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This post was written by marc on June 7, 2004
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This guy Max Black has posted a new web site outlining in detail everything leading up to the War in Iraq. Some of it goes back to Prescott Bush’s Nazi days. I just can’t stop reading it!!

If you like what you see – please link to

Here’s a sample”

The 1980s:

Osama bin Laden provides help for the Afghan Mujaheddin and the CIA. Iran-Iraq War. The GOP’s “October Surprise” leads to the election of Ronald Reagan as president.

Hostages released. Reagan shot. Egypt’s Anwar Sadat assassinated.

US covert support of Iraq in its war with Iran. Sun Myung Moon becomes a media mogul and an ally of the GOP. Arbusto Oil and Spectrum 7.

Promis/Inslaw scandal. 241 Marines die in Lebanon. Reagan envoy Donald Rumsfeld meets with Hussein to shore up US-Iraqi relations.

Rumsfeld gives US approval for Iraqi chemical warfare. Osama bin Laden peddles arms and opium with CIA approval. Iran-Contra scandal brewing.

CIA recruits radical Muslims to fight in Afghanistan. US swaps arms to Iran for hostages.

The Clintons extricate themselves from Whitewater. Reagan illegally funds Nicaraguan Contras. Chernobyl. Harken Oil. Iran-Contra scandal breaks; Dick Cheney protects Vice President Bush. Reagan administration successfully blunts Iran-Contra investigation.

Reagan admits involvement in Iran-Contra. USS Stark attacked by Iraq; US blames Iran. Robert Bork blocked from US Supreme Court, raising ire of conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh begins broadcasting nationally. Operation Anfal in Iraq kills thousands of Kurds. Iran-Contra indictments. Halabjah massacre. Soviets begin withdrawing from Afghanistan. US directly attacks Iranian forces. Echelon launched. Al-Qaeda founded. Iran-Iraq war ends. Pan Am plane bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland, by Islamic terrorists. George H.W. Bush becomes President.

Prescott Bush ties with Japanese crime lords. Bush escalates secret support of Iraq. BCCI investigation. George W. Bush buys into Texas Rangers. Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing. Newt Gingrich successfully forces Jim Wright out of power. Berlin Wall falls. Noriega regime in Panama overthrown by US.

The 1990s:

Harken Oil contracts to drill in Persian Gulf. US government gives Saddam Hussein green light to invade Kuwait. US falsifies evidence that Iraq is preparing to attack Saudi Arabia. Iraq invades Kuwait; Bush responds with “Operation Desert Shield.” US falsifies evidence that Iraqi troops murdered Kuwaiti babies; the global outcry legitimizes US military escalation in Kuwait. Rabbi Meir Kahane assassinated.

US invades Iraq: “Operation Desert Storm.” US destroys Iraqi water supply, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis. Iraqi forces set oil fields ablaze. Entire invasion and “liberation” of Kuwait carefully stage-managed by GOP-hired public relations firms. After invasion, Hussein crushes Kurdish rebellion, which was encouraged by US. SEC investigates Harken Oil; investigation derailed by friends of Bush family. Coup in Russia leads to deposing of Mikhail Gorbachev and dissolution of USSR. Clarence Thomas named to Supreme Court. US military presence in Saudi Arabia infuriates Islamic radicals and leads to “jihad” against US.

“Defense Planning Guidance” article lays out GOP foreign policy for next twenty years; primarily authored by Paul Wolfowitz, with input from Dick Cheney and other hawks. Bush sends troops to Somalia. Bill Clinton becomes President. George H.W. Bush pardons a number of convicted Iran-Contra figures.

Clinton administration buries “October Surprise” evidence. Clinton is asked by Bush to back off on Iraq/BCCI investigation and agrees. WTC bombing. US foils assassination attempt on former president Bush. Branch Davidian debacle. White House travel office imbroglio demonstrates that conservatives are determined to destroy Clinton no matter what. Suicide of Vince Foster becomes a cause celebré among Clinton conspiracy mongers. A US military raid in Somalia goes awry, causing the deaths of 18 soldiers. Communist resistance to change in the former USSR is defeated. Whitewater investigation begins. “Troopergate,” a bogus scandal concocted by right-wing media, hits the US press.

Pentagon derails investigations into Gulf War syndrome. Donald Rumsfeld’s firm supplies North Korea with uranium and nuclear technology; blame for North Korea’s nuclear program will later be shifted onto Clinton. Paula Jones accuses Clinton of sexual impropriety. Robert Fiske finds nothing to Whitewater allegations, and is replaced by GOP hardliner Kenneth Starr. FBI buries evidence of Saudi involvement with Islamic terror groups. Taliban takes power in Afghanistan. George W. Bush becomes governor of Texas.

Clinton administration continues to stonewall investigations into US connections to Iraq. White supremacist Timothy McVeigh bombs a federal building in Oklahoma, killing 168. Two congressional investigations find no evidence of criminal activity on the Clintons’ involvement in Whitewater; Starr continues to investigate. BCCI investigation concludes. False offer of al-Qaeda information from Sudan. Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Oil fined for doing business with terror sponsor Libya. Clinton-Lewinsky affair. Israel’s Yitzhak Rabin assassinated. Newt Gingrich engineers shutdown of federal government. GOP Senator Orrin Hatch stonewalls investigation into FBI mistakes leading to 1993 WTC bombing. RTC clears Clintons of wrongdoing in Whitewater.

Clinton launches aggressive anti-terrorism initiatives; GOP fights every step. Meeting between Osama bin Laden and Saudi Arabia. Khobar Towers bombing. Failed attempt by CIA to overthrow Saddam Hussein. Olympic bombing. FBI stymies investigation into Muslim terror fronts in US.

Halliburton deals extensively with Iraq, in violation of US law. Project for New American Century founded. IAEA concludes that Iraq possesses no nuclear weapons program. Taliban negotiates with Unocal for pipeline construction in Afghanistan.

Investigation into Clinton-Lewinsky affair mounts. Starr illegally redirects Whitewater investigation to encompass Lewinsky investigation. Paula Jones lawsuit against Clinton fizzles; judge rebukes “perjury trap.” PNAC advocates military overthrow of Iraqi government. Starr commission proves to leak information to press to influence investigation. US missile attacks on terrorist groups in Tanzania and Afghanistan. Clinton authorizes assassination of bin Laden. CIA gives Clinton officials evidence of upcoming attacks by al-Qaeda on US targets involving hijacked airplanes. Starr Report. House impeaches Clinton over lying about Lewinsky affair. Gingrich resigns over marital affairs. “Operation Desert Fox.”

US payoffs to Taliban in order to secure oil pipeline rights. Anthrax mailings begin, with little media notice. Senate fails to vote to impeach Clinton. Iraq ambassador visits Sudan; the visit will later trigger false accusations that Iraq purchased uranium from Niger. Vice President Al Gore’s comments about his sponsorship of Internet leglislation, and his comments on toxic spills and Love Canal, are misquoted, becoming source of allegations of Gore’s “serial lying.” Columbine High School massacre. GOP refuses to support Clinton administration’s peacekeeping efforts in Balkans. George W. Bush presidential campaign whitewashes his military records. CIA plans to assassinate bin Laden fail. Starr resigns as head of investigation. Plethora of terror warnings.

Reader Comments

Black Max seems quite opinionated. His bio seems like the type of wool that the liberal wolves like to pull over us sheeps eyes. They want to eat this country alive just as much as the next wolves do. Do you all know that he smoke screens his source material too? I would be very skeptical of anything “Red” Max says on his sight.

Written By Rob on June 7th, 2004 @ 7:10 pm

Slime and deflect – classic Repugnant strategery there…

How much is the BFEE paying you to whore for them?

Written By (: Tom :) on June 8th, 2004 @ 8:14 am

I just tell what I see, get a haircut it might improve your vison.

Written By Rob on June 8th, 2004 @ 10:12 am

You might be able to speak more clearly without Bush’s cock in your mouth, too…

Written By (: Tom :) on June 8th, 2004 @ 12:55 pm


I consider my self independent, just to clear things up.

You obviously don’t have a platform to stand on,
which would account for your general vulgarity.

Read some books and graduate high-school you troll…

Written By Rob on June 8th, 2004 @ 1:57 pm

Oftern Repugnicant whores consider themselves independent, yes. Andrew Sullivan is an independent, too – or so he claims.

University graduate here, ditto monkey. Boy do you guys ever get snarky when other do to you what you do to them. Can’t take the heat? Then shut your yap…

Are you sure there isn’t another village missing its idiot (besides Crawford, TX)?

Written By (: Tom :) on June 8th, 2004 @ 5:31 pm

I can take the heat, but your attacks are unfounded ( I don’t see the point. you can’t change me, and I don’t want to change you.)
Get over the polarization of American Politic and
think for your self.
It is an observation of mine that much information is lost when people get too personal.
We aren’t learning anything from this repetitive behavior.
I just want to know what exactly are you fighting?
I doubt it’s me.

Written By Rob on June 8th, 2004 @ 5:50 pm

I’m fighting anyone who tries to replace the truth with the revisioist propaganda put forth by the conservative media these days.

That would include anyone who continues to point to the flaws of the previous Democratic administration, without noticing the much larger flaws in the current Republican one, or trying to make them seem inconsequential. Or anyone who tries to discredit someone else’s opinion by commenting on their character.

Remind you of anyone around here lately?

Written By (: Tom :) on June 9th, 2004 @ 9:48 am

Yes, YOU!

(if you weren’t a bolshevik!

Oh, yeah communism can work,
but not in this country.
The eco-political climate is unfavorable.)

Written By Rob on June 9th, 2004 @ 8:14 pm

Yes, I seem to be discrediting someone’s opinion by calling them a “bolshevik” and a “moron”.

That’s just some more Repugnicant revisionism going on – comment on their character (instead of responding to the argument) to discredit their argument. also right out the Repugnicant playbook.

Taken any hostages today like your hero Dumb?Yeah!

Written By (: Tom :) on June 10th, 2004 @ 12:55 pm

Only your free time with the longwinded essays you preach.

Have you ever been to North Korea?
You would like it there.

Written By Rob on June 10th, 2004 @ 6:14 pm

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