Another fake terrorist arrest in swing state of Ohio

This one looks as fishy as the rest that turned out to be fake. Fake terror alters and fake prosecutions put America at risk. The GOP is using this as an election tactic. COLUMBUS, Ohio June 15, 2004 — Like thousands of fellow Somalis leaving behind brutal clan warfare, Nuradin Abdi settled in this city […]

Bush Planting WMD in Iraq?

U.S. Trucks Carrying Radioactive Materials Intercepted In Iraq-Kuwait Border TEHRAN (MNA) -– The UAE-based daily Al-Khaleej reported on Monday that Kuwaiti tariff officials have intercepted a truck loaded with radioactive materials in the Iraq-Kuwait border. The daily quoted informed sources as saying that the radioactive control team from Kuwait’s Health Ministry discovered that one of […]

Supreme Court sets back Father’s Rights

In the process of ducking the issue on “under God” in the pledge the Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to father’s rights. Technically I really mean the non-custodial parents rights – but in America the family courts are severely slanted in favor of women. Basically – what the court ruled was that when the […]