Syung Mung Moon Crowned King in US Senate Building

Well – apparently America really is a Christian Nation – but it’s the Moonies who have officially been chosen by the US Government to be the official state religion. On March 23rd 2004 Moon was officially crowned messiah by Congress in the Senate Dirksen Office Building. What’s scary is – why don’t you see this […]

Republicans have a plan to take power if they lose the elections

If there comes a point where the Republican Party realizes that they can not win in the election – they will try to take America by force. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a coup in the works as a backup plan should Republicans lose the election. If the Republicans […]

Voice over IP Telephone Calls (VoIP)

I got a cool new technology toy. It’s a new way to make telephone calls without having a telephone line. You use the Internet to make phone calls. It’s called Voice over IP (VoIP) and I just got one and I love it. I can now make phone calls over my cable modem and get […]

US government faked Bush news reports

From the Gaurdian TV news reports in America that showed President George Bush getting a standing ovation from potential voters have been exposed as fake, it has emerged. The US government admitted it paid actors to pose as journalists in video news releases sent to TV stations intending to convey support for new laws about […]

Rush Limbaugh to Divorce – Again!

I remember during the Monica Lewinshy affair how the right wingers salivated over the impending demise of the clinton family. “Surely she will divorce him” they drooled waiting for the impending announcement that never came. That’s because Clinton’s marriage was much more solid than his Republican detractors like Rush Limbaugh. Generally I don’t revel in […]

Reagan Funeral GOP FuckFest Nearly Over

Of course the media is grateful to Reagan because he’s the one who turned media ownership over to the current right wing owners. As everyone tries to rewrite history in favor of a really sorry president, it doesn’t seem to be helping the GOP hold on to power in the midst of the revelations that […]

Reagan did not win the Cold War

Actually Gorbechev did. Here’s an exerpt from MSNBC Story where Gorbechev sets the record straight. ‘We all lost’ But if he had warm, appreciative words for Reagan, Gorbachev brusquely dismissed the suggestion that Reagan had intimidated either him or the Soviet Union, or forced them to make concessions. Was it accurate to say that Reagan […]