Are our soldiers heros – or just sex perverts?

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You think you’ve seen the worst of it – and then you find more. Here’s an Article from the New York Times where it turns out that stripping prisoners nake and having them perform homosexual sex acts with each other in order to create religious shame was going on all the time.

For some reason the American press likes to use the term “sexual humiliation” instead of “homosexual rape” which is the real term when prosoners were forced to give oral sex and butt fuck each other.

I remember learning about the Nazi prison guards in the concentration camps and wondering how people could do such inhumane things to each other. And then I see this where we are not only doing similar things – but the guards who are doing it are so clueless that they have no concept that this is even wrong. When you see the pictures you see everyone smiling and laughing as if it’s one big party. And that’s the scary part – that these “heros” are to totally oblivious that they have no moral compass whatsoever.


Forced Nudity of Iraqi Prisoners Is Seen as a Pervasive Pattern, Not Isolated Incidents

Published: June 8, 2004

In the weeks since photographs of naked detainees set off the abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib, military officials have portrayed the sexual humiliation captured in the images as the isolated acts of a rogue night shift.

But forced nudity of prisoners was pervasive in the military intelligence unit of Abu Ghraib, so much so that soldiers later said they had not seen “the whole nudity thing,” as one captain called it, as abusive or out of the ordinary.

While there have been reports of forced nakedness at detention facilities in Afghanistan and at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, the practice was apparently far more aggressive at Abu Ghraib, according to interviews, reports from human rights groups and sworn statements from detainees and soldiers. The detainees said leaving prisoners naked started as far back as last July, three months before the seven soldiers now charged and their military police company arrived at the prison. It bred a culture, some soldiers say, where the abuse captured on film could happen.

Detainees were paraded naked past other prisoners and guards; some were ordered to do jumping jacks and sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in the nude, according to a several witnesses. Also, a father and his grown son were stripped, then forced to stand and stare at each other. The International Committee of the Red Cross, visiting in October, found prisoners left naked in their cells for days, modestly trying to shield themselves behind cardboard from meals-ready-to-eat boxes.

It is not clear how the practice emerged and, if it was official policy, exactly who authorized it. Col. Thomas M. Pappas, the military intelligence officer in charge of interrogations at the prison, told Army investigators that detainees might be stripped and shackled for questioning, but not without “good reason.” When Red Cross monitors expressed alarm about prisoners being left in their cells or forced to move about naked, they said military intelligence officials “confirmed that it was part of the military intelligence process.”

“It was not uncommon to see people without clothing,” Capt. Donald J. Reese, the warden of the tier where the worst abuses occurred, told investigators in a sworn statement in January. “I only saw males. I was told the `whole nudity thing’ was an interrogation procedure used by military intelligence, and never thought much of it.”

An analyst from the 205th Military Intelligence Battalion, who asked not to be identified for fear of being punished for speaking out, said: “If you walked down through the wing of the prison where they were being held, they would have them strip down naked. Sometimes they would stand on boxes and would hold their arms out. That happened almost every night — having them naked. I wouldn’t say it’s abuse. It’s definitely degrading to them.”

Soldiers said at least one civilian interrogator, Steven Stefanowicz, had been so alarmed by the use of nudity that he reported a military intelligence interrogator after she made a detainee walk naked down a cellblock to humiliate him. His lawyer said Mr. Stefanowicz, who an Army report said might have been “directly or indirectly” responsible for abuses, had not thought stripping detainees was an appropriate interrogation technique, and had worried that doing so would incite more unrest at a time when guards were fending off rioters with live bullets.

Nudity is considered particularly shameful in Muslim culture, a violation of religious principles. While nudity as a disciplinary or coercive tool may be especially objectionable to Muslims, they are hardly the only victims of the practice. Soldiers in Nazi Germany paraded naked prisoners in daylight, and human rights groups have documented the use of nudity during conflicts in Egypt, Chile and Turkey, and in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. Central Intelligence Agency training manuals from the 1960’s and 1980’s taught the stripping of prisoners as an interrogation tool. Nudity and sexual humiliation have also been reported in American prisons where a number of guards at Abu Ghraib worked in their civilian lives.

Reader Comments

Iraqis are special!
they’re (probably) not al-qweefa,
so of course they get better treatment.
(Will we ever see inside GITMO?)
PSY-OPS can be used against our own people.
Give the Men and Women who serve our GREAT COUNTRY
the benefit of the doubt.
Perhaps they have no choice (although they do, I haven’t seen any dead rag-heads yet.)

Written By Rob on June 9th, 2004 @ 8:27 pm

Are You just being sarcastic? !

Written By Raul Leon on June 10th, 2004 @ 2:54 am

They’re sexual perverts, of course. They’re following in the footsteps of the current (mis)Leader!

Written By (: Tom :) on June 10th, 2004 @ 5:07 am

I am

Thanks for asking.
PSY-OPS is used against Americans though.
Look at the news media,
or even boot camp.
What about the internet?

Written By Rob on June 10th, 2004 @ 11:08 am

Thanks for being an asshole Mance!
(I am serious I hate this guy! Too bad we can’t send him to Afghanistan! Want to start a fund? “send tom home to see his family”)

Written By Rob on June 10th, 2004 @ 9:02 pm

You forgot some:

Liberals are evil scum sucking traitors.
Reagan was the Second Coming of Christ.
Anyone who criticizes Bush should have their head examined.
Homosexuals are an abomination and should be extrerminated from the face of the planet.

First of all – it’s amazing, but liberals can be sarcastic too!

Secondly – of course I’m not saying that ALL soldiers are perverts, ditto monkey. I’m saying the the Bush administration fostered an atmosphere where sexual perversion was encouraged, and SOME of the soldiers took advantage of the situation.

Nice try on confusing the issues, and redefining the arguments of your opponent. Repugnicant Slime and Defend 101. Do you guys go to the same class?

Written By (: Tom :) on June 11th, 2004 @ 5:44 am

Things are starting to get complicated…

An Abu Ghraib Photo We Didn’t See on the Front Page of the NYTs

Does anyone know what LOVOZ stands for???

Anyway, I read that some of the people in the Abu Ghraib photos have been identified as Israeli advisors/interrogators/torturers. They were at Abu Ghraib showing the Americans how best to humiliate Muslims.

Sorry, no link but, if somebody is really desperate I can find it.

Written By richard on June 11th, 2004 @ 6:18 am

You guys came close to the truth but then backed off. How come?

If there is any doubt in your mind that psy-ops are used on military personnel to condition them, let me tell you something.

Young, impressionable, naive minds are the easiest to condition, and the most primitive human drives and motivations are routinely used by the military to train and condition recruits, both subtly and overtly. My own World War II era father, for example, was definitely conditioned to LITERALLY “screw the enemy”, which at the time consisted of Germans, Italians and Asians. And so, when he was stationed in Europe, he did so. It was not a matter of choice for him, you see, because of the military conditioning. The way he dealt with it was to embrace mysticism to justify himself, using the notions of “reincarnation” and “karma” to assuage his guilt. It was an inculcation that he would never be able to shake for the rest of his life and eventually resulted in the destruction of his mind and health, and the ruination of my family.

So when some of these “brave”, military-conditioned, horny, self-righteously power/sex-demented men and women in uniform come back here to pursue careers in so-called “law enforcement”, politics, sales and marketing, corporate management and the like, don’t be surprised by what they continue to perpetrate upon their very own families and fellow citizens.

Written By r09u3AP on June 17th, 2004 @ 11:12 am

Those soldiers cant’ embrace shit. Nobody was using Psy-ops. Those people are fucked up. Bush made America Fucked Up. I think all the presidents of 21 century are idiots.

Written By Dmitri on July 3rd, 2004 @ 10:43 am

im a wop

Written By dave on July 10th, 2004 @ 11:12 am

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