New Enron Tapes

Here’s something I snagged from CBS. More Enron tapes gloating about shutting down California. People died in these power outages. These people should be prosecuted for manslaughter. These are the people who put Bush in office and who Bush and Ashcroft are trying to protect. Ashcroft took $57,000 bucks from Enron when he ran for […]

Torture Memo Released

Snagged this off of MSNBC – Torture.pdf This is pretty interesting legal bullshit. It basically justifies everything Bush and the millitary does. It makes me wish I was a lawyer defending the guards at Abu Griab. This memo provides the perfect legal cover. Here’s why: The guards say that they were acting under orders and […]

Republicans insensitive ro Reagan’s Death

Letter to the Editor I’m somewhat disturbed by the lack of sensitivity of Republican comparing Bash and Reagan. I was never a Reagan fan – but I don’t see the comparison. Reagan would never have fabricated a fake war and got over 800 American killed. Reagan would never have allowed rape, torture, and murder at […]

Ashcroft Torture Memo Coverup

Bush approved the Torture

Of cource it’s not like he directly said – go torture those people. That’s not how these kind of orders are given. The president has to have his deniability, He has to be able to claim that – “I didn’t know they were torturing people. I am like so shocked!” So here’s how this sort […]