture isn’t right, but it is done and has been done for thousands of years.”

And it will be until the end of the human race. This world and government aren’t really run by the morals that we consider to be “right”.

Written By Shadow Hawk on June 4th, 2004 @ 11:32 pm

“Just leave Christianity as a whole alone”

I didn’t read Marc’s article as an attack on mainstream Christianity, though I am aware of others that fit that description. As I read it, he is making the point that Muslims outside the West already see this conflict as a Crusade against Islam, and the torture images will only encourage this view.

“it would help to see where you got all your information from”

I, too, would appreciate some documentation. It’s hard to quote him when he rarely mentions his sources. He should hyperlink any controversial assertions–or at least mention the program if he culled it off TV. Somebody can probably track down a transcript somewhere. Something, anything.


Written By curt on June 5th, 2004 @ 2:57 am

Marc, not all Muslim are Taliban and i must say that the majority of Muslim in this world doesn’t condone any of the Taliban’s actions. Sure the radical will torture and murder but there was nothing about rape (not that I had heard of). There is no such thing as suicide bombing in Islam (even if there is, bombers aren’t allowed to kill civilians and to destruct properties). If you are into war, according to Islam, you are only to kill soldiers and civilians must not be harmed and no destruction of infrastructure, (homes, buildings) and even trees.
I would love to agree with you on what you wrote on this article, but this is a very difficult and sensitive matter. Sure there might be Muslims out there who would think that this is a crusade against Islam but on a personal note, I would say the reason for this war is oil and to protect Israel’s interest and happenings in the Abu Gharib prison is the actions of minorities’ idiots.
Chris, Prophet or Islam doesn’t teach Muslim to be killers or to hate and despise non-Muslims. Muslims are taught to be kind to each other and this includes non-Muslims alike. The radical Muslims actions are against the teaching of Prophet and Islam.

Written By !ik on June 6th, 2004 @ 6:29 am

I have been browsing your web site just out of curiosity. What I found has disgusted and filled me with concern. You see I started out reading your unlogical conclusions on the Berg killing. Yes I imagine the tape was fake it’s called propaganda and has been around for centuries. You trying to say that CIA killed Berg is ludicrous. The few items that actually read in depth prove the fact that you have no idea what you are talking about. First, the bullet proof vest on your terrorist are actually very old surplus flak jackets. Most of the Islamic rebels and Sheites have worn them in their conflicts for years, also the US military(hence MP’s prison guards) they wear KEVLAR, which is useless against a knife or large caliber gunfire. Your comment on how they wear this vest to protect them against knives is just brainless.

One final note I deal with Muslims everyday from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc… I am part of the massive border protection that protects people like you everyday from terrorists. The Muslims I deal with all the time actually thank the United States for things they are doing in the Middle East. The extremist are the ones that fill the air with false stories and misguided information because they know that back here somebody is going to take the ball and run with it, just like you do. So I am sure Bin Laden says thank you to you everyday for your service in helping him undermind the American people and a Christian way of life. After all your very own “complaint site” for your web site says and I quote: “TALK TO THE FINGER, JESUS SUCKS”

Maybe people should really be asking where do your loyalties lie. The US government is not perfect by any means, but I am and always will be a defender of the American public LIKE YOU!! So think next time before you insult us with your conspiracy banging, otherwise go back to your terrorist buddies.

Written By concerned on June 8th, 2004 @ 1:06 am

Marc is not even half as far out there as Rush, Hannity, Faux News, and MSGOP are every day.

The difference between this harangue and the BS coming from the media whores is that there is a grain of truth to Mr. Perkel’s statements, whereas the media whores make things up out of whole cloth to smear Democrats everywhere.

Go get ’em, Marc. You must be doing something right if the trailer park set are getting their wife-beaters all sweaty over what you say.

pReznit Pinhead has turned the greatest country in the world into another thugocracy. He has caused untold dishonor and shame to the U.S. and should have been impeached a long time ago.

You do realize that his administration has been happy to announce that America is taking innocent women and children hostage now, don’t you? And that by supporting this murdering Usurper you are supporting taking hostages, in addition to supporting their torture chambers?

Written By (: Tom :) on June 8th, 2004 @ 7:51 am

Tom you are a moron. Where are the sources for your info?
I am going to enjoy watching you choke on your own agenda.

Written By Rob on June 8th, 2004 @ 10:37 am

Hey lik, don’t you dare question marc’s patriotism.

And I quote Marc, “Even though exposing this is bad for America – what is really bad for America is if we do this and get away with it. We can not allow America to become like NAZIs.”

This goes way beyond the flak jackets. Please don’t tell us that the arabs that are kissing your nazi ass inorder to cross some western-imposed immigration line are telling you the truth. They are telling you what you want to hear numbnut.

The Berg killing has CIA written all over it – overwhelming physical evidence, the taped monologue that sounds like a western wet dream more than the Iraqi branch (haha) of Al Quada. What a fucking joke.

Anyway, back to my point. What on earth does that army chick have in that open glass container on top of the white napkin??? I mean, were they freaking eating human organs from their Iraqi victims or what???

Written By richard on June 8th, 2004 @ 1:58 pm

I also read about the rapes of teenagers in front of family members and that a boy was raped too. I sure am not going to go scour the internet trying to find a quote to satisfy somebody’s “quote fetish”. Ask any Senator, they saw the private screening.

Written By richard on June 8th, 2004 @ 2:59 pm

Hey Richard,

Before you go off the handle and calling people numbnuts you should get your facts straight. lik didn’t question his loyalties, I did you moron.

When I questioned his loyalty it was not a literal meaning, but I figured smart people would be able to figure this out. So let me spell it. These terrorist groups love it when they can take one un-proven and turn it into a huge controversy by letting or own radical people get carried away. All this attitude does is let them win. I work for the government but that does not mean I support them. I think alot of the people I lead positions in our government are idiots, but I will not lt terrorist use that belief as a propaganda tool. Stating that the Bush admin wants to convert all Muslim’s is crazy. Thousands of Muslims cross our borders everyday, and guess what only 1/3 of them are from Middle Eastern countries. Some are from Africa, Europe, and the USA. Muslims, Iraq’s, and other people of Middle Eastern descent are not bad people. Terrorist are bad people and not all terrorist are Muslim or foreigners. You calling me a NAZI is laughable, I am not the one saying that Muslims and Iraqi’s are bad people it is other people saying that, they are the NAZI’s and I am not saying that you are one (in case that was not clear enough for you).

As far as the immigration line comment, you better be glad they are there. If not you and everybody else would be jobless. Aperson from one of these 3rd world countries could came here and do the same work for 1/4 of the pay that you or I would do it, then after 6 months he could go back to his country and live off his earnings for 2-3 yrs depending upon what country he is from. Plus he would not pay taxes on that money. So maybe you should think a little bit harder next before you open your mouth.

Written By concerned on June 9th, 2004 @ 8:06 pm

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